Saturday, February 07, 2015

Crackin' Myself Up

I got my order from KP really fast this time! If you'll remember, I had to order from them again because I ran out of a ball of their yarn while making a baby sweater...this one:

Did you see all the other cool stuff I got? The Fair Isle Knit book was on sale. Again, it's above my skill level right now, but some day I will use it. It has so many beautiful things in it, even small stuff that I might be able to hand before too long.

And I needed those bigger size dpns for the project I'm working on right now. Won't need them until the end, but thought I'd go ahead and order them since I was on the KP site. It helped my order get to the amount where I'd get free shipping. Of course, I couldn't resist a little yarn too. I got two balls of each of those. The pink and cream is Capra DK (which is much more of a worsted-weight if you ask me) and the mustardy color is Wool of the Andes. I don't much care for the Wool of the Andres because it's so stiff and cheap-feeling (it WAS cheap), but that Capra DK is luxurious!

All that to say, do you notice what is missing from my order? I got so distracted and excited ordering knit stuff and the different yarns, that I forgot to order the yarn for the baby sweater, which was the whole reason I was ordering in the first place!!! LOL! I can be such scatterbrain! I didn't even realize it until I got the order and opened the box looking for the aqua yarn. Duh.

So I placed another order yesterday. Sigh.

I also took Sammi back to the vet to see if her eyeball is healing, and it is. Another round of a different eye medicine and antibiotics, and she should be good to go. Glad she's not going blind like Miss Jane.

Then I went and did the grocery shopping and got all that put up, and by that time, a big part of the day was over. I got a little work (play) done on the cowl/hoodie knitting, but not a lot. It'll probably be several days before I get it done, if not a week. It's slow-going but fun. I'm really enjoying the process.

Y'all have a good weekend!


  1. Sounds like something I would do! I get very excited over yarn...
    your colors are great and yOU will make that hat.
    Fair isle is very fun.
    Happy weekend

  2. You crack me up too! Forgetting the yarn you went to buy in the first place. That's is so me! That pattern book looks very interesting. I've done some colorwork, but not a lot. It gets too stressful for me. Maybe I'll be brave along with you and try again.
    Good news about your little baby's eye. We worry about our four legged babies so much don't we?

  3. Done that too, sometimes do not order the correct amount and have to reorder. lol

  4. *laughing*
    That has happend to all of us knitters.. Soon you'll need something else, then you can order what you forgot ;) Would love to see more of the photos from that new book of yours :)
    I found only a few photos on Ravelry.

  5. Anonymous2:48 PM

    I can't believe how fast you've learned to knit in the round! I'm still struggling with it. I always get fed up with those circular needles. The wire in the middle is so stiff and I can't get it to stop twisting! UGH! You've inspired me to try again!

  6. I am so very proud of you. You can do anything...anything you want to are amazing! :)

  7. Well, that certainly sounds familiar - so much for free shipping. Whenever I visit your blog, I have to look at the photos of your dogs. One is just cuter than the next.

  8. oh my gosh, you forgot the aqua! Oh well, another order, means more goodies! I have not blogged in forever. Your cowl looks fab!!
    XO Kris

  9. We seem to be in the same place right now as Im knitting (cables) to get some knitting 'experience' and have been ordering nordic knit type book (will show you when it arrives)
    The colours of your yarn are gorgeous! I want some of that beautiful pink!
    There is nothing like a bit of online ordering, do you think your subconscious deliberately forgot the baby yarn so you had to do another order? My subconscious would do that to me :o) Sam xx

  10. Omg ... I have done that before least you got all that goodie to distract you from being upset for forgetting the baby yarn. I am sure you will be able to do domething from the book real soon. And yes it is the journey and I'm glad you are having fun my friend :)

  11. You have a great eye for color! I'm loving the Mustard. I wonder if I could find a close match in thread. The baby sweater is going to be adorable in that lovely Aqua. Scatterbrains unite! I go to the grocery store for bread and milk and come home with everything but! Back I go! Geez! Great news about your Sammi girl! Have fun with your projects. penny x

  12. LOL! Like kids in a candy shop!! That's how easily distracted we are by the next beautiful color or texture. LOL! Too fun, Pammy Sue!!

    Glad Sammi is improving. blessings ~ tanna

  13. Haha trust you Pammy Sue thats just the sort of thing I would do too AND buy more yarn to bring it up to free p&p again and why not it will get used some day. I hope they are quick with this order too. Glad Sammi's eye is healing ok. :) xx

  14. Doh! Oh well, just another excuse to buy more yarn! Glad to see you are enjoying the knitting.I just found a couple of patterns for knitted cowls on Ravelry. They are from the Outlander show and seem to be easy.

  15. 'Too funny! That sounds like something I would do! How cool that you have lived in Arkansas. We live in the very northwest corner near Fayetteville. -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  16. I'm so pleased to hear that Sammi's eye will be ok. I used to hate it when our dogs had anything wrong with their eyes - sight is so precious. How about you forgetting to order the wool you needed !! Excellent excuse for more yarn eh? I'm still dying to see the ta-dah on that blue sweater you're making - looks a lovely stitch. Your knitting is great - you certainly jumped in the deep end - circular knitting and all !! xox

  17. sounds like you're having a great time knitting!! I actually started out knitting many years ago while in college, but since I started crocheting I've never gotten back into it. Maybe I should give it a try again in 2015 and see if I'm more into it now that I was the last time I picked up a pair of knitting needles!

  18. I am glad that Sammi is doing well, that is good! I hope the other yarn arrives soon! xx

  19. Wonderful goodies!! Just could grab that yarn from the photo ;-). Greetings & thanks for your sweet comments! Nata xxx


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