Thursday, February 19, 2015

Aqua Baby Sweater

Pattern:  Blue Rose Baby Sweater (Purchased on Ravelry)
Yarn:  Knit Picks Brava Sport in Cornflower, 325-350 yards
Hook:  Size F (one size larger than pattern states)
Size:  Infant (Smallest in pattern)

Sweet pattern. I liked it. Would rather have made it in a darker shade so the stitching showed up better (that's my favorite part), but I needed to use what I had in my stash and went with the aqua. I ended up having to buy more after all. The pattern did not say how much yarn was needed to make the sweater. 

I'm very boring lately.
I gots nothin'.
See ya.


  1. Some sweet little soul will love wearing this, it's so adorable! : )

  2. It's turned out really nice Pammy Sue so pretty the stitching detail really finishes it off. You are never boring we all have our quiet times. :) xx

  3. So very cute! Love the button and stitching detail. You amaze me with all of your different crafty talents. :) penny x

  4. That is a sweet, sweet, sweater. There is going to be a very happy baby somewhere. Is it for someone in particular or are you like me and just keep a stock of baby things around for little surprises?

  5. The baby sweater is very sweet and I love the flower button embellishment you chose. Have a great evening, Heather

  6. So cute! I really like the little finishing touches. xx

  7. So sweet. Love your extra touches.

  8. You are NOT boring, one bit. I love the sweater.. question.. what is the little loop and button for? I just got a huge box of cotton.. will show you on a post tomorrow.. my DIL said.. did you buy more YARN!??? Who me? ::blink blink::

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. That is soooo very sweet Pammy Sue. And you could never be boring.. It is always fun to stop by here :)

  10. The details absolutely make this cute little sweater!! So cute! You are not boring. Anything but. blessing ~ tanna

  11. Beautiful sweather and I must say I love the box of Buttons. Have a nice week end

  12. Now that is a very cute little sweater. You're never boring Pammy Sue - in fact I reckon I could beat the pants off you in the boring stakes at the moment. I've been flat out getting stuff sorted out and getting a family member into a nursing home. Hopefully I'll be able to get back to normal soon. xox Love to the babies. xox

  13. Oh how adorable love the button!

  14. That is darling! I am so drawn to aqua lately! I just started and aqua dishcloth, bought an aqua purse, and top! Must be thinking of Spring.
    XO Kris

  15. super cute! I love the stitching detail too :-)

  16. That sweater is just perfection!

  17. I love the color!! My favorite color!!

    Also if i had to use what I had in my stash, it would definitely not be this. lol

  18. This is adorable, and I love the color and the button!
    I might have to get that Nicki Trench book from your previous post. Just for the the washcloths :)

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  20. You could never be boring. I love the sweater and I think the color is perfect.

  21. How cute, Pammy! I've got a new great-niece this would be perfect for! Looks pretty quick to whip up since its for a little one ;) You couldn't be boring if you tried ;)

  22. This is so sweet! I love the color and the neckline and the little flower. Just darling.

  23. Aqua was a perfect color for that darling little sweater. Over the past years I have noticed that people don't limit themselves to the usual baby pastels of pink, yellow, blue and green anymore. Just about anything goes when it comes to baby and infant clothing colors. It definitely makes things more interesting.
    Susanne :)

  24. What an ADORABLE sweater! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures


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