Friday, January 02, 2015

Nothing To Talk About

It's another cold and rainy day.
Love it!

Just me and the doggies.

I see you.
It's a no-makeup and flat-hair day.
We won't talk about the leggins and ratty tee.
I should have put my poncho on for my selfie.
Maybe next time.

My man has gone back to work.

A shadowbox the Cap has had since before I knew him.

Shelves in the guest bathroom.

Can you tell I have nothing to talk about?
I want to make more doilies with 3-D flowers.

But first I'm making this one.
I'm about to get another cup of coffee or tea and work on it.
Right after I light a fire in the fireplace.
I love winter!

Don't forget to comment HERE if you want to enter the doily giveaway!
Someone asked about this pattern so here's the info:

It's from the Leisure Arts pattern pamphlet Coffee 'N' Cream Doilies
All patterns are by Patricia Kristoffersen
This one is called French Vanilla.

Okay, well, that was much ado about absolutely nothing. I faked it pretty good, huh? Haha. Sometimes you have to work with what you've got and it isn't much. Tomorrow it's what's in my fridge and closet. Just keeding! Maybe. I kind of like seeing what's in other people's fridges and closets, don't you? I'm a nosy one. See ya.


  1. Pammy Sue your hair looks very nice just natural like that. You have a very pretty home.

  2. Ha ha you could start a trend - show me what's in yours and I'll show you what's in mine !!! It could even go viral. xox

  3. At least you have clothes on. We went out to breakfast and I came home and put my jammies back on! Pitiful I know. Love the doilies and your hair. :-)

  4. You look very pretty without make up and flat hair Pammy Sue, love our new doily too. :) xx

  5. Anonymous2:10 PM

    I love cold, rainy days, too. When people complain...when will the rain stop....I want to tell them to just please enjoy the brief winter season in Texas. It is hot most of the year. I don't even mind wet doggy feet, ha.

  6. Your mantle all nice and clean encouraged me to get busy clearing off the Christmas stuff from mine. That is a cute way to display your doilies and it shows up the designs nicely. Enjoy the fire and stay warm.

  7. You have a wonderful collection of doilies. Good "selfie". Shirley N.Z.

  8. I love days like that where I can wear sweats (yesterday) and putz around my house at my own speed. Oh and rain is a bonus.

  9. Wow another doily! I'm going to work the CAL doily over at Bella crochets. I love doilies it's the choosing of colors that I have issues with. Do you have color choosing issues? How do you get passed it? I love your house so dumpy looking! I too love the hot weather but it's nice to feel cold wants in a while

  10. We seeee you Pammy Sue!!! Love all of your doilies on display like that! You cutie patootey!!
    xo Kris

  11. Love the French Vanilla doily. It's so pretty! You sure are mastering those PK doilies. I like winter too. Good ol' cuddle up weather. It snowed so hard here on Thursday that I could barely see the house across the street. Love it! I put on a pot of chili, turned on TCM, cranked up the fire and crocheted the day away. Bliss!! Enjoy your weekend and happy crocheting! penny x

  12. Wow you are like a production line worker with those doilies - how can you make them so fast? I am currently making a doily with some thread a lovely blogging friend sent to me from the States (I just couldn't find what I needed here in the UK in the colours I wanted) and it really is a case of "slow and steady"! It is looking good though so it will be worth it.

    I love winter too, as long as we don't have snow or ice on workdays!


  13. Anonymous4:19 AM

    Ha! I have PJ's on at mid day so I'm saying nothing! I must be nosy too - love seeing inside other peoples homes ( and closets) - was sat watching someone on YouTube show what's inside their bag the other day and felt a little dirty for even wanting to see!
    Don't love rain as much as you but live in England so see way too much of it!

    Sue xx

  14. Rainy and cold here in SC too. I just want to sit here crocheting and watching TV.

  15. I like what you did on your mantle. I too have been in a flower making mood. I need to finish up some things first. Have a wonderful weekend.

  16. Hey Pammy Sue!! I love your name. Anyhoo, it's snowing again but it looks nice as long as the roads are ok when we're on them. Since we live so close to the highway, we always here the police or ambulance going by and I always hope it's nothing tragic.
    I like how you showed your home to us. It's almost like having us over. You are as beautiful as your doilies. I'm heading over to my blog hoping I can do something with it. We shall see. Have a great day.

  17. Hey great post! I liked the tour. Seems like I've had a flat hair day going on two weeks now. Love the rain and the fireplace part.


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