Wednesday, January 14, 2015

More Green and a Snack

Melissa asked where I got the bag I showed the other day...I got it for free with a subscription to HGTV Magazine a few months back. It's working great for me as a project bag.

I made these fun little appetizer snacks for the football game last Sunday.

Here they are straight out of the oven.
I think next time I'll cut the pineapple chunks in half.

They were good though. We ate them ALL.

Glazed Kielbasa Pineapple Bites
Recipe HERE.

Yep, I started another poncho.
I need to stash-bust this year and that was a good enough excuse.
I made the cowl with some Bernat Softee Chunky I've had for years.
I still have three skeins each of the two greens to use.
The brown is good old Red Heart.

That's it.
There's nothing else happening over here.
Time to work.
I may even have to vacuum later...the horror.
See ya.


  1. Is there a free pattern for the poncho somewhere? I cannot figure out how to transition from the neck to the body of the poncho. All the ponchos that I've made before, I did the body first and then added the neck. I searched for the pattern on your blog and couldn't find it. Thank you.

  2. Love it...I've got the yarn, not on the hook yet, using up stash too, so I can buy more..what a concept. We are having a Poncho-a Thon...spread the word and pass the yarn. :)

  3. p.s. stop over my place, and click on the link for the crochet survey at Survey Monkey. Thank you

  4. Kathleen, comment with your email address and I'll get back to you about the pattern. I won't publish your email.

  5. The appetizer sounds really good. I'm thinking for the super bowl. Your next poncho is coming along great. I like the greens with the neutral color mixed in. Hope you have a great day and thanks for sharing the link to the appetizer. Heather

  6. That looks delicious.


  7. Pammy Sue would you mind sending me a copy of that pattern too, I thought I had it but it was in the issue before the one I got gifted. I love the colors of the new one you're making it's going to be so pretty. Love the look of the pineapple nibbles and I went all light headed and dizzy when you mentioned the vacuum word you should be careful what you write! haha. :) xx

    my email addy

  8. yum yum yum great snacks!!! Love pineapple

  9. I have my second poncho going now. It will be in three different greys. I have the neck done and a few rows of the body before I decided I needed to finish a few blankets for charity. I have about 100 squares sitting here that need joined. Vacuum? I'll do it tomorrow. Tomorrow is always good right? :-)

  10. I really love the green you're using. I have a thing for green. Well, Oregon is very green and we're also a "green" people here, if you know what I mean. :-) I also love your square lace cloth. Now hubby wants some sausage hors d'oeurvres!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. That is a beautiful bag. I didn't know HGTV had a magazine. Love your new poncho colors. What magazine was that pattern in? I'll have to look back at your older posts. The appetizer looks yummy. We've made little smokies wrapped in bacon and sprinkled with brown sugar for the Super Bowl in the past. Take care :-)

  12. ah-ha a green cowl poncho !!! Will follow its progress with much interest. I found the slowest part was the actual cowl so I bet you're glad that's over and now its just good ole granny stitch. I have boxes and boxes of single balls that need using up but of course not enough for a poncho. Good excuse for yarn shopping eh? xox

  13. Oh my, those look so jummy!
    I need to learn how to crochet the neck of that poncho. What is that stitch called, so that I can look it up on you tube.
    Every wednesday I am hosting a Link up party at my blog, come join me next time.
    Have a nice day

  14. Hello Pammy Sue!

    I love the colour of your new poncho that you are making, it will be lovely!!!

    Have a nice weekend!
    Ingrid xx

  15. I've wanted to make those appetizers for awhile now. We love kielbasa. Yours look delish! Your poncho is going to be awesome. Warm and cozy. Sometimes I miss crocheting with yarn and granny stitching. The Victorian Lacy Square you made is so pretty! penny x

  16. Love those colors, Pammy Sue! blessings ~ tanna

  17. Love the poncho so far--great colors!

  18. Hey girl!! It's been a while. At least in cyberspace it seems like it. lol One of these days I may get the nerve to make a poncho. Can't wait to see yours when it's done.

  19. A friend of mine used to add those fresh water chestnuts in a can and wrap it all with a strip of bacon and cover with sweet barbecue sauce and that was great too! But I have not got around to making them because I would eat them all my self, I am sure I looked really bad at her parties, you know eating them all :)

  20. The poncho is looking good. I'm jealous of your stash busting. I've been so busy sewing quilts that lately my fingers are itching for some crochet.

  21. Good for you with the stash busting, the yummy treats and a new poncho. I am trying to shop from my stash myself. I swear I could open a small store with what I have.

  22. Hi Pammy Sue,
    I can't seem to find the poncho pattern or magazine here in Canada. Could you e-mail me he pattern please. Love you blog and the Captain and of course the doggies!
    Many thanks

  23. Beautiful green... Poncho's are great to make but I have to admit its been years since I made one for an adult.. love the idea of the cowl...
    PS.. Your blog heading is great... :))
    Hugs pat :))

  24. OK, I'll ask about the pattern, too! I've finally decided that if there's some character to a poncho (like that cowl/thicker neck), maybe I could actually pull off the look... It's time to try!
    justforthis917 [at] yahoo [dot] com


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