Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I Never Learn

This is my haul (minus the yarn) that I got at JoAnn and Michael's on Sunday. Then, like a dummy, I sat a knitted on the arm warmer in the first picture for 6-7 hours straight. Yes, it took me that long to knit those few inches.

I guess my hands were not used to the new motion of knitting, and I wrecked my right one to the point I couldn't work (type) yesterday. My palm throbbed and throbbed all day long. No amount of Tylenol and ibuprofen even touched it. The stupid thing is, I knew I should not have been knitting for that long and I was going to regret it. The Captain even came in the room and told me several times to stop, but I just kept right on going like a maniac. 

Anyway, it's better today after icing it and resting it yesterday. I wore a tight fingerless glove on it all day, and that seemed to help me not move that wrist or move my hand as much as I would have without it.

That book, Take the Fear Out of Cables, is way over my head right now. I'm sure I'll use it some day, but for now, I'm going to stick to the basics.  That is, when I can pick up the needles and knit again without handicapping myself. I never learn. But I was excited! Sigh.

I thought this was a sweet picture of these three and their expectant faces. They were waiting patiently for me to open the door.

So beautiful and fragrant...I've enjoyed my hyacinths immensely.
I'm sure you can tell from all my pictures of them.

They are turning brown now and starting to die off. Which is what I thought my right hand was going to do yesterday. LOL.

I found that yarn I was looking for in the Bubble Gum color. It was Red Heart With Love instead of Hobby Lobby ILTY. No wonder I couldn't find it. Not sure what I'll make with it, but I got three skeins. This is how I've ended up with beaucoups of yarn stored all over the house. Another example of how I never learn.

I think I'm going to go get some more coffee or tea and watch some news coverage of the blizzard out east. I secretly wish I was in it. Inside, of course, with a big bay window and fire and electricity and water and food. And yarn!

Y'all stay safe and cozy!
See ya.


  1. Love, love, this post as it made me laugh out loud. BUT so sorry you are having arm pain and had to slow down. I have been there too knowing better all the while.

  2. I know your pain! Rest up and don't push it too far.

    Doncha just love knitting? I do. I'm not nearly as fast as crochet but thats ok. And I'm an English knitter (hold the yarn in my right hand) and I have many tell me its slow and "wrong". I don't care, its whats comfy for me.

    So, you say yarn all over the house like that's a bad thing.....if so, then I'm an out-right criminal! :)

  3. Oh I am so sorry to hear about your knitting arm... Can't do anything for that long.... Keep my fingers crossed for a speedy recovery. See you tomorrow

  4. Know that knitting pain, everything from elbows to fingertips hurt after knitting for awhile. Have to rest it in between hours.
    And have not tried cable yet.

    The hyacinths are so pretty.

  5. I had to smile when I saw your haul of goodies. You vp an never have enough yarny goodies and that includes needles, hooks, patterns etc. I'm so sorry you hurt your hand so badly. I hope it's better now and you can at least work...if you have to. :-). It's more fun to be knitting and crocheting. I hope you have a lovely day today. Next time we have snow you'll just need to hop on a plane and come knit with me around the fire. Okay?

  6. Geez Pammy, that's awful about your hand! Seems we're both a bit handicapped today. I popped in here to visit while taking a break from my crochet project because my thumbs are killing me from too much time spent with the hook today. I think it's a touch of arthritis and/or carpel. Whatever! Anyway, who knew that knitting and crochet could be hazardous to our health? lol I don't care though, I'm having Advil and a glass of wine for dinner and finishing my project! Hope you feel better soon :) The sweet photo of your pups reminded me of that Carly Simon song, *Anticipation* :)
    Take Care, penny x

  7. Hi Pammy Sue! Oh no!!! Sorry to hear about your arm/wristpain from knitting!

    Hope you can give it a bit of a rest. I know whenever I overdo it, I also get pain. So it's best to listen to your body and Stop!!

    Your doggies look cute, waiting like that! And your hyacinth is lovely!!!

    Take care,

    Ingrid xx

  8. aww pammy sue. Your poor wing, that's what my mom said when we hurt our arms.

    Love your dog's faces..perfect

  9. Oh Pammy Sue......I was so excited to read this post, and then saw that you are laid up again! Shoot!!! On the good side though, your stitches look REALLY, REALLY good! Even, and neat. Rest that hand though, for a while until you go back to it. I am just like you though, I go and go and go, and then pay for it later.
    The pups look like they are very well behaved. Unlike my Marly!
    Glad you found the right pink that you were looking for. I love the name. I want some too!
    And I would love to be on the East Coast in a snow storm too. From inside, with fire blazing, and hot tea in hand, and yarn on lap.....
    xo Kris

  10. Aaaawww... I love the puppy photo! 'Hope you feel better soon! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  11. You did a good job on the knitting.. maybe you are concentrating and working too hard.. good idea to take breaks. I am making my 4th hat for Taci.. using that organic cotton.. it's so neat to work with. I'm in love with your Eli. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. I'm so sorry to hear you're in such pain. I hope you a least enjoyed every second of your knitting. I love all the goodies you bought and those 3 precious puppies looking out the door - so sweet.
    Hope you're feeling better soon so you can get back to work on all your projects.

  13. oh, those three are adorable! so much purity and innocence on their faces ... :)
    get well soon, dear, take good care of you!

  14. I'm sorry you're going through pain with your knitting. I like your knitting stash you bought. I myself would not have gotten all that as I am not that brave to go so deep into it. lol But then again, maybe if I'd been braver in my life, I'd be an expert at crochet now. *sigh*
    Your pups look cute waiting anxiously for the door to open.
    Hope your hand feels better today.

  15. I love. love. love. your passionate tenacity, Pammy Sue!! Knitting small things in the round is a strain until you can relax about it... you will get there. Of that I am sure. =) I am cheering you on.

    blessings and hugs ~ tanna
    ps - Stockinette just rolls at its edges... you could add a crochet border, but it may still roll. Best solution is a garter stitch, rib, or seed stitch border... they all lie flat. Sometimes I LIKE the rolled edging! =)

  16. I understand completely! When I find a new project, I don't want to stop either. Good luck with your knitting.

  17. I know what you mean about the hands and tried every thing and thought I needed surgery till I found https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUyMNyrOHJQ
    It really works

  18. It's looking good Pammy Sue, I have found that knitting takes it out on your hands more than crochet does, I have to do just a little now and then. Those dogs look so cute standing there. :) xx

  19. Ouch! I'm sorry to hear that you're in pain. Get some rest. Your knitting is looking great, though. Love the pups and the flowers; I don't know if you have an Aldi's where you live, but that's where I got my purple water hyacinth. Take care of yourself (and don't overdo it!)

  20. So sorry to hear your hand hurts I think it's a great idea to slow down a bit and do th exercises. Soon you will be able to go back to your knotting. Maybe do a little of the scarf and simple knitting and your hands will get used to the rythm . I love the doggies looking at thr window waiting to go out ... Such good doggies!

  21. Sorry to hear that you have injured yourself, I hope that you are much better now. xx

  22. Oh girl! You are definitely jumping right into the fire when it comes to wanting to do cables right now. I have been knitting for years and still look at cables and dream, guess they intimidate me, looking far worse than they would actually be to make. I do the same with knitting socks, I dream about them too, but you are learning and give yourself time to sharpen the skill of the basics before you move on to the more difficult stuff. I say this not to discourage you, but so you don't get so disgusted with the entire process that you chuck it all in a drawer to be found years later and having regrets, I think you are doing great so far. Yes, the dog pic is sweet,I'm sure they do basically the same thing when waiting for you to come home too. My dogs act like I have been gone for years when I walk out the door to get the mail. They have such short lives compared to humans, we mean the world to them. They are often more faithful than humans, more trusting too. Unconditional love.
    Susanne :)


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