Thursday, January 08, 2015

Blue and Green

Pattern:  I didn't use a pattern, but there's a very similar one HERE.
Hook:  2.0 mm
Thread:  Aunt Lydia's #10 in three two blues and white
Size:  15 inches

Everywhere I looked yesterday, there was green.
(The mint hot chocolate was fantastic!)
I'm still trying to decide what to make with the apples.
Pie? Cobbler? Bread? Muffins?
God forbid I eat a raw, good-for-you apple!

I had a whole bunch of green in my stash, so I pulled out three different colors and have plenty to make another poncho, just for fun. I barely got started on the cowl last night before turning out the lights.

We've been looking for an ottoman for a while now.
We found this one at Target, and it's perfect.

It even has storage inside.
Aren't we fancy buying our furniture at Target?
I'm guessing there'll be yarn in here before long. LOL.

I shaved Eli the other day, but kept a poof on his tail.

If you didn't notice Fletch in one of the photos above (how could you not), it's his birthday today. He's 7 years old. Happy Birthday, Fetchie! 

I'm headed to the post office with a few packages later this afternoon.
Carollyn, your doily is on its way!
Thanks to all who participated. I'm sorry you all couldn't win!

See ya.


  1. Happy Happy Birthday Fletch!!!
    I LOVE my animals. Our two dauchshounds turned 12 on Dec 28, both from the same litter. I know I don't have a lot of time left with them, and that makes me sad. Their mother owned us, and when she was killed by a car accident, it nearly killed us.

    Love that doily! you are so talented to do that without a pattern! smart girl. :)

  2. Love the blue and white it is classic. Birthday boy looks a bit worried or shy? And I see my doily in that out going mail, yea for me!

  3. Beautiful doily! And I'm impressed that you didn't need a pattern!

    That's where I would put my yarn, too!

    Happy birthday Fletch!!

    Love the doggie tail!

  4. Happy Birthday, Fletch! Today would have been my Dad's 100th b-day. He passed 6 yrs ago. Amazing that you made the blue/white doily without a pattern. Lovely. Oh, and your cowl-necked poncho in another post is ab-fab. Love the colors.

  5. And also, where did you get that AWSOME red and white tote bag??? its like blue-willow only red. I LOVE it!

  6. Happy Birthday Fletch!!! What does he get for his birthday??
    Love the doily! Can't believe you made thar without a pattern! And as you already know, I am loving the greens you are using for this ponch!!!!
    I have a cream ottoman in my sewing room that is full of yarn! Good shopper!
    XO Kris

  7. You clever thing Pammy Sue that doily is beautiful! Happy Birthday to Fletch. What a perfect place for your stash surely thats what ottomans are made for. Love Eli's tail :) xx

  8. Blue is always a fave with me! Beautiful! The ottoman is perfect for yarn storage. It sure beats my Walmart bags! ; )

  9. Hi Pammy Sue!

    Wow, that doily is a beauty!!! I don't know how you do it, you're great with making doilies, fantastic!!!! :)

    Happy birthday to Fletchie!!! <3

    I thought it was MEANT for YARN STORAGE!!! Why else would anyone buy furniture???

    Love your shades of green!
    Enjoy making your poncho!!!

    Ingrid xx

  10. I'm a dork...I just spent 10 minutes looking for the green in your doily! LOL! Scroll down penny, ya nitwit!:D Anyway, pretty, pretty! Happy Birthday Fletch! Such a handsome boy! Apples...yum here's what I do if I don't want to bake them. Peel and slice them into a frying pan or just a cooking pot. Add lots of butter, some brown sugar, some cinnamon and if you like a dash of nutmeg. Cook them until soft and tender. Scoop up a big bowl of vanilla ice cream and smother it with the apples. OMG! One can never have enough storage for yarn or thread. Target?? Fancy pants! My ottoman came from the junk shop! :D Have a nice night! penny x

  11. Beautiful doily. As usual. You do such gorgeous work Pammy Sue. My first thought when I saw the ottoman was, "Yay! A place for more yarn!" Pitiful I k ow. And last but not least. happy Birthday Fletch!
    Blessings my friend,

  12. I am thinking there is some sort of subliminal message in all that greenery -- like SPRING!!! Isn't it time for SPRING??? (Sick of the cold.) Happy B-day Fletch! Give him a snuggle for me, okay?

  13. Happy Birthday Fletch!!!
    That doily is beautiful, I love it. I wish I could do doilies. I do good to get a baby blanket finished.

  14. What a pretty doily! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  15. Beautiful doily!!
    Kate :}

  16. Your doily is lovely! The colors are wonderful! Happy B-day to Fletchie!!

  17. Your doileys are amazing Pam. This latest one is gorgeous but then everything you make is lovely. Happy birthday to Fletch - hope he enjoyed his cake. xox

  18. Happy Birthday, Fletch!! Love the blues and oh, my! greens!! blessings ~ tanna

  19. Hi Pammy Sue!! I love your doily as usual. Happy Birthday Fletch!! Pammy you asked me what my dog's name is.... it's Brutus. LOL Hubby and Stepson named him. Big name for a tiny dog. Although he's not that tiny.
    Apples... I usually make Apple Crisp as per Steve's (hubby) request and he usually make Apple Bran Muffins when he's baking.

  20. Happy Birthday FLetch! Hope you got something special. Love the blues in your doily!

  21. Your doily is beautiful! There was a time about 25 years ago where all I crocheted was doilys. The outside pattern on yours is one of my favorite. They have so many great colors of thread these days.

  22. Beautiful doily. I haven't worked with thread in a while. Seems like I have too many yarn projects to do. Happy Birthday to Fletch!

  23. That doily is amazingly beautiful! How lovely. packages in the mail....such fun for the recipient

  24. Oh happy birthday Fletch!! and happy new year to you!!

    I see I missed out on giveaways and stuff. Maybe I wouldn't be the kind to receive such giveaway since it's all girlie and stuff but, free shit is free shit! :)

  25. Beautiful doilies Pammy Sue... And happy birthday to the birthday boy ( doggie) . :)


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