Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Another Outing

Guess where I went today? Since I was out anyway, stopped in at Hobby Lobby and got all of the above. Yes, those are knitting needles. I'm trying yet again. You can't fail if you don't stop trying, right? Isn't that what they say? I'm following a series of tutorials, and she suggested some wooden, size 10.5 needles. They didn't have any 10.5 so I got 11s.

I also got the pom-pom makers and some pink yarn, just because I was feeling the pink today. I was really looking for a color called Bubble Gum, but they didn't have any. I got just plain pink.

I just finished pinning out a little somethin-somethin on the blocking board.
I'll show it to you tomorrow in all it's prettiness.

I was craving tuna, so I made a big tuna salad this morning.
With lots of boiled eggs, some onion, some celery, and mayo.
That sandwich is now on its way through my digestive tract.
Lordie, it was good!

The reason I was out again today is because I had to return my moccasins to Target. The size inside the box was not the size ON the box, and I didn't check that as I usually do. I was going to just trade them in for a bigger size, but they didn't have any bigger sizes in any of the three colors. Apparently they've had a run on moccasins since I bought mine on Friday. Everybody else liked them too. Boo-hoo! I just got my money back and pouted on my way to Hobby Lobby. I'm over it now since I have my new yarn and toys.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting lately. I love knowing you're all here! I've gotten some sweet messages and mail lately, which I greatly appreciate and get all choked up over. It means so much...

Like you, Dottie. I thought your message was so sweet, and it made me feel good that I could inspire someone like you to crochet a doily again!  I read each and every one of your messages, people. They really keep me going and make my day sometimes. 

Someone asked about the pesto recipe the other day and whether another type of nut could be used. I'm going to make another recipe that is similar but uses toasted walnuts instead of pine nuts, so, yes, you can use other types of nuts.

I'm off to fumble and mumble around with those knitting needles and a YouTube video or two. When I tire of that, I'll be fumbling and mumbling with the pom-pom maker. Wish me luck!

See ya.


  1. Big bummer on the shoes, did you try Target online? I would because I LOVE mine! Good for you on the knitting, you just have to try a few times and you will get it.

  2. I hope that you have lots of fun with your knitting and pom pom making!! I love making pom poms!! xx

  3. Great luck with the knitting again. It gets easier as you go.

    Beautiful colors for the yarn.

  4. Can't wait to see what you knit up. I pull out the needles I have every once in a while and then end up putting them away since I can crochet much faster. I always admire the beautiful knit things I see on line though. Knitted fabric seems much lighter than crocheted too. Pretty pink yarn! Heather

  5. Boo on the moccasins but yay for new yarn and yarny toys! I wish you fun and luck with knitting and pom poms.

  6. I too am trying to learn to knit. It sure isn't easy! I am using the big needles too and bulky yarn. My problem is when I make a mistake, I don't know how to fix the darn thing and have to frog it! Hopefully we'll both get the hang of it soon!

  7. Good for you getting out and about aain Pammy Sue. I was at Hobby Lobby today too. I bought skeins of I Love This Yarn too! Mine was gray though. Hubby want's a sweater made out of it. I'm not sure about using an acrylic yarn for a sweater, but that's what he wants so I'll give it a go. Worst case is ripping it out to make something else. :-) I like wooden needles SO MUCH better than the metal ones. They "grab" the yarn better and not so much slipping and sliding around.
    Sorry about the moccasins. Hopefully they'll have your size next time you go in.
    Blessings my friend,

  8. I'm glad you're giving knitting a go. If you can, try to learn Continental style knitting -- you carry the yarn like you do in crocheting and it's much faster then English or "throwing" style. That's a gorgeous pink! I'm knitting a 2nd gold cotton wash cloth for myself since I sent my last one to my daughter Amy.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. Shoot. Sorry about the Mocs. But I'm happy about the new yarn and Pom maker! Can't wait to see what you create!
    XO Kris

  10. Pammy Sue, you are always so bright and cheerful. I'm working a scarf right now hat is "Pink". Pink fever must be going around.

    I've always wanted to buy some of those pom, pom makers but never have. Enjoy them.

    Sorry about your Moccassin luck!

  11. Its a great pic me up to buy yarn...love the colour and can't wait to see what you will make...Knitting is cool..:))
    The doily looks interesting :)) what do you use for a mat...???

    Hugs pat ..

  12. Good luck with the knitting. Nice yarn you have - the pink is such a pretty shade and looks great with white. I've never had much luck with pom poms - mine fall apart so now I just crochet what looks like one. Make a chain about 10 inches or so and do 5dc in each chain along. It curls up very tightly and if you tie the two tails together, you can imagine it looks just like (if not better) than a pom pom. Now you have me hungry for a sandwich like that !!! I wouldn't have thought of putting tuna and egg together and with those extra things it would be yummy yummy. Can't wait to see your purple/cream doily - you get lovely thread colours. xox

  13. We do need all those gadgets.
    Remember my link up today

  14. So sorry about your moccasins! Bummer! That bag of pink goodness looks like Valentine joy! blessings ~ tanna

  15. Lovely yarn, great colour too. Looking forward to seeing your doily:)

  16. Hey there pretty lady!! I love the color of your yarn. I can't wait to see the doily you made. I will be attempting another doily. I have a few knitting needles that I wanted to try using. Don't know if I'll ever get used to it but even if I manage to get a pair of slippers or mittens done would be awesome. Or even a scarf.

  17. Nothing makes you feel better than a trip to Hobby Lobby! I can knit but it's too slow for me. Tuna sandwich looks good!

  18. Good luck with the knitting Pammy Sue I hope it clicks this time get it clicks knitting needles click ok I'll shut up now. I love making pom poms with my pom pom maker but they do get pretty addictive and make lots of mess I get carried away with the trimming and end up with bit's of yarn and fluff all over the place! have fun xxx


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