Thursday, January 01, 2015

A Vanilla Giveaway on Day 1

French Vanilla

That's a great name for this doily as I find it a little plain-Jane. Plain-Jane can be a good thing sometimes. It does have some nice texture and a few popcorns. It measures 15 inches across, tip-to-tip.

Do you want it?
Leave me a comment telling me so on this post only.
I'll draw a name on Sunday, 1/4/15.

The roast dinner was terrific.

The cookies turned out well too.
(I like the lemon ones better)
See previous post for link to recipes.

My new 2015 calender arrived just in time.
I ♥ Susan Branch.

We're having our black-eyed peas with lunch.
Don't forget yours for good luck throughout 2015.

Have a beautiful day #1!


  1. I'd love that crochet beauty!

    Id love the cookies too! haha
    Happy New years

  2. Wishing you a very happy, healthy and peaceful 2015!!!
    Love this pretty doily. I hope luck favours me!!!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Happy New Year Pammy Sue!!!!!
    Love Miss Plain Jane!!!!! She would feel at home on my table!!!!! The roast dinner looks yummy:)))

    Stephanie H

  4. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Happy New Year!!!!!
    I love Plain Jane, she would have a fine home
    here!!!! Enjoy the day:)))
    Stephanie H

  5. I would love this doily too. You do beautiful work!

    Now I'm hungry after reading your post! 😊

  6. Cathy Cook11:43 AM

    The doily is beautiful. Plain Jane it is not! I would love to give it a special place on my table.

    Happy New Year!

  7. Anonymous11:51 AM

    French Vanilla is gorgeous and I would be thrilled to be the lucky winner! It would have a special place on a table in my dining room. I enjoy seeing your beautiful crochet handwork and delicious recipes on your blog. Wishing you a very happy, healthy, and crocheting New Year! Susan N.

  8. I'd love to have that gorgeous doily in my old farmhouse. I hope your new year is filled with wonderful things, happiness and joy.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. You know me I love your blog and talent , Have a wonderful New year!

  10. Happy New Year!

    The doily is so beautiful, please may I enter your giveaway?

    We had a nice dinner at my Mums today, a traditional roast - yum!


  11. Just wrap up that doily and get it in the mail to me, I know I am the winner!

    Happy, happy 2015!

  12. I would like to add my name to the drawing for your beautiful doily. I can only dream to get to that level in MY lifetime!! Enjoy your day and Happy New Year!

  13. Yes, you know I'd love to win your doily...heck any doily...don't ever throw one away. LOL
    Thanks for the offering Pammy Sue...

  14. Happy, Happy New Year Pammy Sue! That roast and the cookies look delicious. Yum. The doily is beautiful too. Of course I would love it since it would remind me of you every time I saw it. :-)

  15. The new doily is lovely.. Happy New Year my dear with love Janice

  16. I think the doily is beautiful and not plain at all! I love all your crocheted doilies! Happy New Year!

  17. I would love to have an beautiful doily. Happy New Year!

  18. Anonymous3:55 PM


    I love the doily ! Please enter me in the draw :)

    You make beautiful doilies - I'm only a newbie to crochet - one day I might attempt a doily

    Cheers - from New Zealand
    Kelly S

  19. Happy New Year !

  20. Yes, I'd love it :-) It's beautiful. Didn't make my goal of completing mine, still have two rounds to go. Glad you enjoyed your New Year's Eve meal. The new calendar is pretty.

  21. Fingers crossed - I'd love to win your beautiful doiley. I bought a nice little vase this morning to hold one rose from my garden. Your doiley would look stunning under it! Those cookies look way too good. Do you think they'd be fattening? LOL

  22. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Yes please. She's a beauty, and big too. I would love to have her. Happy New Year to you the Captain and all your cute fur babies. Genevieve Lopez,Medford OR

  23. Love the doily and really believe it needs a new home in NC..... love the roast beef dinner... I believe that should have had a new home in NC also.... and finally LOVE the Susan Branch calendar and am off to buy my own so it can have a new home in NC Happy New Year Pammy Sue!

  24. I want to try doilies in 2015 so I hope you share the source of the pattern! Yes I like plain Jane too:) Continue to keep up the doilie revival

  25. Hi Pammy Sue!! I love all your doilies. I plan on trying some out this year. I'm feeling much better than I did a few weeks ago. Things are finally looking up for me.
    Now as for the Vanilla Doily, I think it should find it's way to my home here in Canada!!

  26. As usual, everything you posted looks great or yummy. Put me in to win the doily, it's a cute one that would look nice on the table.


  27. All of your doilies are awesome! I can't believe how quickly you can complete one. I would love to win your giveaway! What a great way to begin the new year. Happy New Year to you!


  28. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year Pammy Sue!!!
    I would loooooove to win your Doyle. Thanks for being so generous my friend :

  29. Happy New Year Pammy Sue

    This is a piece of Art. I enjoy your blog so much please and thank you could you put me in the drawing for the doily it would look great on my new table!

  30. Oh my goodness, Pammy Sue you really do make the most beautiful doilies. Truly works of art. You are so-o-o talented and generous too.
    Best wishes to you and yours.
    Karen in PA


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