Friday, January 16, 2015

A Hyacinth & A List of Stuff

I saw this hyacinth today at Target and grabbed it. It looks really healthy right now. Let's see if I can keep from killing it. The sign said "assorted," and I'm assuming that's referring to the color. Right now it looks like it might be white, but what do I know? I'm putting it in the magic kitchen window.

I also got the stuff to make a pesto pasta. I saw THIS RECIPE and haven't stopped thinking about it since. So I'm gonna make it for dinner tonight. I'll let you know. I like that it has lots of spinach and other good stuff in it.

Here's the slooow progress on my second poncho.
More green coming next.

No particular reason for this picture. It's a sewing machine cabinet that's next to my bed now. We rearranged the furniture in the bedroom a couple of days ago and it ended up in there. It's a sewing machine I never use that hubby bought me from Craig's List. It's an almost-never-used Kenmore from the '70s. Maybe some day I'll grow some patience and learn to sew and enjoy it.

So I bought two YELLOW (goldish really) rugs today...

Both for the kitchen.
(It bugs me that the rug is crooked in that picture.)
I've never bought ANYTHING yellow before.
It's not really my thing, yellow.

I kind of like them though.
It brightens up the place, but not too much.

What else did I get on my rare outing and shopping spree today?

1.'s a sickness! I love getting new sheets. (On clearance)
2.  Two small nut bowls for snacks. We had two and we use them so much, I bought two more.
3.  Yes, I'm going to list everything I bought because I'm boring like that.
4.  A pair of gray moccasins.  (On clearance, $10)
5.  One blueberry muffin, which I ate in the car on the way home because I hadn't eaten all day.
6.  Two movies for El Capitan. ($5 each, but it was buy one get one 1/2 off, so $7.50 for two) It'll keep him out of my hair. I'm sneaky like that. Hee-hee.
7.  I looked and looked for some cool candles and holders, but I didn't find what I wanted. I even stopped at Pier 1 on my way home to see if they had any...nope. I wanted some stubby-looking taper candles and holders, but they didn't have any. Maybe the ones I saw and had in mind had been lit already and burned down and that's why they looked stubby. Hmm.
8.  Baby Wipes for me, not a baby.
9.  I looked at the pillows because I need a new one (or two), but I suddenly got cheap and didn't get them. Stupid. So now I still need them.
10.  Two more metal mesh magazine holders for crochet pattern books. I already had five full.
11.  I also looked at a little wire, 3-drawer doo-lolly to keep stuff in next to my bed. It would have been perfect because they shut and Eli can't come in and steal all my stuff. I have LOTS of stuff I like to keep next to my bed -- fingernail polish, nail files, clippers, Benadryl, dental floss pick thingies, little scissors, a few cough drops, a couple of Q-tips, a pocket knife, tiny post-it notes, a pen and a pencil, reading glasses, a lighter, lip balm, and usually a crochet hook or two.  I need it ALL right at my fingertips, and I'm a fanatic about having it. Right now, I have to remove the container I keep it all in (with no lid) from the bedside table every day and put it where Eli can't get to it and then put it back at night. I ended up not getting the 3-drawer thing because I thought $9 was too much. Go figure. I wish I had it now.
12.  Jeez.  #11 went a little long to end up being nothing. I think that's all I got and all I wanted but didn't get.

I'm going to go put my long granny moo-moo dress on and get comfy. See ya.


  1. IF you got the gray mocs at Target I have mine on right now and you are going to love them. I also bought the light brown and black and wear them everyday. I was at Target with Little Buddy today killing a bit of time between school and PT. He got a new Mickey Mouse book and three long sleeved shirts in 4T, yes he is growing but now quite ready for them yet. If we go someplace cool this summer at least he will have some shirts to wear. See I am so freaking exciting.

  2. The colors in that poncho are wonderful, brown and green are fave colors, it will be beautiful!

    Love your list of bought things and things by your bed.

    Could be a yellow hyacinth, you shall see soon, lol.

    This post made me smile. Thank You for that.

  3. Hi Pammy Sue! Good to see you had a stimulating day! I love your idea of making pesto! (My daughter has just left for italy today). :)

    Actually I was thinking of you this afternoon when I came across this amazing doily via pinterest: it is also mentioned on ravelry:

    (apparently it's from a magazine, you might even have it??)

    I thought it would be your cup of tea!!! ;)

    Have a lovely weekend!
    (And enjoy more lists!)
    Ingrid xx

  4. I absolutely love hyacinths. They smell so good!

  5. Well it all sounded great till you said granny moo moo dress, just joking you will get lots of crocheting done that way :) My mom knitted and never made a poncho from the neck down so that looked funny to me, but then again she never put the turtle neck on one(that's a cute idea) And yes that flower will be white cause I just bought one and they smell soooooo good it's worth every penny! That pasta looks good too and I guess I got tooo talky huh?

  6. First off, on the previous posts that I missed.......LOVE the brown added in the poncho. Those Kielbasa and pineapple bites look so tasty!!!
    Now, about today's the looks of what you made for supper. Bet it was good ! Loved hearing about your trip to Target. I always look in other carts to see what they are getting!! Inlaso have a "stuff" drawer next to my bed. Actually, it is part of the bed. Gotta have my stuff!!!
    Your Ponch is looking fantastic! I am so loving the greens and browns together!!!!!
    Your doily came today and I am in LOVE with it!!!! Thank you!!!! You do beautiful work!!
    XO Kris

  7. I am glad you got that Hyacinth, you will *LOVE* how it will scent your house. I really like that mossy green in your poncho.. it's a favorite color of mine.. well.. we have a lot of moss here! I like the sunshiny colors in your rugs.. you'll enjoy them. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. Wow, your good! Thank you so much for you instant reply and pattern for the poncho. Can't wait to start. Love the shopping cart/what I bought, everyone loves to snoop at what other peeps are buying.

  9. I'm laughing and laughing and laughing at your post today Pammy. You sound like me. I have "stuff" by the bed too. Hubby says I make nests everywhere I go. I have got to have all of those things around me. I loved hearing about all the great things you found while out shopping. I need new slippers and it sounds like you and Meredith found some good ones at Target????
    Your dinner looks like it was a good one. I make beef barley soup in the crockpot. Yum! It was delicious if I do say so myself.
    Have a lovely weekend my friend.

  10. Glad you got out of the house :-) Sounds like you had fun. Go back and get the things you didn't get but wanted; if it's still bugging you, you need them. Love the green and brown poncho. Thanks again for the pattern; I keep looking at it and wanting to start but I have too many WIPs right now. I bought a hyacinth, too, the other day. My family's taking bets on when I'll kill it. I hope you enjoyed the pesto pasta. Take care :-)

  11. I love the scent of hyacinths more than any other flower, well, OK, maybe daffodils as well :-)

  12. Fun post Pammy. I love coming here! I always leave with a chuckle :) Have a nice weekend, penny x

  13. I am also nurturing a pot of hyacynths, cant wait for them to flower!


  14. Well, your shopping list is very interesting. Nice progress on your poncho - interested to see how the green scheme turns out. I keep checking our flower shop for hyacinths but obviously they're not available here at the moment. I LOVE the smell of them. Have a great weekend. xox

  15. PS .. Love the new look blog. Purty!

  16. Haha you cheer me up you really do, I love your shopping list of things bought and nearly but not bought. I do that all the time see something I need and decide against because of the price and then regret not buying it later. I love hyacinths and their scent but they always seem to keel over on me, your poncho it looking great. Enjoy your pesto pasta and have a great weekend. :) xx

  17. Now I want to go shopping! I love a good deal. That's why I love yard sales!

  18. I can't stay on here long, Target is calling me. Just realized I haven't been out of the house in a while. I need kitchen rugs too, and the moccasins sound cute. I bought a pair of leopard print ballet style shoes at Target years ago for $9.99 and wore them to death. They were cute and went with everything. Wish I still had them.
    Have a great weekend!

  19. I love the smell of Hyacinth! But hate it when they get bigger cause then you need to attach them to a stick with yarn of course. lol
    I so love the colors of your poncho!! Earth tones are my fav.
    Great list of things that you bought and didn't. ;-)
    I really love your doilies at the top of your page with the two little dogs. I have one little one on my desk.
    Take care my friend.


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