Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Thread Crochet Christmas Tree *Updated

I made this last night in a couple of hours watching the football game. I had to make it when I found it online. It's a graph-only pattern, and you can find it HERE.

It looks pretty hanging in the window.
I used Elmer's Gel glue to stiffen it after I blocked it.

Do you like my fancy Christmas Lights?

It's just a string of lights stuffed in a mason jar with a hole cut in the lid for the cord to run through. I told you it was fancy! It just makes me happy to see it sitting there on the counter all red and glowy.

We had baked pork chops last night for dinner.
This is them after I breaded and browned them in a skillet.
Then they go in the oven to bake and hour...
Then you pour a simple gravy over them and bake for another 30.
The recipe is HERE.
They are SO DELICIOUS with mashed potatoes!

Fletch is relaxing on the porch in the sun.
I put their beds out on the porch to air out a little...stinky dogs.
He jumped up there and made himself comfortable.

Edited to Add:  If you ever want a pattern you see here, please email me or leave your email in my comments section so I can communicate with you.  I have no problem sharing a pattern I may have that you can't find because it's out of print or just unavailable or you can't afford to buy patterns...AND I don't need a lecture from anyone telling me I shouldn't do so!  Hoard your own patterns and don't worry about mine!  Once I buy it, I can do what I please with it.  Oh, and fuck off. 

You'll notice all of my patterns are free. Use them! Share them! Sell them! Print them off and take a big ol' shit on them! I don't care!

Now you've gone and pissed me off.

That's it from me.
Have a lovely day!


  1. I love your crocheted hanging Christmas tree but I can't work with graph if my life depended on it. :-(
    Your pork chops look yummy!!!

  2. Hi Pammy Sue!

    That ornament is just so delicate and beautiful looking! <3

    Well done!

    Hehe, I like Fletch sitting on the bed, he looks like he knows what he is doing! ;) Whatta cutie!

    I wish you a good week, and hope you manage to crochet away many more nights with the TV! ;)

    Ingrid xx

  3. Hi Pammy Sue,
    That's a lovely ornament you made. And I'm looking forward to seeing your red doily. Isn't it fun working on Christmas crochet projects?
    I love the picture of Fletch relaxing on the porch, so cute.
    Enjoy the Holidays!

  4. Another beauty! Every time I see a doily I think of you. Saw one you might like at http://lacycrochet.blogspot.com/2014/12/christmas-star-doily-free-pattern.html
    It's one of the blogs on my list of sites to love.
    Ordered a doily book and Angel doily kit too because of your wonderful doilies. Hope mine look half as good as yours at least, remember I'm a knitter better than crocheter, lol.
    Love the other photos too.
    Hope you and yours are doing well, and Thank You for visiting my blog too.

  5. Your tree ornament is stunning, hanging it in the window really shows it off very nicely.


  6. Your plants look FAB.. you are obviously taking wonderful care of them. Your photos are also looking sharp, good job. I got a little string of battery operated lights, I should try sticking them in an old Ball jar. Your red doily is gorgeous.. actually a prettier red than the KnitPicks one.. which is dark red. I'm so glad to hear that you went out and shopping, good for you!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Love the look of your red doily and the tree is so pretty and delicate. :) x

  8. Seriously you make me laugh. Love the red doily and I agree about knit picks yarns, they are fine but not outstanding. Love the tree, it is perfect. How can you make it up so fast?

  9. lol...you scared me! What a lovely little lacy tree! Don't you just love quick little projects like that? I like the cozy atmosphere your jar of lights create. I'd keep them out all year! penny x

  10. You are so funny Pammy Sue, you really are a live wire. Love your tree ornament. Clever girly:)

  11. Anonymous5:28 PM

    Ahhh sempervivums, what's not to like. They're gorgeous. I'm slightly giddy at the pic of your doggy sunning itself. The sun has disappeared here and were in the middle of a two day storm. The wind is howling off the field at the back of the house. The old boy has gone to London for a couple of days whooping it up. The young boy is fast asleep, I'm manning the fort. Batten down the hatches etc...

    Best regards Gill

  12. Love your tree! And I can almost smell those pork chops.
    Never a dull moment on this here blog :)

  13. Uh-oh, it sounds like someone pushed your buttons! Love the tree, the lights and especially your cute guy Fletch sunning himself. Gotta go sun myself now!

  14. Can you hearme laughing from way down here in Oz ? Love you and love your blog.!

  15. Oh dear girl! I sure miss this side of you. But only because I feel like I have someone who also understands when I am in this "zone". I am kinda in the same place you are at the moment. I just read both Tuesday & Wednesday posts, so I will comment about the Wednesday post up there. Love you!!!

  16. Girl I feel the SAME WAY!!! If the pattern is out of print, which tells me the owner has decided they've made all the money they intend to, so share. I got accused of copying someone's pattern once, a pattern that I had never seen when I came up with my design. I was so hurt, I decided then and there, I'd never place myself in a position to have to depend on selling patterns to feed myself. Its a hobby, not a living. They can be a blood thirsty lot.

    We all have to blow off now and then. :)

  17. You go girl! Tell it like it is and speak from the heart. I love this blog because you are so very real. You think like I do.

  18. Loved your added note! :)


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