Monday, December 08, 2014

Red, Miracles, and Buddies

So remember when I told you I ordered the red yarn on Sunday night? I got a message from Knit Picks on SATURDAY saying it was shipped. Seriously? Six days just to get it out the door? Screw you, Knit Picks! I put on my shoes, stuffed my hair in a bun, and drove to Hobby Lobby and bought a skein of red thread so I could start my Christmas doily. Never again, Knit Picks! Your products are not THAT good!

While I was there, I picked up these angels for the mantel...

And this cute dog I couldn't resist.

I spent a good while with my plants this morning telling them how great they are doing and what miracles they are. They love that attention.

And my Paperwhite soldiers are reaching, reaching, reaching still.
It's amazing how much they grow in a single day.

My little buddy watching me at my desk.

Speaking of buddies, these guys have become the best of friends on my counter.
Mutt and Jeff, Opposites Attract, and all that stuff.

Thanks for all your comments lately. Y'all are sweet.

By the way, I've noticed that when I comment on your blogs using my cell phone, which is a lot lately, I'm showing up as just "Pam" with a link to a blank Google page. If you see that, it's me. I'll try to sign in the comment part with "Pammy Sue" so you'll know it's me. I don't know why it doesn't recognize me on there and link back to my blog, but it doesn't. Believe me, I've tried to fix it a dozen times. Samsung phones are just NOT easy to figure out. I'm going to get a new iPhone when I can find one without having to pre-order it, and I can hardly wait. This has not been a fun experience switching from an Apple product to an Android. Ugh.

See ya!


  1. Hmmmmmm are you really brave enough to apply fresh nail polish and then crochet?! Love the red doily and the new decorations!

  2. You went out!!! Yippee! Knit Picks has nice products but ever since they were hacked a year ago I haven't ordered from them. Your doily is looking good! I adore your new Angels. I collect them and wishI had time to run to Hobby Lobby today but alas, no time. :-(. Enjoy your beautiful red thread.

  3. Oh my heart skipped a heat when I saw the red doily. I love it! Looking forward to seeing it...and maybe the pattern link, too? I always, always love seeing your doilies. I have been making afghans lately, but I will be back to thread...soon. Awww Ollie is so adorable...gosh, he makes me smile every time I see his cute little self.
    I never have ordered from Knit Picks, but I must agree with Betsy, after I found out they were hacked, I knew I'd never order from them. I like going to the store and picking out my yarn/threads...although, it's getting to the point where they are harder and harder to find anymore..but thank goodness for Hobby them!
    Wishing you a lovely day sweet friend.

  4. Oh that red!!! Yummy! Your doily is going to be gorgeous on your mantel. I order most of my thread from Herrshners. Great customer service and speedy delivery. Never any problems. They have all colors too. Still $2.99 a ball. Oh, I love the beads in you doorway!!
    Have a nice evening,
    penny x

  5. I do need to try the doilies with thread as you suggested. You really work those up so fast! Its gorgeous! Cant wait to see your paperwhites bloom!

  6. My hobby lobby doesn't have alot of thread, very disappointing. I am happy you were able to find some. Love the doily..oh and the angels...My oldest grandson has been giving me a small glass angel every year since he has been in school. He buys them at his school store where stores donate items for the kids to buy. I truly treasure them. Merry Christmas.4

  7. Oh geez...I just typed my whole comment and it went away.
    Love the plants. They look so healthy. Love the doggie too.
    XO Kris

  8. Really is looking a lot like Christmas round at your place!

    My daughter would go crazy for the dog you picked up at the shops. Perhaps its just as well we don't live in the States, I would never have any money in my purse...


  9. Anonymous3:37 AM

    Very red and Christmassy, I like it, keep up the good work! Plants definitely love a good chinwag and yours are looking tiptop.

    Best regards Gill

  10. I was at Hobby Lobby last night. 'Love that place! Those angels are so pretty! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  11. Looks like you are whipping out the doily really quickly. The angels and the puppy are sweet. All your plants look really healthy, a lot of mine didn't make the move, but I've been slowing adding them back into our home. Have a great day. Heather

  12. Oh yes, it's bad when you're waiting so urgently for a delivery. It always takes longer then, doesn't it? Good that you bought some other yarn to start in the meantime. Love the doilies you made lately! It's really time for me to start one again, too, when I'm through with my Christmas presents. Have a nice time! Hugs, Nata

  13. I love your doilies!! I also love your new angels. I have a crystal angel ornament for my tree and her wing broke. But I glued it and she's now hanging around again. lol

  14. Hey, at least it got you out of the house :-) I like to buy my yarn and thread in a store because I can see it and touch it. I've bought online twice, one bad one good experience. The doily's looking great. Love that red! I like all the other goodies you found, too. Your plants look very healthy and happy, and Ollie's as adorable as ever. Smiles your way!


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