Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ollie and the Poncho...and Ollie Again

 This little guy was specially-made for me, I think.
He's so adorable. GAH.

I've started a project with my new yarn. That's the collar that I had made yesterday afternoon with Hobby Lobby's ILTY. I got a few more rows done when I realized it was way too small. Why I didn't realize that from the beginning chain, I have no idea. I was just too excited and wasn't thinking. I printed out the pattern, and it was a little fuzzy so I misread the number of starting chains as 54 instead of 84. DUH.

So I started over late last night. Much better! (No picture yet though.) You've probably seen Lucy working on her cowl-neck poncho. She's about finished with hers, but I have only just started mine. I wasn't sure I wanted to make one, but now I am. It's a perfect use of my new Scheepjeswol Stone Washed yarn from Deramores. Don't you think? I think mine will look a lot different than the pattern since I'm using DK yarn (smaller stitches and more rows of colorful stripes mixed with the silvery-gray in-between, and I'm definitely making it longer with no fringe.) I'm a little excited about it.

Sam over at Betsy Makes has made a poncho using the cowl pattern, and she did a great tutorial over on her blog showing how to make the cowl neck part. She also has the pattern source listed there for you. Thanks, Sam! ♥

Look what arrived late yesterday afternoon, a full two weeks after I ordered it. I'm kind of glad I didn't wait on it to make my red doily. I like the color of the red I used better than this one for a Christmas doily. This one is more of a burgundy. 

Here's another picture of Ollie laying on the glider on the porch yesterday. He must have been a little chilly and had his legs all tucked up under him. See the heart shape on his side in the butterscotch color? Yep, he's a sweetheart if I ever saw one. I love him so much it makes my heart feel too big for my chest.


  1. I have been drewling over that XL yarn since I saw it this summer. They don't sell it in Norway.
    Can't wait to see what you make of it.

  2. I agree on you getting a brighter red for your doily, but those KP crochet threads sure are shiny and pretty! Ollie is a love for sure. I'm glad you got him.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Ollie is adorable and I love the new yarn even if it took two weeks to arrive. I just ordered some yarn today, I know I know I am supposed to be on a yarn diet.

  4. You are as good at pictures, as you are with crocheting, and that small collar would be kinda cute on Ollie don't you think :) I love this thread it is beautiful Why do I just want it, to have it:)

  5. lovely threads... and your sweet baby possing.. so cute.. with love Janice

  6. So glad you finally got your package. They are pretty colors but yes your doily looks better like it is. And he is cute.

  7. You sure Ollie wasn't raised by a cat? He sure sits down like one :)

  8. Ollie is adorable! Love his heart!!!! Can't wait to see your poncho!
    XO Kris

  9. Such a cutey. The heart is the perfect touch for such a sweet looking doggy. That did take awhile didn't it? It is pretty though and I know you'll use it soon. Have fun with the porch.

  10. boooo knit picks! but I do love their bulky cotton. mmmmmm.

    Can't wait to see this finished poncho. I loved poncho's even when they weren't cool.

  11. Yup, Ollie is just too cute for words :-) Glad your thread FINALLY arrived. Have fun making your poncho.

  12. I have a crush on your Ollie too. ;)

  13. Ollie is adorable Pammy Sue, such a sweet little face, I missed that poncho on Lucy's blog it's going to be lovely and warm with the cowl neck and it will be great with your chosen yarn, I have finished Emilys shawl made with Lucy's cosy blanket pattern and I love it. I love the colours of your new cotton especially the red but the red you chose is definitely more Christmassy. :) xx

  14. Ollie. What a cutie pie! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures


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