Saturday, December 06, 2014

A Jumbled Mess

Yes, two boxes of Christmas decoration came down from the attic a couple of days ago. This and a small, pathetic-looking Christmas tree was all I put out so far. Oh, and a wreath on the front door that I bought last year. I love the reindeer I bought last year at Target. My sister got me the lighted Christmas village several years ago. It's my favorite decoration, and if nothing else makes it out of those boxes, this always does. It's so pretty to look at with all the moving, glittering, color-changing lights.

Here you can see part of the little cheap-o tree that sits on the counter. My momma gave me a little box full of tiny dog ornaments one year to decorate it with. I love these too.

I'm still waiting on the red thread from Knit Picks so I can make a Christmas doily and decorate the mantel. They are really dragging their feet on getting my order to me. Two days after I placed my order, I got an email saying, "We're preparing your order for shipping...". WTF? Could they BE any slower? It's four little balls of yarn, for Pete's sake!

Can you tell I'm whiny, irritable, sad, pathetic, and a complete JOY to be around lately? I hate it when I'm this way. Just typing that made me cry. I'm serious. Good Lord! I need to get out of the house. I can't even remember the last time I went outside these walls, except on the back porch, which I think was on my birthday back on the 2nd of November when I sat in my pajamas in a rocking chair for an hour or so. Yikes. Has it really been that long? I refuse to even walk out to the mailbox 50 feet from my front door. Why, you might ask? I have no good explanation. I just don't want to.

Want to see some hair?
That was an abrupt change of subject and mood, wasn't it?

Isn't this ombre hair beautiful? I absolutely love it. Mind you, I would never dye my hair this way because I'm a 54-year-old woman, not a 24-year-old girl, but I still think it's just gorgeous.

And now...
A blast from the past!

I made this granny throw back in May of 2012.
I gave it to my Aunt.
I get a lot of emails and questions about it still (It's on Ravelry and Flickr too).
Here's the post and all the info on it:  PINK GRANNY

When I went to that page, I started reading and came across THIS POST, and it made me laugh (the part about the medication). There's also a baby picture of Fletcher at the end that made my heart melt (Sammi too).

And finally...
Look at the Paperwhites!
They are growing like gangbusters!
So fun. Will I really have flowers?
We'll see together!

I just sneezed and it reminded me of my grandmother. When we'd sneeze, she'd always say, "Skat!"  Hee-hee! I do that all the time now too. I love you, Granny. I have a lot of her recipes, and I think she's around me sometimes when I cook, and I always talk to her. She was a great cook, and she loved it when people talked about how good her cooking was.

Hugs, kisses, and a loving pat on your hand,
Pammy Sue


  1. I like your decorations, especially the village. I'm sorry you're in a funk; I know how that feels. I don't get out much either, and I can always tell when I've been home too much. The claws come out! You and I should just go crazy craft shopping together in Dallas. The blanket is gorgeous; thanks for the links. Such cute puppy pictures!! They grow up so fast. I think of my grandma every time someone talks about homemade pickles; she made the best ones in the world. Sending lots of hugs and smiles your way :-)

  2. Hope you feel better soon. I'm not in the mood for a lot of decorating either. Merry Christmas!

  3. I really enjoyed this post. I love the afghan too.

  4. Oh, hugs to you, too, Pammy! I know JUST how you feel right now. In fact, I laughed and read out that bit to my DH a moment ago, as I'd only just finished saying how frustrated I was feeling! Hope the rest of your weekend picks up, and next week is a dream. Love, Chris x

  5. I wish I lived closer to you and I would come get you, take you to the nearest coffee shop with a fireplace roaring, get some hot chocolate and sit and crochet and TAsLK. For hours. Seriously. I love to stay home, but over a month is just too long my friend. I love the decorations you have out, but especially the sweater deer and doggie ornaments.
    Take care and I'm going to be praying for you.

  6. I havent got my decorations down from the attic yet I still can't face it maybe next week, I have been decorating all week and Christmas is the last thing on my mind. Wish I could come call on you Pammy Sue, we could go get a coffee somewhere or something, if I wasn't working I doubt that I would get out much either I have to push myself to go out on my days off even if it's just to the shops. I enjoyed reading that post it was so funny and the puppy pictures are so cute, love your doggy ornaments and the blanket is lovely. :) xxx

  7. Love your lit up village and the lamb, they look wonderful. Your bright crocheted blanket is beautiful.Shirley N.Z.

  8. Okay I am sending you a big ole hug right now. I hate it when I am like that and believe me I can be like that a lot, just ask my husband. By the way I did not see that deer last year, I would have bought one in a second.

  9. Well Funk days are not nice... but at any rate you laughed in the end cause your grandma... blessing my dear.. Feel better.. with love Janice ps love your paperwhites..

  10. Anonymous6:40 PM

    This sounds like a bad case of cabin fever. Time to get your glad rags on and go and paint the town red! Not literally you understand, just enough to let your hair down. Is this too many clichés?... I do apologise.

    Best regards

  11. Love the afghan! Oh the little deer is so adorable....I need one...he's covered in knitted cables! Love him. :)

  12. I'm sorry you are feeling so blue Pammy Sue. The holidays does that to a lot of people! Hang in there. Hope the thread arrives soon!
    xo Kris

  13. I'm so sorry you're in a funk! I was and probably will be until after the holidays this year. I will be alone for Christmas and New Year's day. Hubby is working and our children won't be coming up. I told hubby that the kids better be ready to hear from me via Skype. lol That is the only way I'll get to see the grandchildren. Stepson will be up between the two holidays. (((HUGS)))

  14. I love everything in this post, and I remember that pretty afghan.
    The picture of the hair is very timely, because I have decided to let my hair grow out.
    Maybe you need to get inspired by something new Pammy Sue!! I bet you could wear your hair like that in a heartbeat. I say go for it!

  15. I love love love love your blast from the past .... It's absolutely gorgeous. If I didn't have 5 million works in progress I'd be rushing out to find some yarn in those colours. For a brief moment I thought that was your hair and was thinking "hmmm Pammy Sue's re growth seriously needs attention 😀 have a good day xox

  16. When we would sneeze, my grandmother would say "Skat Cat". Hmmm... I wonder if our grandmothers might have known each other? ;-) 'Love the granny square throw. Grannies are my favorite pattern. -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  17. My decorating is moving at about that same speed! Lol. I just want to sit in that pretty chair ( have one like it) and wrap that afghan (don't have one like it) around me. So pretty! You have a lovely home. God Bless!

  18. Anonymous6:48 AM

    Hi Pammy Sue! I love that ombre hair too. I'm 56 and I would try it. I think we could totally rock it!!! Love! Dianne

  19. I *heart* pink. Grannies look good in any color.

  20. as always I have no time for anything but I just must comment I do love your Christmas village...beautiful present!!!

    keep well

    Amanda xx


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