Tuesday, December 02, 2014

A Bunch of Blah, Blah, Blah

Yes, they're fake. Shuddup.

Oh my! Look how the Oatmeal Fudge Bars look cut into bars.
I froze half of the 9x9 pan for another time.
No way were we going to eat all these. They're RICH!
Go grab that recipe from my last post if you haven't already.
They'd be perfect for a Christmas sweet.

The Captain made us Meatball Subs yesterday.
Or was it the day before? I can't remember.

In case all you think we eat is crap...here's a salad I had yesterday.

Have they grown some? I think they have!
I keep going in there every two hours and staring at them to see if they've grown.
I'm driving The Captain nuts.
"Come see! I think they grew a little!"
"That little speck wasn't there before!"
"Is it just me, or do they kind of look obscene?"

I started two different doilies.
The purple one is a short-term, smallish doily.
The goldish one is a long-term doily. 
It's really more brownish than it looks here.
And I do mean long-term. I think it's going to take a while.

It's not huge, but the fp and bp stitches are slow-going for me.

I wanted to do this one is RED for my Christmas mantel, but I didn't have any RED thread...so I HAD to order some last night from Knit Picks. Hee-hee! Oh, yes I did.

And I have only just recently gotten some of their brand of thread, Curio. It's wonderfully soft, and there are 750 yards on one little ball...a bargain at $2.99, which is what I paid last night on sale. I bought four different colors, and the shipping was just $3.99, which I figured was worth it for not having to get out (and put a bra on!) and go to Hobby Lobby and cross my fingers that they had the color I wanted.

Anyway...so when the RED thread gets here, I'll put this one aside and make my Christmas one for the mantel. I think I'll just make it solid RED instead of RED and green or white.

Blah, blah, blah, yarn, crochet, food, dogs, blah, blah. I have to get back to work now.


  1. Love the new header! And the long term doily looks fantastic, can't wait to see the RED. Love your blog.

  2. Your doily is gorgeous! I have a narcissus bulb and I can't believe how fast it's growing. I only just potted it two weeks ago and I think it may flower in a few days already. I always enjoy seeing your food, you are such an inventive cook.

  3. Anonymous6:36 PM

    Hi Pammy Sue, I really enjoy reading your blog. It always makes me laugh, and your doilies are gorgeous! I don't have a blog of my own, but maybe I'll try it one of these days!!

  4. Love reading ur blog. .... Haven't finished going thru all ur previous posts. The long term doily is beautiful.... Waiting to see ur red doily..... Am sure it will be gorgeous just like all ur other doilies. U r so talented!!!!!!

  5. Cant wait to see what you make with the red yarn, these doilies are shaping up very well!

    Love the new header by the way, nice and wintry, just right for the season.


  6. I enjoyed your bunch of blah, blah, blah! :) Oh my, that long term doily looks like a lot of work. You'll have a beauty in the end though. Obscene? No. They are just excited to be in their new home! :)
    penny x

  7. The red will be perfect!
    Love this doily.

    I also love to order on line, I live far from everything and to get it in the post office is so much better.

    Have a nice day

  8. Gorgeous dollies, I love your food always look so very tempting. Have a lovely day

  9. An order coming in the mail is always fun. Love your last doily. As for me, blog, work, knit, blah, blah blah.


  10. Love the doilies...looking forward to seeing the Red one! :)

  11. I wouldn't have known they were fake if you hadn't told me, I will be making some of those fudge bars probably for my son when he comes home from Cambridge I can't wait just two weeks to go. Yes they have grown I can see that and as for obscene my mind is pure so I haven't a clue what you're talking about haha, the doily will look fabulous in red. :) xx

  12. Hi Pammy Sue, your new projects are going to be stunning. I especially like the one with the FP and BP. I don't use thread very often, but I wondered about the new Knit Picks thread. Your bar cookies look good. Hope you are having a great day. Heather

  13. Good Afternoon PammySue!!

    Your doilies are so gorgeous!!! I too have a slow time with fp and bp. They take forever but they come out beautiful.
    I prefer to stay home in my jammies. Especially in the cold weather. the pj's everyone wears them out so why not wear them in the house. As for my nightgowns,I call them like my grandmother used to.... they are house dresses. lol Have a great day!


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