Monday, November 03, 2014

The Turd of November

Mary finished her August Doily from the doily-along.
Isn't it pretty?  The color is gorgeous.
She said she stopped a few rows before the end.
Can't say as I blame her. It was a booger to make.
Thanks for playing, Mary!

Here I am sitting on the back porch with my Dr. Pepper yesterday.
I stayed in my jammies all day for my birthday!

A thingy I hung out on the dealie-whopper.

Mr. Squirrel was hanging out on the fence yesterday.
I thought he was hurt because he barely moved.
Shortly after this last picture, he scampered over the fence.
He let me get within 4 feet of him while taking pictures.

Did she say cookie?

A cookie might be better than this stick, but not by much.

Why does she still have those pajamas on?

Thinking is hard.

Sammi has been doing her Jane Fonda workout videos.

Janie has a goofy smile, but she's sweet.
And clingy. Poor thing.

My new phone (pink one) next to my old iPhone.

It's a Samsung Galaxy Mega. It's driving me stark-raving mad! Moving to an Android blew my itty-bitty mind. I still have no idea what I'm doing. I missed a gazillion text messages over the weekend and still can't receive them from some people. If you texted me and I didn't answer, that's why.

These Ambrosia apples were over $3 per pound,
So I thought they must be good, right?
WRONG! Don't waste your money.
It was pithy.
I'm glad I only bought one. Who buys ONE apple, you ask?
ME when they're that expensive.

 I made a giant pot of beans and ham over the weekend.
We're still eating them. I'm freezing the rest today. 

I snapped this picture of my reflection in the door glass.
I kind of look like a ghost.

I'm outta here.
See ya.


  1. I didn't know yesterday was your Birdday! Happy Birthday to you!!! I like your bathrobe in pretty plush blue. Thanks for the sweet words about my doily and for letting me play ;) I finally found some ripe apples at the store the other day...they were Honeycrisps.
    Those beans and ham sound wondie!!

  2. Dear Pammy Sue!
    Happy (belated) birthday! :)

    It's after 1am and I should go to bed, I thought, I just read one more blog - and I picked yours!!!

    Hope you had a nice birthday!

    Loving the photos you took of the squirrel!!!

    And your cute little dogs made me giggle, such characters!!!

    Good luck with the new phone! (I don't even have a smartphone!!!)

    May your crochet be blessed and your doilies be plentiful!!!

    Ingrid xx

  3. Mary did a wonderful job on her doily; I love the color. My goal is to finish mine before the year ends. Sounds like you had a fun birthday. Great pics of the squirrel and the dogs.

  4. Your birthday sounds perfect. Comfy and cozy. Love the happy doggy pictures too. You ALWAYS make me smile Pammy Sue. Thanks for being who you are.


  5. Now that is one busy day :)) Thanks for the pics of the pups, so gorgeous..
    Well done to Mary, I am still crocheting mine lol...
    Can't get over the fact you have a squirrel running around your garden :)) Have a great day hugs pat :))

  6. I guess my text was one you missed! Darn it! It sounds like you had a really nice day though. I love a Jammie day!!!!!
    XO Kris

  7. Happy Birthday to you!

  8. Belated happy birthday!
    Seems like you had a lovely day in your pajamas :)
    Enjoy your day

  9. I am such a sucker for dog photos, so cute! Happy Birthday! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  10. Happy Belated Birthday, Pammy Sue. We share a birthday month... I spent the whole day plane hopping and airport sitting... only to get home to cold rain and things in the remodel that had to be undone. Ha! Enjoy your break. blessings ~ tanna


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