Saturday, November 29, 2014

That's Amore

The first picture shows more the true color of the yarn I used to make the doily in my last post. It's called Country Rose, but it's not the color of any rose I've ever seen. I hope it's showing up correctly on your screen because it really is a pretty color. I liked this brand of yarn, but I did notice that it wasn't the same as Aunt Lydia's. It's a subtle difference, but it's there...not better or worse, just different. I'd buy it again if I wanted a particular color in this brand.

The Paperwhite bulbs I bought are in the bowl and ready to start growing. I found this particular way of growing them indoors on the Internet...just glass beads and enough water to cover the bottoms of the bulbs. I can't wait to watch them progress! I'm more excited than I should be over these. At least I can stir up some enthusiasm for something.

I'm going to keep them sitting with all the other plants in my kitchen window. I think that window has some kind of special magic for plants, as they've all done really well. Crossing my fingers it works its magic on the Paperwhites too.

Funny Dog Pics...


That's right...I broke out the snow people!
Although it's still very much fall around here...

 See the sliver of a moon in the above picture?
It's very faint.

I think I can get better pics of the moon with my camera.
There are some settings I'm going to play with and try again.
I'm an amateur, but I try.

Have a nice day.


  1. Thanks for the info about the thread. I love that color. :) Your dogs are so cute. I love the moon photos in the sky, I think they look great. :)

  2. What amazing photos - and hilarious pooches. They were obviously having a ball! Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Chris x

  3. Great action shots of the dogs!! I love that last shot of the moon too. I would like a new camera for Christmas, can you put in a good word to Santa for me?
    I LOVE paper whites! I think they smell wonderful, but my husband does not like them, boo :(
    They should be blooming by Christmas I bet.

  4. Pretty pictures and I LoVe your doggies. I'm horrible with names, but I think it's Fletch with the crazy eyes? Hilarious! They look like they're having a blast. Happy Saturday Pammy Sue. :-)

  5. I love the bulb forcing and have started some myself, I am just as excited :)

  6. I don't leave comments very often, but I do follow your blog. I get them in my email.
    I love the doily you made and the color. Your pictures are very beautiful. I especially like the ones of the moon and the trees.

  7. Love your pictures Pammy Sue that last one of the moon is amazing, those dogs of yours are so funny! I hope that your bulbs do well they should do thats a really neat way of growing them. The colour of that yarn is really pretty. :) xx

  8. that moon shot is amazing you can see crators. Pretty yarn, and I like the name too Country Rose. One picture from the other looks different on your post.

  9. awesome moon pic when it was dark! Love your silly pup pictures too - it's always nice to know I'm not the only one taking bunches of pictures of my pups on a daily basis!


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