Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Nothin' Much

Primrose Dishcloth Pattern:  HERE
A lot of people have been making these.
They finally got me and I made a few.

It was time for the plants to come inside.

They all did so well over the summer.
Many had babies even!

The fall decorations will come down in about a week.
I don't think I'm going to even bother with the Christmas stuff this year.
Screw it. Bah-Humbug!
Christmas has never been my thing anyway.
Maybe I'll put a Santa hat on my Buddha.

See ya.


  1. Pretty dishcloths :-) They look fun to make. Your plants look great! I'm a sucker for Christmas; I love all the decorating. Take care :-)

  2. Thanks giving get overlooked too much and one of my favorite holidays
    love the items and the closes line items such a cute way to display them!

  3. Look at the blue skies behind your dishcloths. Pretty dishcloths. I don't decorate much anymore either on the years the kids don't come home for Christmas. But the nativity ALWAYS goes in a prominent place.

  4. Aww c'mon Pammy Sue - the furbabies won't know it's Christmas if there isn't a tree and Santa might forget to leave them a pressie! Your dishcloths look very pretty and those plants are amazing. How do you keep them so lovely and green (and healthy too). I always manage to kill my house plants sooner or later. xox

  5. Hey your dishcloths turned out really cute. It's hard to make just one!
    Your plants are so healthy. My succulents don't look near as good as yours.
    Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

  6. Your dishcloths are really cute. I like to decorate for Christmas but I don't let it hang around long.

  7. Christmas has never been my thing either. I hate the commercialism, and the ridiculous overspending that people do! We have scaled it way, way back, focusing on the children really banded do a lot of fun family things not me, that is what it's all about bi make s many of my gifts!! If Noah didn't live here, I would just get a small live tree and plant it later. But.....can't do that!
    Love your dishcloths!!! And your plants look so good! Where will you out them all??
    XO K

  8. Omg Pammy Sue, I have to make some of those washcloths ... Just love them. Hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving.

  9. Love those dishcloths! The second photo of your plants is gorgeous. I'm not much into the Christmas holiday either. It's just not the same as it used to be back in the day. I really have to force myself into it for the family. I'm always so happy when it's all over and I can get back to the calm!!! Shame on me!
    Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving, penny x

  10. Pretty dishcloths, and I love the succulents!

    I kind of dread putting up the tree most years. As long as my husband gets involved (because he cares about it more than I do), I guess it's ok. It's pretty once it's up, but it just feels like so much work (compared to our simple nativity scene, which is up in five or ten minutes, including locating the storage box)-- especially when it'll all be coming down again in only a month. It would be different if we had kids-- or even if we were having anyone over during the holidays, but we rarely do, because there are already family get-togethers planned elsewhere. I'm trying to gin up some enthusiasm for decorating, this year, but it's not easy!

  11. I'm with you with Christmas decorations I never look forward to it, getting stuff down from the attic then having to put it all back in a couple of weeks but I have to make the effort this year because my family has grown and I would like the place to look festive for my new son and Daughter in law not to mention my sons girlfriend who is coming from Hong Kong to spend Christmas with us but I will be glad when it's over and I say the same thing every year. Love the dish cloths I was going to make some of those but haven't had the time yet, your plants look so healthy mine died but daughters has thrived I don't know what I did to kill the poor thing but I will try again next year. Have a great Thanks giving Pammy Sue. :) xx

  12. Hi Pammy Sue!

    Hehehe, I thought I recognized those flower dishcloths/doilies!!!
    Well done, they look lovely and cheerful in these bright colours!

    Lovely plants! :)

    Well, maybe a little bit of decorations???

    Ingrid xx

  13. Love teh photos of the dishcloths in the sun, very fun.


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