Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I Don't Know What

Thinking of titles is hard sometimes.

Eli is sitting in my stool in front of the oven waiting on the cookies to come out of the oven.
He loves sitting/laying in this stool so he can see up on the counters.

I've had more than a few things stolen off the counters by leaving my stool out and too close to the counters. I've told you before what a thief he is. No matter how many times he's been yelled at and shamed and pretend-spanked (hee-hee), he still steals things from everywhere. He especially loves those subscription cards from magazines that I throw in the trash, my Eos lip balm eggs, and of course any food items or wrappers. Anything that's really noisy and crackly is super-fun for him to steal and run through the house with too. For some reason, though, he has never bothered our shoes.

Did someone mention cookies?

I do believe these are the best cookies I've ever made.
It's just the Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, but...
I added raisins, coconut, chopped pecans, and an extra tsp of vanilla.

I didn't show you this project yesterday.
I started it about a week ago.
Curtains for the back door. They are maybe 1/3 done.
I'll keep you posted.

And here's another one in-progress that I didn't show you.
I particularly love the yarn color on this one.

I have a few more rows done on it, but it's slow-going.  I usually one do one row, or maybe 1.5 rows at night before I turn out the lights. It' looks ruffly, but it will be flat when it's finished and blocked. The pattern is gorgeous -- it's a graph from a foreign magazine.

We are worried about Ollie. We have seen a hawk flying around the house recently that is HUGE, at least we think it's a hawk. I saw it yesterday when I decided to step outside into the sunshine when I let the dogs out. It caught my eye as it swooped down from our chimney over the backyard and alley and then up and over the house adjacent to ours. I swear it's wingspan was at least 3.5 feet! It made my heart pound. He was much bigger than Ollie and could easily scoop him up and carry him away. Wouldn't that be awful? I'd DIE!

Now Mr. Ollie really loves being outside and will stay out there alone all day if we'd let him. He loves it so much, he doesn't care if another dog is with him or not. Janie is like that too. All of the others won't stay outside for one minute without another dog or one of us with them. I just can't let him stay out there without one of us humans anymore in good conscience until we figure out something to keep the hawks away.  I looked online yesterday, but I didn't find a really good solution, like a fake owl or scarecrow or something like that.  I don't think anything like that works with hawks.  I really need to identify exactly what type of bird it is to determine a deterrent.  Wish I could get a good picture.  I'll keep trying.

I have to get to work. We have piles of it this week. I complain about it, but I really should be VERY grateful and stop whining. I know it's a luxury to be able to stay home and work. I can wear my PJs or whatever I want (never a bra! ha-ha). I can be with my dogs and let them in and out of the house. I can do chores and run errands when I need to. I can choose my hours. I almost always take off on Fridays. Some days I have no work at all and can do whatever I want. And on and on the list goes. I have to give myself a talking-to every now and then and realize how good I have it. That's really what I'm doing writing it down here. So shut the hell up, Pammy Sue, and stop whining you big baby! What do you want...to win the lottery??

Well, yes. I do.
But until then, I'll keep working and smile while I do it.

See ya.


  1. I love your doggie pictures and I would be worried too about those nasty hawks taking my little one away. Good for you being such a good Mommy to your doggies. Those cookies look delicious. I can almost smell them through the computer screen! :-)
    I would love to work from home, but everything I find is a scam or pays nothing. Oh well. I can just be a "kept" woman by Hubby. I worked from age 13 to 50 so I guess that wasn't a bad run, was it?
    Have a wonderful day Pammy Sue.

  2. my grandmother actually lost a Yorkie to a hawk. So be careful.

  3. The cookies look scrummy - no wonder Eli is hovering! Talking of hovering, so glad you're taking such good care of the little one - too precious to take a chance with the hawk. The crochet looks fab, and the working pattern sounds wonderful. I have to say that, despite the drop in income, I so love being at home, retired, now, and being able to care for Mum. Hugs xx

  4. That Eli is just *SO* cute! What a worry about a hawk scooping up Ollie.. I know they can take a chicken, so can an owl. Keep an eye on him! Those cookies look extra good. I will have to remember what you added. Love the color of the thread on that doily!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. If you have a County Extension Agent give them a call. They should know what type of birds are in your area and what might deter them.

  6. Poor Eli! All that waiting for nothing. Sometimes the best recipes are the ones on the package. Great WIPs; I love the color of your latest doily. Good luck keeping Ollie safe; he's too precious to lose. Take care :-)

  7. Oh, Pammy, Eli is so darned cute! Him knows where to sit to be able to see what's going on in the food room, aka kitchen ;). Every one of our foster dogs parks him or herself in the middle of the kitchen floor and just waits. They know they'll get something good eventually. Your little rascal have the perfect vantage point ;)
    I don't want to forget to say, "I <> your new header!". Also, the doily you're working is really pretty and I love that raspberry sorbet color.
    The cookies look fab.
    I know you'll keep an eye on Ollie! Attach him to your body on a short lead when he goes out.

  8. Cookies sound yummo... lol but really they do.. I just might make me some when I get the chocolate chips again.. I used the ones I had. hum.. well I ate them a few here and a few there when I got a erge for some chocolate... terrible I kno but what's a girl to do.. watch your babies that silly hawk don't pick them up.. busy hawks well i never .. hope all is good with much love Janice

  9. Goodness, poor Ollie he must be watched carefully. I complain about work too but am lucky my job is so nice and I get to play and work with kids.

  10. I just googled hawks as I don't think we have them here. They don't sound like very nice birds and I would be worried about Ollie too. Hope that hawk moves on soon. Eli looks so cute waiting for his cookie - hope you gave him one. xox

  11. Just wondering if you know what happened to garden bell, and if she is okay. Thankyou Lindel

  12. I used to have a dog that pushed the chair around where she needed to go and say lick and entire stick of butter :) my little Blackbeary does the hiding of the wrappers and items of interest too it is funny. Now for the poor out side dog that is horrible and those birds are not shy keep that beautiful dog safe ahh no more fun in the sun :(

  13. Hi Pammy Sue, Here's a suggestion. I've heard that a bird of prey will not invade another raptors territory. If you have a Statuary nearby, maybe you could purchase a decorative hawk, eagle or owl decoy statue. One with it's wings extended. You could mount it on a post in your backyard. Makes sense??? penny x

  14. Grinny, the Garden Bell, Kate, is fine. She just quit blogging. I still talk to her now and then. I'll tell her you asked about her.

  15. Haha Eli is so funny sitting there waiting for the cookies, they look so yummy is there any left?? love your pink doily what a gorgeous color and the pattern is so pretty. It doesn't matter how good we have it Pammy Sue we will always find something to whine about. :) xx


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