Thursday, November 20, 2014

Dogs to Donuts

He had his ears back because he was skeered.
I had the can of compressed air out blowing some dust from the insides of my camera.
He wanted nothing to do with it.

Janie chewing a stick.


Queen of the Porch
Her ears are funny.

Baked Cinnamon Donuts Recipe:  HERE
I've never been much for homemade donuts, but these were pretty good.
Mmm...they even kept well.

A repeat picture, but I like looking at this doily.
You can't really use it as a doily without smooshing and hiding the fun parts.
Might as well look at it.

Flowers from the hubby ♥

We've been eating Stuffed Pepper Soup the last three days. I guess I'd better make something different tonight for supper. I have a new recipe to try that The Captain brought home from a buddy at work called Biscuits & Gravy Casserole. It's got eggs and sausage in it too. Guess I'll give it a try. His buddy thinks it's the best thing ever. I'll let you know what we think and give you the recipe if it's any good.

I was a BAD GIRL and ordered some yarn yesterday with absolutely nothing in mind to make with it. I just couldn't help it. You know what I mean. And I bought a good amount too. Sigh. I'm going to have to throw some out in order to fit this into my stash. It's stuffed to the gills already. Or maybe I'll give some of my stash away! Now there's an idea.


  1. Hey Pammy Sue!

    Isn't it funny, my cats are the same with any kind of hissing opening fizzy water bottles or using a spray, the ears go back and they run off!!! ;)

    Wow, watta queen of a doily you made there! Could you possibly outdo this one? Hard to imagine, it's so amazing!

    OOOh,Cinnamon Donuts sound delicious, can I come round? I bet they were so yummy!!!

    And for buying more yarn, you got a perfect excuse: every knitter or crocheteer suffers from yarn induced amnesia, it's a fact!!!! The only way to half cure it is to buy more yarn. It will bring shortlived relief - until the next yarn buying opportunity presents itself.... I should know, I do suffer from this myself!!! :)))

    Keep calm and crochet!!!
    Ingrid xx

  2. We all do it Pammy Sue resistance is futile stashaholics each and every one of us, those doggies of yours look so darn cute. I have never made donuts but your's look pretty good you are always tempting us with your delicious goodies. Hope you enjoy the casserole. :) xx

  3. Nice pictures of the pups :-) I've only ever made fried donuts not baked. Love that doily; it's definitely too pretty to cover up. Good luck with the new recipe.

  4. Yes, please share the casserole recipe. :) It sounds yummy! Your doily would be lovely sewn onto a round pillow form. You could prop it on a chair and enjoy it all the time without it getting smooshed. It's so pretty!
    Your pups look very sweet and content. Have a nice evening Pammy Sue. penny x

  5. Me! Me! Me! Pammy Sue I'll take your stash! Just kidding. We all know how impossible it is to part with yarn. You just need to find some creative storage opportunities. Like stuff your sofa pillows with yarn. Or put it in the freezer. Love the doggie pictures and the donuts looks yummy. I'll be over for tea and donuts okay?

  6. Your dogs are so cute. I really love that first picture. He looks like me when I'm getting ready to open a can of biscuits. :)

  7. I always love your dog photos! That's a gorgeous doily! That casserole sounds good.. I hope you share it. We went out for a late lunch and I had filet mignon tips in wine sauce and garlic mashed with cooked pumpkin on the side! :-) ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. Our cats go all strange if we even dare to get the hoover out of the cupboard!!

    The doily is great. And why not treat yourself to some new yarn - its nearly the holidays after all ;)


  9. Yum! and the doily is in season! love the dogs antics :)

  10. Oh girlfriend, I have missed you! I am catching up this morning with blogs! Noah's Daddy is taking him to school, so I am finding myself still in bed, propped with lappy, toasty in my flannie sheets, and coffee at my side! Heaven! Hello puppers!!!
    That doily...oh swoon!!! The recipe sounds like one my husband would if it is good, you must share! And what's wrong with buying yarn with no project in mind? Nothing...Absolutly nothing!!!

  11. OH...and those donuts look so good!
    And oops, my prior comment shot off of my finger tips before I could grab it back and fix that word I spelled incorrectly.


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