Monday, November 17, 2014


The back gate.

I took a walk down our alley with my camera when I saw the neighbor's fence looking all autumn-like and wildly beautiful.

Oh my. Yes, the "bottom" fell in, but it was still just fine.

Holy Mary, was it still just fine!
Mexican Mocha Chocolate Cake
Recipe HERE.
Read through some of the reviews and they will help you.

I've made some "good-for-you" food too.

And I crocheted some.
Say it isn't so!
Heartland Yarn in Sequoia.
Pattern Link:  The Harlowe Slouch Hat

Something new to try...

Love it.
I used Elmer's Gel glue and it worked out great.
I read that regular old Elmer's white stuff works well too, but I already had the gel.
I let it dry for about 2 hours in front of a fan.
I didn't have the patience to thread a ribbon through the top stitches and make a pretty red bow, but it would have looked so cute. Just use your imagination. Or go over to Tukta's and see her girlie pink one with a pretty ribbon HERE. She also has the doily graph I used posted there.

We got a skiff of November snow overnight.

Even this little bit made the dogs run like crazy through it making it fly through the air and get all over them. They were all happy-skippy over it. It made me smile. They are so much like children.

It gets dark in my head sometimes, though I try very hard not to show it here often.

And so it goes.

See ya.


  1. Seems like you are on the other side now, judging by the lovely colors of your drawings.

    Loved the little doily/basket.

    You are so lucky to have had the first snow, we still don't have winter :(

    And the "mudcake" *drewling*
    Have a nice evening.

  2. Welcome back, Pammy Sue. I'm sorry you've had some sad times. I have those too. I wake up with a sense of foreboding, sometimes I know why and other times I don't. We're here for you, you know. I love your bowl! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. oh wow! you HAVE been a busy girl!. I love the pictures :0) and the doily boil! I've seen that done, but never tried it myself. Now I will have to. Welcome back!

  4. Welcome back my friend! Oh look at all you have done. I put a roast and trimmings in the crockpot Friday. Good cold weather food. Your doily bowl and hat are lovely. I'm so sorry to hear you've been "down". We're here for you, you know. I'll be thinking of you Pammy Sue.

  5. Welcome back, Pammy Sue :-) You've been busy. Love the hat and doily bowl. The cake and "good for you" food look delish. We got a little snow here, too; my dogs didn't like playing in it. They're big babies. I'm sorry you've had some dark times. I can't say that I understand because everybody's different, but I do understand the darkness. Here's hoping you're coming out on the bright side again :-) Lots of hugs!

  6. Oh, I forgot to tell you - my daughter was inspired by your visual journal to start her own. She says thank you :-)

  7. Hi Pammy Sue,

    Good to have you back!!!!! :)

    Love what you did with the blue doily - amazing!!!! <3

    And the crochet hat, must check that pattern!

    And the many other things - it looks like you are keeping busy and that is the best therapy of sorts, I reckon!!

    Take care!!!
    Ingrid xx

  8. Welcome back Pammy Sue, love your pictures that fence looks so pretty with the Autumn leaves, love your hat too and the doily bowl is beautiful. I hope that the dark time's are very few and far between, I know we all get then sometimes. I want a piece of that cake! :) xx

  9. Yay your back.. :)) beautiful pics..The crochet bowl is a brilliant idea and the colour is perfect.. hugs pat..

  10. Where have you been? You got snow!!!! So fun! Pretty pics! Love to see what Fall looks like all over the world, via blogging!
    xo Kris

  11. Oh, and about the is good to do. I find it very cathartic for me too. I wish I could pop over for a spot of tea, and we could chat about whatever is bugging us.
    You know you can text me or call anytime.
    xo Kris

  12. Looks as if you've had a full week. Love your makes! Oh my the roast, taters, and carrots look delicious. Mmmm.. I want some right now! Taking a walk helps with everything. I take one every morning with my pup. I can feel like an old poop before I leave and by the time I get back home I feel refreshed, recharged and have forgotten what I was down or stressing about. Lately we've been trudging through 6-7 inches of snow. We love it! Your snow is very cute. lol! Have a great week. penny x
    p.s. Love your new header!!

  13. Glad you're back with us Pam. I've missed reading your blog each morning. Hey, even your 'good for you' food looks sinful but yummy. I absolutely LOVE the crochet bowl - very very pretty indeed. Stay calm and Keep Blogging. xoxox

  14. Well thank God you are back. Believe me it gets dark in my head, and then out my mouth!
    Love the bowl!!!!!!


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