Thursday, October 23, 2014

They Call Me Mellow Yellow

Quite Rightly.
I'm making a doily I've made before and loved.
I gave the other one away so I'm keeping this one for myself.
The yellow is not quite as harsh as it shows here.
It's more pastel and mellow than it looks.

Other than that, I gots nothin'.

I made a big pan of baked spaghetti yesterday, which I've showed pictures of a million times here in the past. We really love spaghetti. Then I made another Sour Cream Apple Pie this morning at the Captain's request...

I doubled the topping this time.
This was before I baked it.
It's not such a pretty pie once it's baked...

But it sure does taste good!

I think it's the sweet, eggy, sour cream filling that's made it our favorite apple pie recipe now. It's best at room temperature after it cools, but it has to be refrigerated after that.

Fletch steals my desk chair every single time I get up. Sometimes we can't find him anywhere in the house, and he's here sleeping. We've learned to look here first.

Yikes! That's quite a face to take a close-up of.

Sweet Sammi. She's getting so gray. Remember when she was younger and her face was all black? You don't?  Well...

Wow. I was shocked when I went back and found this picture. No, Sammi! Don't get old and leave me! Ah well. When she does, I know that I've given her a life of a princess. She's been spoiled and loved and adored and cuddled and cherished, and she's given me the same in return. Here's to a few more years of happiness and health with you, my Sammi Girl.

Now that I've made myself cry...what else can I do to waste time and avoid working?  Hmm...

Oh my gosh...look at Eli!
GAH! He was a tiny little fur ball!

Okay, enough of memory lane. I know it's only fun for me.
I guess I have to work.

See ya.


  1. Love the baby pictures of your babies. So sweet. And I'm coming to your house this afternoon for some of that pie. Pretty doily too. I always find myself using ecru for my doilies. Boring I know, but it goes with everything.

  2. You never fail to make me smile or laugh. Love the fur ball picture, what a cutie! Your new doily is very pretty. I should post an updated photo of our pup, she has gotten so big. Have a great evening, Heather

  3. Hi Pammy Sue!

    Love how your doily has turned out, it's a pretty pattern and a nice shade of colour!
    Your doggie pictures are sweet, what lovely creatures they are and such loyal friends! :)
    Have a nice weekend!!
    Ingrid xx

  4. Love the doily and the colour is very pretty too. Would go nicely in my blue and yellow bedroom !

  5. Pretty new doily, Pammy Sue :-) I'm still chugging away at mine; told you I was the turtle crocheter! We had spaghetti tonight, too; it's a favorite around our house. Love the walk down Furry Lane. So cute! Take care.

  6. Hi, love the color of the doily. Hey you are getting quite good at taking pics. Your pups all seem to have their own personalities and you caught them on camera. Love visiting here.

  7. Oh I love that yellow doily! It looks like sunshine in lace. That pie does look good.. I may have to try it someday. We went out to dinner and for dessert we had a whole apple, baked in a dumpling crust, sitting in a pool of caramel sauce, with 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream. Yum! What a DARLING puppy Eli was.. he's still adorable. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. That pie looks awesome! I must make one. The puppers are so cute. I am sure that they love that they are so loved!!!!
    So....did you ever wind up working?
    xo Kris

  9. The doily is beautiful, such a lot of skill and work has gone into it.

    Love the pics of your furry friends, they look full of mischief!


  10. it's fun for us too, don't worry :))
    lovely critters! :) long live them all!

  11. Mmmm that apple pie looks good. I still can't get over how quickly you can make those beautiful doilies !! Another beauty in the making. Love the puppy pics - Eli was a real cutie. Ollie would probably like to have his baby pics on the blog too. xox

  12. *drewling again*
    The doily will be perfect.
    We do love them
    and our furry friends..
    We all have friends over the rainbow and it makes me cry too.
    Have a nice week end.

  13. That's a beautiful doily! I love the color. I'm definitely going to have to plan on a pale yellow doily soon. =)

  14. Funny thing - I remember that commercial. That is going to be a stunner!

    I wish my dogs were not so camera-shy!

  15. Hi Pammy, I'm lovin the yellow doily. It's going to be so pretty. I'm making that pie this weekend. It looks so scrumptious. Baby Eli is a heart breaker. What would we do without our fur babies? Have a fun weekend, penny x


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