Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Suck Pie and Something Different

Coconut Cream Pie

Looks so pretty, but it SUCKED so I threw it away! It was an Old Fashioned Coconut Cream Pie recipe I found on Pinterest...if you see it, don't bother. It didn't set up and it tasted like there was way too much flour in it, which there was, and I knew it when I was making it. But is does make me wonder why it didn't set up with all that flour in it.

My suggestion for your coconut sweet tooth instead...
Get some of these Lindor Coconut Milk Chocolate Truffles.
Oh silky smooth and good.

Does anybody have any idea why I am gaining weight instead of losing? I just can't figure it out. Hee-hee.

Something different...and childish.

Uh, um...
What can I say about THOSE?
Other than I draw like a first-grader?

I've always loved to look at other people's sketch journals or whatever you call them. I wish I was better at it, but I'm just not. The drawing part of my brain is missing a chromosome. I don't even know if that makes sense. But I'm enjoying doing it, and that's what matters. I need to add some text about my day when I make these to make them more of a journal or diary. They might be fun to look at in a few years (for me).

You can see that first one I did was back on Memorial Day. "Merry Memorial Day"? Who says that?  I don't think Memorial Day is supposed to be merry, is it? Oh well. I had totally forgotten I even made it until I found it in a drawer two days ago and decided to try again. I don't mind embarrassing myself by showing these. That part of my brain doesn't work well either! Ha. I just don't care. 

I think I'll start showing these at the end of my posts when I make one.

I haven't crocheted anything for a few days. I have no desire. I just remembered I did get a new book for my Kindle a couple of days ago. I think I'll go read a bit of it and see if it holds my attention. If it's good, you'll be the first to know!

See ya.


  1. I honestly have no idea why you could be gaining weight Pammy Sue, I have the same problem, maybe someone can enlighten us haha, I love your picture journals I think it's a great idea, I never thought of doing something like that but what fun and who cares how good or bad the drawings are as long as they tell the story that's the main thing I think I'll try it too. :)

  2. Hi Pammy Sue!

    Sorry to hear about the pie! :(

    mmmmm, Lindor!!! I must say I've never seen coconut ones, but I reckon I would love them, I totally love anything made from coconuts!!! :))

    I think your drawings have lots of personality!!! They are great! Don't worry what other people might think or say! They are a cool way of expressing your creativity!

    Apparently colouring in for adults is the latest trend, there are some fab colouring in books in the book and/or online shops!

    Enjoy your kindle book! I just started reading a sci-fi after reading a bunch of thrillers!!!

    Ingrid xx

  3. You know I love you -- with all my heart -- and I say this out of that love: Don't quit your day job to become an artist. LOL! I love that you are willing to open yourself up like that. That means you are a strong woman, right? But, we knew that and we love ya for it. Personally, I love your artwork. It's pretty dang good (compared to mine it's DAMN good).

  4. Oh rats about the pie. Have you tried the Impossible Coconut Pie recipe? It's good and it's easy too.
    Your drawings beat the heck out of my stick people, stick animals, stick flowers, stick everything! haha! I like your art. It has your fun personality. Oh and those Lindors sound amazing. I may have to upgrade from my Almond Joy and Mounds. Have a nice evening Pammy Sue. penny x

  5. I'm not a fan of coconut, but I'm sorry your pie didn't turn out right. I like your drawings; I'm missing the same chromosome. Can't draw a stick figure! But yours look good. Who doesn't gain weight this time of year?? There are too many good things to eat. Enjoy your book :-)

  6. I know this a little late on comment .. I love your Indian Blanket from maybe sometime in 2010 but I just cme across it.. Want to crochet one !!!!!

  7. Haven't you heard ... there's a creature that comes at night and stitches up all the clothes in your cupboard. You're not gaining weight at all. I love your drawings and look forward to seeing more. You could be forgiven for taking time off from crochet. I'm still amazed at how quickly you get things done when you are on a roll. Enjoy your book. I'm about to do a bit of reading too as I can't keep up with my library requests that seem to all come in at the same time. xox

  8. Reading your blog brightens my day Pammy Sue

  9. Too bad about the pie. Lots of work for nothing. But Li for truffles. Oh my. I adore those. Especially the dark chocolate ones. I've never seen coconut ones.
    I love the idea of your journal. Gracie draws great pictures too. I can't draw even a stick figure so I think your pictures are wonderful and will make great memories for your family.
    Blessings my friend,

  10. Hi Pammy Sue.. so sorry about the pie not working out, as Betsy said, that is way too much work to have it now be yummy. I love your drawings, there is nothing childish about them. I wish I'd do some embellished journals.. you inspire me.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. I absolutely hate to make something new, and then not like it! The food costs are so high these days, that I hate to throw things out. But it is isn'T good, it isn't going to get eaten.
    I love your sketches! I love to sketch too. I am not an artist, but it pleases me, so I do it. You are great! Keep them coming!
    xo Kris

  12. LOL great pics Pammy Sue... Sorry about the pie.. Sounds and look great :((
    Hope you enjoy your book .. hugs pat :))

  13. I let Marie Callender make my pies!:-)

  14. Amazing artistic abilities! You excel far above what I will ever attain. And that's the truth!

  15. They look ok to me, I can't even draw stick-people.

    Lindor - omg - the BEST chocolates on the planet.

  16. I work with first graders and you draw way better than them! I love that you draw, I think it is great, sort of freeing.

  17. Pammy, I'm excited for you, that you're trying your hand at art journaling!!! I LOVE it, and can't wait to see all that you do with it.. (and all future baking and crochet projects, of course!) I haven't posted in I don't know how long, but will try to post something verifying I'm still alive, some time soon! ~teener


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