Saturday, October 25, 2014

Random Junk

1.  I've started snoring in the past few weeks. I know because I wake myself up a thousand times during the night. I wake up in the mornings with a sore throat every day now. Sigh. What next?

2.  I hold my breath when I'm taking photos and trying to get the camera focused just right. Sometimes I nearly pass out before I realize I'm doing it.

3.  My mailman's name is Leonard. Who the hell is named Leonard anymore? Don't you at least go by a nickname like Lenny or Len or even Larry or Leo? Leonard is just weird to me. I have the urge to pronounce it Lee-oh-nard, as in Leonardo, which is also weird.

4.  I buy printed scrapbook paper, and I don't even scrapbook, nor do I want to. I love to look at the different sheets of patterns. Sometimes I buy more than one sheet of a pattern just because one is not enough. Enough for what, I do not know.

5.  The bird feeder has attracted rats. The Captain came face to face with one the other night (the rat was sitting at eye-level inside a bush in the backyard). They both just froze and stared at each other. Ever since then, Cap has been trying to catch one in one of two mousetraps he placed along the fence (high enough so the dogs don't get into them) with no luck.  Here's a story about rats...

When we lived in another house, one of our cars, which we always parked in the garage, suddenly stopped working. We had to have it towed to the repair shop to find out what was wrong. We found out that a rat (or mouse) had chewed up one of the hoses under the hood. Apparently the rats were attracted to the dog food we stored in the garage, and when the dog food wasn't enough, they ate the rubber hoses. It cost several hundred dollars to repair.

So the Captain was PISSED! The very next night, he sat on an upturned bucket in the dark with his night vision equipment he uses at work and a BB gun. Now in my head, I was all, "He's never going to kill a damn mouse with a BB gun! How dumb! But it didn't take but about an hour before I heard the first bang of the gun being fired. And then I heard, "I GOT YOU, BASTARD!"

Damn, he's good.

I'm gonna go finish my yellow doily. Have a good weekend. See ya.


  1. I am still laughing thinking about what your Hubby did....too funny, but also very clever, too. :)

    I confess I have a lot of printed scrapbook paper, too. I don't scrapbook anymore, but I use to, and for whatever reason I can't seem to part with it. So I totally get what you are saying.

    Wishing you a lovely day! :)

  2. I had fruit rats in my attic once, I was not happy.
    Love your yellow doily and hope you have a great weekend,

  3. Take that, you dirty rat! I snore too. My sister snores also and when we travel together, she keeps me awake! I love scrapbook paper too! And I don't scrapbook either! Small world, isn't it?

  4. Oh. my. Goodness. I read this post out loud to Mady and Dennis and by the end we were all laughing hysterically. I adore reading your posts Pammy.

  5. Love the rat story! Tim has fixed many a car that was mangled by a mouse. I snore too but I don't think I've ever woken myself up. Or if I did I didn't know about it.
    You could make cards with the paper since you don't scrapbook. Or display a doily on a piece in a frame. Or make a wreath. Can you tell I like to play with scrapbook paper?
    Have a fun weekend :-)

  6. Oh Cap, you da man!!!!
    We have SO many eats here with the grove! I remove the chicken feeder at night so as n to lay out the buffet for the little varmints!
    XO Kris!

  7. One less rat/mouse in the world is fine with me. Send the Captain over here, we have mice in the garage and there is plenty of target practice.

    I see you re made that apple pie on your last post. Looks like it turned out real good. I have been wanting to try that one.

  8. 1. You might have sleep apnoea - go see the doc.
    2. Great tip - actually I think I might do that too sometimes.
    3. We once had a dog called Leo - he was pretty. Never got to meet the mailman though.
    4. Crazy lady LOL
    5. Note to self: Don't get bird feeder. The chooks that live in the house behind us are enough of a worry re rodents.
    Your Captain sounds like a fun bloke.
    Have a fantastic week and never stop us from smiling. xoxox

  9. My hubby was ready for a squirrel that broke through the screen into our kitchen one day, but thankfully, he never tried to get in again. Phew! What a mess. =(

  10. I can relate to that. Been there with the rat-in-the-car. except I had one die somewhere in the engin, and I had to smell THAT for weeks.


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