Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Pie and Mattresses and Colorful Throw-Up

Holy Yum!
If this wasn't scalding hot, I'd smash the whole thing in my face and eat it.

Okay, I wouldn't really do that, but it looks good, no?
I added a little sprinkle of freshly-ground nutmeg on top.
It's kind of like that Bisquick Impossible Pie, but better.

This goes under the category of WHO CARES?
But I'm telling you anyway!

We went to Sleep Experts to buy a new mattress last Saturday. It didn't seem that long ago that we bought the one we had, but it was really sagging and had indentations where my butt sits for long hours, even when I'm not sleeping. (I spend way too much time in my happy spot in bed crocheting, reading, watching TV, napping, playing with the doggies, etc.)  So it was worn out and my back was screaming about it.

ANYWAY...we go in and we start talking to the sales guy and happened to mention that we had bought our old one at this same place, and it wasn't that many years ago because we had just moved to Allen when we bought it, and that was like 8.7 years ago.

OH MY GOD, this is a boring story!

But anywho, he looks up our info on his computer, and lo and behold, our old mattress is still under warranty and qualifies for a FULL REFUND!!  We were prepared to drop $1,000 on a new one...neither of us even thought about a warranty.

So the new one was delivered today and we have a new mattress. I wanted to tell y'all that because it's a story with a good ending instead of a shitty one, and I'm not bitching about anything!

P.S.  I got that bed frame from (yes, for like $130 and free shipping.

***crickets chirping***

You can wake up now or stop skimming. I'm finished with the boring story.

Please ignore the spring-like bunting that has been hanging there since I made it and just stuck it up there with quilting pins to take a picture. I never took it down and don't ever even notice it anymore...until I saw this picture so now it's coming down immediately!

Autumn threw up on my mantel.

See ya.


  1. Oh Pammy Sue...I laughed myself silly over this post! I even read it out loud to Mandy and she laughed too. :-). Great news on the mattress. I would never have thought to ask about a refund either. Love the mantel too. Colorful throw up indeed. :-)

  2. oh happy day...I love it when something really good happens to anybody..yippee....Hey I have that pattern the patterns in it..what you making now?

  3. Haha oh my God Pammy Sue you are so funny I love your posts, I didn't find your story boring at all and I think it's great that you got a new mattress for free who would have thought it, it must have had a 10 year warranty, that's pretty good I'd say, if this one has one too you may never need to buy a new mattress again. Love the look of the pie, I thought your bunting was really pretty and your Autumn mantel is lovely. :) xx

  4. I love that story and such a good ending!

  5. Oh my gosh, I thought for sure the doggins' got into something that they shouldn't have, and you took a photo of the aftermath. My Dusty always ate Erika's hot pink ear plugs.
    That pie looks heavenly, and I love the name of it. But I can't see the writing? I will pull it up on my ipad and enlarge the pic.
    Hooray for the mattress story! Wow, I wish that would happen to us. We need a new one too, and like you, I have my fanny indent on my side. It is time for a new mattress.
    Love the mantel!!!
    xo Kris

  6. Love your stories my dear Pammy Sue ... You could never be boring and the mantel looks absolutely lovely. I'm so glad you got a refund. Such a great deal :)

  7. *smiling*

    What a nice doily book you show us!
    Must look into that online somewhere..
    Have a nice day.
    *still watering from the first photo*

  8. How about getting a new bed !! Good on you - hope its a nice comfy one. When I saw the title of today's post I thought you were going to write about dog vomit and was fascinated as to how you'd handle such a delicate subject. Mind you, the way I feel about pumpkin, it might as well be dog vomit - hate the stuff !! The pie looks pretty good though - did you eat it all? xox

  9. Hooray for a FREE mattress!! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  10. Good news about the mattress, we bought a new one after freaking 22 years, really what is wrong with us? Halloween threw up on my mantle today, but it looks cute.


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