Sunday, September 14, 2014


The New World Trade Center I
By Wils 888 on Flickr

As I always do each year, I watched a few of the 9/11 shows on TV over the past few days. They are never less enthralling or impactful. I'm still stunned every time I watch everything happen again. I saw a new one called "102 Minutes That Changed the World." If you haven't seen it and get a chance to, it's the best footage I've seen. It's a compilation of footage taken by professional videographers and regular people who just happen to have been there or lived there.

This is going to be a mess of a post. I'm just throwing pictures up and yammering with no plan, which is what I usually do anyway so I don't know why I even mention it. I just had a big cup of iced coffee and that usually adds to the yammering factor.

I took this picture last night while Ollie and Eli were playing.

Sammi and Fletch were bored.

My Sammi Girl is getting old.
Do I keep saying that? I know I keep thinking it.

I'm sneaking this one of myself in here.

I figured if I'm going to post a picture of myself it's going to be black and white so it hides a few flaws and wrinkles. I'm so vain. The Cap took this picture of me a couple of days ago. He accidentally cut off my chins which I was grateful for. I swear I didn't crop it. I'm just starting to read up on taking black and white pics with this camera.

A garden decoration above my rose bushes.

A rose in my garden about to bloom. The rose bushes are looking kind of pathetic right now because it's been really hot for the past month, but I have two buds about to open anyway. I'm hoping to catch them as soon as they bloom so I can bring them inside and enjoy them for a few days. I always get a last bloom from all of the bushes in November.

An oragami fish hanging from my desk lamp.

I'm still working on the Granny blanket.
I just noticed how the colors match the fish in the previous picture.

Someone asked about the blue yarn. It's Vanna's Choice in Colonial. I linked to it in a previous post about the blanket. And I ordered FIVE more skeins of it yesterday to make sure I'd have enough. I had already gotten the last four skeins they had at Hobby Lobby the other day. It sure goes fast!

That multi-colored yarn in the above picture is the second of two skeins I ordered two years ago when I first started the blanket. It's a hand-dyed yarn I ordered from I don't even know if they're still in business.

My best guess for finishing the blanket is about a week from now. I know a lot of you are anxious to see it. I hope it does not disappoint. I'm still thinking about the border, but I do have it narrowed down to a couple of ideas. I'm working on it during the day when I have time, and I'm working on a doily at night after I go to my bedroom to watch TV. The blanket is too heavy and there are too many dogs around to comfortably crochet on the blanket while I'm sitting in bed. I try to keep the dog hair to a minimum on my crochet stuff. (Now that sounds like I'm nasty and sleep in a pile of dog hair, which I probably do, but I don't have to tell people. LOL.)

Yammer, yammer.
Okay, enough!
See ya.

I didn't forget you and never will.


  1. Ha Ha Pammy Sue .. you're so funny with your posts. Sure they're all over the place like a dogs breakfast (not Ollie's of course as he's so tidy) .. but are always a real pick-up each morning. I don't believe that's a recent photo of you - I bet it was one of your high school ones.Looks like you've mastered your new camera - those rosebud pics are absolutely gorgeous. Looking forward to that finished shot of your blanket. xoxox

  2. I was gone on 9/11 so didn't put up my usual message about it.. but it definitely was in my thoughts. Your dogs are such cuties. Mine is on my lap right now.. warm little guy. Can't wait to see your granny.. looks so colorful! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Great post Pammy Sue. I love your yimmer-yammering! :-). It keeps things real. Your picture is a very flattering one. Why do we think we have to be perfect? Nobody is perfect. Especially those airbrushed and computer cropped people on TV and magazines. You're great the way you are. I've been plowing through yarn too. I should have gone back to Michaels last week. They had Loops and Threads yarn 4/$10.00. That's a great deal. Can't wait to see your blanket.

  4. I know I always say how much I love the pooches pics.. They always make me smile:))
    A selfie :)) Looking good to me Pammy Sue.

    Never to be forgotten ...

    Hugs pat :))

  5. LOL! The iced coffee and yammering comment reminds me of my favorite commercial... Val, who has had three... no four cups of coffee when her husband, the other brightly colored lizard, comes home to find her coloring on the walls... squirting ketchup on the walls... all to check the durability of Valspar paint color. LOL! That blanket is going to be spectacular! Can't wait to see it. blessings ~ tanna

  6. You can yammer all you want, that is why I like visiting you so much, life is real on your blog just like on mine. I'd say that picture of you is wonderful, your eyes are beautiful.

  7. 91280--Who are you not forgetting? That made the most sad... =(

    Pretty roses, and great picture of you!

    You posted the Avocado Pasta several weeks ago, right? I made that the other day, and it was delicious. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Thank you for commenting on my blog.
    The smell of homemade bread is the smell of my childhood.
    Have a nice evening, and enjoy the roses.

  9. I look at your older dog and I think the same about my 8 year old Yorkie, her muzzle is getting a bit gray and I think back to the day my hubby and I went to Indiana to get her. Poor little thing had a cough and of course the breeder never mentioned that. It was a long round trip and I had to give her an antibiotic. for about a week. My husband thought I was crazy to pay that much for a dog, and I guess I was, but we had so much fun with her, she was so tiny. I am sure not a day goes by that your dogs don't make you laugh. Most times anymore I find their companionship preferable to humans. Never, no not once, have my dogs hurt my feelings,ever. They are always happy to see me. That is more than some people I know. It saddens me that they have such a short sweet life.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)


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