Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Want Some Sugar?

Cinnamon-Sugar Cake, That Is!

Cake Ingredients

Frosting Ingredients

Fletch always stands right under my feet and ends up with powdered sugar and flour on his back. He wonders why he's suddenly so popular with the other dogs.

Oh My!

Sprinkle a little cinnamon-sugar on top...

And it's done!
Who's coming over for 3:00 coffee & cake?

Recipe Here:  Cinnamon-Sugar Cake


  1. jummy, that cake must be delicious.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. I wish you were my neighbor and I could pop over for a slice of that cake! And a visit, of course. I adore cinnamon anything. Gorgeous frosting job! I think we're off to a dahlia garden today.. hoping to bring home a nice bouquet. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Me please!!! Looks absolutely yummy!


  4. Me! Me! Me! I'll be there for some of that yummy cake. I'll take a nice cup of chai latte with it pretty please? That does look absolutely delicious Pammy Sue. I'm craving baked goodies right now, it must be fall which arrived here sometime during the night. 86 yesterday and a high of 68 today! Big changes.
    Blessings my friend,

  5. The next knock you hear, will be me with my fork.

  6. I'm on my way! leave the door open and save me a soft seat! :o)

    Looks yummy and one we'll definitely enjoy trying.
    Thanks a lot Pammy Sue...

  7. Hmmm, yummy cake! :)
    Looks delicious! Please save me a piece!

    Ingrid xx

  8. Oh yes please ... that cake looks soooo good. Love how you captured the pic of the mixer with those beaters whizzing around. xox

  9. Wow! Mama want!!!!

  10. Oh, yum. I'll be tearing the door off its hinges in 3...2...

  11. Oh I wish too..LOL...Looks devine :))
    Hugs pat ..

  12. It looks yummy Pammy Sue and I would be there in a flash if I could, save me a slice for tomorrow I don't work Thursdays. :)

  13. Save me a piece!!!

  14. I'll be right there!!!!!!!!!

  15. Wow that cake looks amazing!

  16. I had a big bowl of salad this evening, some chili maize munchies a little later, and now I'm sitting here at 23:30 p.m. and my mouth is watering because you show me such a yummy cake. Oh oh oh :o). But seriously, thanks for showing, Pammy Sue, it looks so delicous and I've saved the recipe now :-)


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