Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Too Green?

What do you think of the new look?

A new doily on the hook while I wait for that yarn in the mail.

Speaking of mail...this was on my porch a few minutes ago...

It's the replacement teacup for the one that was broken.
I was a little afraid to open it...

But no worries! Isn't it lovely?
It has a handle and everything.

I didn't realize it looked so much like the original one I ordered. It's by a different maker, but it's very similar. I'm happy as a clam. If you want (NEED) a teacup of your own, I highly suggest checking this little shop on Etsy first:  Shirlinelle Designs  She has wonderful customer service and is very attentive, not to mention all the pretties in her shop! Ollie and I will be having some tea later on this afternoon. 

Right now, I'm sitting here sweating like a big 'ol schweating schweatball because I've been moving around doing laundry, changing bedding, and whatnot. That's all it takes for me. We need a break from the heat around here too, although it won't keep me from sweating any. It's just what I do. Gross.

I finished the second book in the series Pam of Babylon, and it was very good too. I think I'd had Pam of Babylon overload by the time I'd finished the second one though. Oh, the drama! So much of it! I decided to take a little break before I start the third one, Dream Lover.

Time to put the clean sheets on the bed. I didn't sleep a wink last night so I think a little nap is in my future. See ya.


  1. The second cup is lovely too Pammy Sue I'm glad it arrived intact. I'm enjoying the first book, I'm just about half way through it I think. Hope you enjoyed your nap. xx

  2. The cup and saucer is very elegant. Typically English in style.

  3. Google the makers of your cup and you might find they were made by the same company under different names . . that happened all the time with things coming out of Buffalo China.

    Your doilies are grabbing at me . . I so love all of them.

  4. Pretty, pretty doily AND teacup. They are remarkably similar aren't they? Oh Pammy Sue, you're so funny. I sweat a lot too. So did my Dad and all of my siblings. I've decided it must be genetic. I have a friend who can garden and clean and anything else in 100+F weather and still look like she just stepped out of the beauty parlor. Clean clothes and all. I, on the other hand, can run a dust cloth along a table and my face is red, my hair is wet and I'm sweating!!!! I love you just the way you are!

  5. I love the white doily.. I love all doilies. I actually like the 2nd teacup more than the first, so you did score! I think you should let Ollie have the broken cup and you can use the new one. I've been sweating this summer too.. makes me crazy when my head is wet! Oh well.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. i LOVE the new look of your blog. The brown was always very dark and hard to read on my iPad which is what I always use of a morning and that's when I read my mates blogs. It was ok on my desktop but way too dark here. SO, thank you for the lovely fresh green. I like the idea of Ollie having his own teacup - very thoughtful of the Etsy lady to ensure he has his own LOL. You can send some of that hot weather over here - I'm getting tired of wearing winter clothes. xox

  7. I see the second tea cup is just as pretty as the first. How nice to receive it so quickly and in good shape. I need to catch up on my reading too, but always seem to be busy doing something else. Someone asked on their blog (or was it FaceBook) what everyone was reading and I said 3 books at one time and do not recommend trying that) it is true, but the book I am reading now is the Bible. I have finally stopped procrastinating and started it months ago, only I got an app on my iPad that will read it to you which is a big plus cause some of the names and places are hard to pronounce and the guy who reads it has a nice clear voice. I believe he is from Great Britain cause the copyright is for the UK. I just finished the Book of Isaiah. I have a bunch of mysteries to read and some other fiction. I'm crocheting and knitting. Your new doily looks pretty.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  8. I'm so glad to hear there are others of you out there who are sweaters -- and I don't mean sweater as in yarn!! I've been that way all my life. One positive -- menopause was a breeze since I've been having "hot flashes" as long as I can remember :D Canada or Montana sound very appealing this time of year compared to Texas!!!

  9. Your replacement tea cup is very pretty Pammy Sue. Thank you for the link to the seller. Enjoy your tea. Heather

  10. I *heart* tea cups. The green is good too. Reminds me of one of those little square after-dinner mints. I love those too. I would eat them by the handfull till mom took them away "they'll make you sick, if you eat the whole bag!". :)

  11. Wow, I think I have a lot to catch up ;-). Your blog's new look is great, I really like it! And what a pretty tea cup. Also the little greeting card is soo sweet, I could snap it from the photo! Good that this shop is selling only to US, haha, otherwise I could have been tempted, so pretty cups she has ;-). Maybe you could use the repaired one personally for Sir Oliver's 5 o'clock tea, he doesn't need to pull the cup up :o). The casseroles are wonderful, too! And the hotpads on that pictures, yes yes! Funnily just today I thought about making something similar with two-colored mini grannies. Can't wait to see your lovely table runner and doily finished! Thanks for the link to the Ranch Chicken Club Pizza, I don't know if I get Ranch dressing here but the pizza looks soo good! Thanks as well for your sweet comment on my blog & have a cozy evening :D
    Nata xxx

  12. Tea always tastes better in a pretty cup. I like your new doily and header picture.
    I know what you mean about the sweating thing. I swear my estrogen patch had a hole in it this week, I'm hot flashing like crazy. Or maybe the sun is at a different angle for fall and it just feels hotter???
    Looking forward to your table runner finish.


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