Friday, September 26, 2014


Our "easy-peasy" dinner tonight is Crockpot Ravioli
(And I'm sure a couple of nights of leftovers)

One 25-oz bag frozen cheese Ravioli
1 lb Italian Sausage, browned well in a skillet
2 jars Marinara sauce

Spray the crock with non-stick spray, add the frozen ravioli, brown the sausage, drain, and add it to the pot along with the two jars of marinara sauce; stir. Set your crockpot on low and heat for four hours, stirring occasionally. Or set on high and heat for two hours. Recipe calls for mozzarella cheese, but we'll just use Parmesan.  Recipe link here:  Crockpot Ravioli

I love the foaming hand soap, but it seems to go quickly.
Here's how to refill the dispenser...

Gently mix one cup of water with 1/4 cup dishwashing liquid. Don't make it foamy and bubbly; be gentle.

Slowly pour the mixture into your dispenser and remove any foam from top.
Supposedly any foam will make the dispenser clog.

And you've got foaming hand soap again!
Yay! It takes so little to make me happy.
Credit here:  Refill foam hand soap

That's my easy-peasy day.
Well, I did have a little nap too.
Lovin' it.
How's your day?


  1. Oh, a blue doily in the works, lovely blue, my very favorite color ever. The ravioli recipe sure looks simple enough. That would be a good meal on a chilly day when you don't have a lot of time to fuss. I am all for saving money and I buy the large refill bottles at Sams. This could stretch a long way and save more money. Thanks for passing this tid bit along to us.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  2. Oh yummy!!!
    And hey, thanks for the foam soap recipe! I like using that too!
    Love the doily.
    Hooray, it's Friday!
    xo Kris

  3. Love your crockpot recipe, your crochet and most especially your pups - too cute for words!

  4. Very pretty blue doily :)) Watching the footy here... Tassie Hawks won of course.. I wont bore you with it LOL.. was able to crochet another circle for the peppermint rug I am trying to make.
    So for tonights dinner, its corn on the cob... hugs pat..

  5. Sounds yummy, I would use veggie sausage as I am not a fan of meat! I love my crockpot (or slowcooker as we call it here in the UK) and will be getting mine down from the high shelf in the kitchen this weekend - well, it is autumn after all, time for soups and casseroles!

    Have a lovely weekend, Helen

    PS the doily is so pretty, love the colour!

  6. It looks simple and tasty Pammy Sue I hope you enjoyed it. It's funny how the little things like playing with a soap dispenser can make us happy, I just bought a steam cleaner and I think every spot in the house and car, has been steamed it's great fun it's my new toy. I love your doily in the previous post, it's so pretty, I made one similar many years ago as a gift for my mother, I'm using it now and I love it. Have a great weekend. :)xx

  7. Thank you for that tip because I LOVE me some foaming soap and you are right it gets used up so fast. Whatever you are making is a gorgeous color.

  8. Your doily seems to be wonderful ... see it later !! HAve a lovely week end !

  9. Hey girl you won my giveaway, I know I have your address stuck somewhere in a pile of notes and since it would take me more time to find it than for you to just send it to me, please help this old gal

  10. That's a fabulous blue for the doily! I've never done a blue in that tone, and it's incredible! Put it on the to-do list... for eventually...

  11. I had never seen foaming hand wash until I was staying in a holiday apartment a few weeks ago and there was some in the bathroom there. I loved it and marvelled at how long it lasted. Since being home I spotted bottles of it at our $2 store so probably wouldn't bother making my own but was very interested to see how it was made. Your dinner looked nice - hope you enjoyed it. Look forward to seeing the new doily. xox

  12. Pretty blue. Pretty doily! Thanks for the soap tip. I seem to use a lot of it around here.

  13. Hello Pammy Sue!
    Thanks for sharing your useful tips! ;)
    And I adore that little doily you are crocheting, so pretty, what a lovely colour! (What size hook are you using, it looks incredibly fine!!!)
    Enjoy your sunday!
    Ingrid xx


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