Sunday, August 31, 2014

Who Said It?

 I did!

I ran out of yarn on the home stretch of the edging of my table runner. GAH! There's nothing I can do except order more and wait for it to come (which I've already done). I worked hard all weekend so I'd have a nice Tah-Dah! for you, but nope. I saved every scrap of yarn and even cut the edging stitches down trying to stretch it out as far as I could, but it just wasn't enough. And because of the holiday tomorrow, it won't be shipped to me until at least Tuesday, so I'll be lucky to have it in my hands by Friday. Sigh.

It made me feel better when I got this eBay order...

Two Fire King casserole dishes with lids.

Which I needed like a hole in my head.

But they're so preeeeeeeety!

I made a Chicken Taco Casserole earlier today, but did I use one of these to bake it in? Nope! I was scared I would stain and ruin them somehow. Hahaha! How dumb is that? I need to get over it and use them, and I swear I will...soon. By the way, we gave the casserole recipe Two Thumbs Up! (I used one large can of white chicken meat, 1 can of cr of mushroom soup, no sour cream, half of the taco seasoning packet, probably half the cheese and tortilla chips, and the rest the same.)

Have you tried these??
They say there are SIX servings in this little can. 

If you are wondering what you can crochet next, may I suggest these pretty potholders/hotpads?

There is no pattern to give you, but I think the picture is self-explanatory unless you are a very new crocheter. I bet they are so thick and cushy! I love the way they look.

See ya!


  1. Oh my your runner will be awesome! I love the pot holders too!

  2. Como é bom ver coisas bonitas.Boa semana amiga.Valéria.

  3. Sorry to hear about the yarn...but it surely is looking GORGEOUS--and worth the wait ;-)

  4. I love your table runner. I know how frustrating that is to run out of yarn right towards the end. I can't wait to see it finished.

    The dishes remind me of the old bowls I received when I was much younger. Unfortunately I lost the lids to them. They were broken somewhere along the line.

    The Potholders (?) are wonderful. I never thought of that before. I guess I am some how remember to make these

    As always I enjoy reading your blog.

    Take care, Sherry

  5. Those potholders are precious. I have made them out of Sugar and Creme weight yarn, but this is so much finer which makes them so much nicer.

  6. Frustrating to say the least:(( but those Pyrex dishes look so fresh and summery :))

    The pot holder pattern is a wonderful way to use up those left over bits of yarn and would make a great stocking filler.... Thanks for sharing :)) hugs pat :))

  7. so pretty...I love the dishes..
    I hate when I run out of thread right at the end. I have learned to always have an extra ball on hand..hee..hee..hence the hoarder that I am...lots of thread and yarn here. Looking forward to seeing the runner.

  8. Hi there. This is my second attempt. So hope it isn't a repeat. I am doing all on phone. So frustrating to run out of yarn at end of project!!! Love the Fire King!!! USE IT!!!! I also love those nuts! It's. Single serve can I thought????!!!

  9. DANG! Sorry you ran out.. are you going to tell us what brand of thread you used? I adore the pink you found! An I've never seen that Fire King pattern.. it looks hand painted! I adore that stuff. I want some pink and turquoise bowls. Now I must have some of those peanuts! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. So frustrating to run out of yarn so close to the end and then to have to order it and wait? I get frustrated to have to drive 2 miles to the nearest Michaels to get more yarn if I run out! Your new casserole dishes are b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l and I love them. I probably wouldn't want yo use them either. :-). I like the hotpads. If I didn't already have waaaay too many things on my to do list I would tackle some for sure.
    Blessings to you Pammy Sue,

  11. Love the dishes!! If you like the cocoa peanuts, you ought to try cocoa almonds! I originally came across them in a BIG container at Sam's Club, but I've seen them since then at HEB in smaller canisters. I figure healthy nuts (almonds) plus healthy dark chocolate means the portion size just doesn't apply!!!

  12. How frustrating... I'm sure you will be so excited whene the yarn gets to you and you can finish this gorgeous piece. It sounds like you had a delicious dinner and seet too ? Yummy, yummy :)

  13. How annoying to run out of yarn! but never mind Pammy Sue it will be here soon enough, can't wait to see it all done . Love your casserole dishes they are pretty and I would be afraid to use them too or they would be kept for special occasions. The pot holders are lovely and would make lovely gifts too. :)

  14. What a bother running out of yarn so close to the end. Hope the order arrives quickly for you. Those potholders look cute but I think I'd go stark raving mad with all the ends for such a small project. I'm imagining there would be 2 layers? Had to laugh about you not using your new dishes - they are very pretty though and it would be a shame to stain them ! xox

  15. Big bummer running out of yarn on the home stretch, the casserole sounds yum!

  16. How frustrating to run out of thread, and of all times when it is a 3-day weekend. Don't it just figure. Your Ebay finds are pretty. I don't blame you for holding off on using them right away. I imagine if you spray them with some Pam you shouldn't have any problems with food sticking. Those potholders are bright and I agree, they do look cushy. Now, get busy and make up a batch so you can use those baking dishes!
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  17. Oh how pretty! I love those casserole dishes. I would hesitate using them too. If they do become stained inside after using them here's a tip: Use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on them. I use one on all of my bakeware, pots, pans and coffee cups etc. They work really well. I can't wait to see your finished runner. It's going to be so lovely. I am putting those peanuts are on my shopping list right now! :)
    Happy Hooking, penny x

  18. I don't crochet at all, well maybe a little but I always have a wonderful time looking at your blog and the pictures you take are so good, I feel like I opened a fun magazine on the couch!

  19. ah hell i hate it when that happens!

    cocoa nuts? No. I did not know they existed, what a vision. Must try.


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