Thursday, August 14, 2014

Pammy Sue of Babylon?

How pretty are these??

They make me smile whenever I notice them, which is a lot.
Gosh, I love pink!

Ranch Chicken Club Pizza

This was really good.
Recipe is HERE.

Got this started on the hook last night.
I don't have a picture of the finished doily, only a graph.
I printed it a long time ago and wrote on it, "Very pretty, but no good picture."
I wonder how I knew it was pretty then?  Hmm.
Anyway, I'm gonna make it and see.

Update:  Here's the graph!
Tip: Left click on the picture and then print when it opens larger. I highlighted the first stitch of each round.

Unknown Source

I'm feeling so much better since going to the doc on Monday and starting some antibiotics.

My next door neighbors are getting a pool put in. There have been bulldozers and backhoes and dump trucks outside my house for two days now. It hasn't really bothered me, but the dogs are all up in arms.

I downloaded a book to my Kindle Fire I plan to start any minute now. It's called Pam of Babylon. Yes, I got it because it had my name in the title. Hee-hee. How dumb. It was free though! And it's a series of seven books, so if it's good, I'm set for a while.

See ya!


  1. Glad you sound and feel so much better! I love the doily (any chance of putting the pattern on here, pretty please?!) Have a great weekend, and I hope the building work next door finishes very quickly. xx

  2. Dangit! Its not free now :( they want a buck fifty. Sigh. I Heart free stuff. I'll put it on the wish list and snag it next week. I love pink too. anything in pink, how bad can it be??

  3. Pretty, pretty flowers. :-)I really like the doily you're working on. While at Mandy's I've only brought needles and cotton for dishcloths so I don't have a lot of progress on anything else. I have bought yarn though to begin another wonderful wallaby sweater for Piper and. Matching one for Mandy.
    Glad you're feeling better my friend.

  4. Glad you're feeling better Pammy Sue, I was just thinking about you and wondering how you were and then saw your post, that Doily is very pretty, and the pizza looks delicious, love the flowers too, pink always makes me feel happy .:)

  5. Thanks for the graph . . . I am starting to get the itch to make doilies, no where to put them, but I can save them for when I want them I guess :)

  6. Hooray for feeling better, feeling sick just sticks. Love the new doily, and I think it is amazing you can see the beauty of it and write no good picture and still make it, becauce you are right it is beautiful.

  7. WEll my dear I'm so glad your smiling.. and yes those flowers are beautiful.. I wish I could read those darn instructions patterns.. the doily looks great.. much love Janice

  8. Hi Pammy Sue. I am so glad you went to the Dr. for some meds. Should be ship shape in no time now.
    Love the pink flowers! So pretty. And the doily will be pretty too. All of yours are!
    XO Kris

  9. pretty daisies Pammy Sue... Doily is going to be gorgeous when finished :)) :))

  10. Pink is always pretty in any flower. I love pink, too. :) Love the new doily and thank you for the graph. :) Enjoy your new read, too. ((hugs))

  11. I hope you feel all better soon. I'm intrigued about Pam of Babylon! I can't wait to hear more. :)


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