Saturday, August 16, 2014

Lamp and a Ham

Antique Mall find: $30
I saw it and immediately knew I wanted it.

When I saw the price, I picked it up and ran to the counter.
I love it.

I had put this ham in the crock pot earlier that morning.
This recipe is SO GOOD!!
Way better than I anticipated.

Crock Pot Ham

7-lb fully cooked, sliced ham
1 can of pineapple rings with juice
1 can of pineapple tidbits with juice
1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup maple syrup

Spray your crock with non-stick spray and place the unwrapped ham inside. Pour pineapples and juice over the ham, sprinkle on the brown sugar, and pour the maple syrup over all (I used IHOP sugar-free pancake syrup because that's all I had. Cover and cook on low 5 hours. Remove the ham from the crock...

And save the "gravy" in a bowl.
OMG, so good!

The Captain had six of these little sammies and made himself sick.

We saved a bunch of ham in the fridge for dinners and used the bone and the rest of the ham for this soup. If you can find this where you live, the recipe on the back for this soup is GREAT. Don't add salt. There's a little flavoring packet that comes inside the package of beans that has plenty of salt in it. They carry this at Super Wal-Mart by the rest of the dry beans. It makes a big pot full of wonderful soup. I always use my crock pot for it too. After soaking and draining the beans, I cook on high for 5 hours, and then two more hours on high after I add the tomatoes and rest of ingredients. Don't forget the lemon juice! I swear that's the secret ingredient.

I got a lot done on my blue and white doily yesterday too.

Lazy bums.

See ya!


  1. I would have run to the counter with that lamp too! Great find! But if i were shopping with you, we would have had to wrestle it out! Remember now, I grew up the only girl, with 4 boys. ; )
    That ham looks amazing! I made a ham dish too. I love to make ham and bean soup with left over ham when I have it. And hammie sammies are a big fav here too.
    Delicious post! Lazy doggins'
    xo Kris

  2. that is a very pretty lamp, I like that sort of thing myself, and with the doily underneath,it is a perfect combination. Ham smells good :)

  3. Yum! That ham looks delicious! Love the lamp.

  4. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Yum ham and bean soup:) Delicious!

  5. Your lamp is very pretty with the doily under it. Such a great find. The ham looks and sounds delicious-especially the Sammie's. Hubby would love the bean soup, me, I'm not so much on beans.

  6. You got a great deal on the lamp, it looks perfect on your doily. The ham sounds good. Never tried it with pineapple, but have used brown sugar and sauerkraut on pork roasts at New Years and it is so good. It is a easy crock pot meal. They always make the house smell so good. Was never a fan of pink, but my oldest loved it. Her room here at the house (my sewing/craft room) is pink. I always loved blue, my youngest liked purple. Hope that antibiotic is helping the sinus problem and you are feeling better.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  7. Pretty lamp Pammy Sue. Sounds like you got a great deal too. I love a good bargain. :-) I haven't tried ham in the crock pot, but it sounds delicious. Have a wonderful Sunday, Heather

  8. Love how the pups curl up together.

    And your lamp IS quite a find :)

  9. Love the nest of sleeping dogs, they are so adorable. Great lamp find.

  10. What a nice surprise to find such a great deal on the lamp ! I love the ham and even better that u come home after work for a whole ready meal. I'm going to try it soon and I'm going to look for the beans for the soup. Thx for the tips :)

  11. are those the Hawaiian sweet rolls? omg they make the best sandwiches!!! I bring them home, and they are gone by the end of the day. They make you go popuey!

    I'll take the ham, just wrap it up.

  12. Love the dog pile! The new lamp looks so pretty sitting on your doily. Have a great week!

  13. Thanks for the ham recipe! I love bean soup, but haven't tried that brand. That pile o' dogs just steals my heart! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  14. Anonymous6:05 AM

    Your doily is really pretty! I love your lamp! Ham looks delicious!
    Kathy (Ravelry)

  15. I love them little lazy bums they are so cute hehehe.. and the Ham looks divine.. I miss Ham I can't have it cause of my silly gall bladder.. yuk.. w/love janice


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