Sunday, August 03, 2014

Autumn Doily

 I finished my Autumn Doily from the doily-along..

I really love it. It's lots bigger than I thought it would be.
There is no pattern, just following along with Janice as she made hers.
You can find her instructions starting HERE.

Another dog from my collection

This is a heavy brass dog (a Great Dane) about 5 inches tall, and I bought him at an antique shop in Altas, Oklahoma, at least 15 years ago. He is one of my favorites because he is so unique. He looks a little dirty, but I scrubbed him with a fingernail brush and soap before I photographed him. He's just old and tired I guess.

Those rust colored ruffles were fun.
I'd never made those before.

Yarn:  Red Heart or Aunt Lydia's Ecru, Rust, and Copper Mist
Hook:  My favorite hook from Australia, 1.75 mm. I got it in a crochet swap one Christmas and love it. A few years later, I asked my Australian bloggy friend, Dorothy, if she wouldn't mind getting me more because I couldn't buy them here or online. She was sweet enough to oblige so now I have four different sizes.
Doily Size: 15 inches across

Have you ever had a bowl of fresh pineapple and banana chunks?
So freakin' good!

Strawberries and Blueberries with a little Splenda and a little sugar.

The fruit at the store is so good right now. Wish I had a good Farmer's Market closer than downtown Dallas. I'd be there every day if they were nearby. The cantaloupe is just getting good now. YUM.

I'm off to bed to think about what I'm going to crochet next and watch MURDER shows until I get sleepy. No wonder I have nightmares and yell and scream in my sleep. I can't help it. I love watching those shows. I'm a true crime addict. (And I always pronounce the word murder like this:  "Muuuh-duhh," like a dramatic old English woman would say it. It always makes the Captain laugh when I say it like that.)

Okay then, nightie-night. Sleep tight. (Whatever that means.)


  1. I love your doily! I'll post minr tomorrow it's being blocked right now. I totally enjoyed making this doily. Every step was fun!
    I love fresh pineapple, looks so yummy and refreshing.
    Be blessed and enjoy your meal...

  2. Wow, another amazing doily, PS! I'm actually starting to turn fallish in my mind a bit - I got a couple new tops yesterday with super fall colors.. can't wait to wear my fall shawl with them. BUT -- I have some more Summer to do at our lake camp-out. Then I'll whip out the pumpkin colors. LOVE your 3 little gourds.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. I knew from your last post that the doily was gonna be pretty when it was done. It is perfect for autumn. The little (big) dog is cute. My niece use to have a Great Dane for real. They are good dogs. I had a neighbor once who had one too, his name was Bozo, and he was blind in one eye. It was funny, when he looked at you he always had to turn his head to see you with his good eye. He was a big baby. When my mom was a little girl they had one too, his name was Karo, yes, just like the syrup. My grandmother lived in a village and could leave the baby in the buggy outside of the store and no one would bother that buggy, they were all afraid of the big dog sitting beside it. He got arthritis really bad, he had belonged to a butcher and he use to lay on the concrete floor when he belonged to him. Not good for dogs. Of course that was back in the 30's in Germany when things were different. Now a days the police would be called and you'd be jailed for abandoning and neglect, your dog would go to the humane shelter and your baby would be in foster care and you would be in jail. Lord, how did I get so off track here, lol
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  4. Ooh. Doilies and pinespple. I live both! Your doily turned out great. I like the true crime shows too but Hubby doesn't. He always jokes about me taking nites. (Which I don't.)

  5. Pammy sue it's beautiful Iove the colors. I would love to get some of the lovely deep rust. Would you be willing to mail a girl a few . I'd pay for cost let me kno.. I had a great time crocheting with you. Thanks with love Janice

  6. The way you say Murder...made me laugh too! I love your newest doily! And the little things sitting around it too! I also love your little Great Dane!
    The fruit is good right now. My favorite season for fruits! Just not for the weather! Ugh..we are hot and muggy, and I am sick of it!
    xo Kris

  7. What a beautiful Doyly Pammie Sue and the pineapple look just delicious.

  8. Oh, the doily turnet out so nice. When I saw the ruffles I went *blææ* but now that is is all done, they fit perfectly.
    Fresh fruit and vegetables in the summer is the best.
    Have a nice day and I can't wait to se how your little purse will turn out.

  9. Wow, the doily is fantastic, and love the colours as Autumn is my favourite season of all. The little brass dog is so cute!

    We are making the most of all the fresh fruit at the moment as well, fruit salads, smoothies, etc. Yum!

    I have completed making a potholder from your pattern and have to say I am really pleased with how it turned out, thank you again for providing such a great project.


  10. Your doily is gorgeous! I really like those autumn colors. Isn't it fun to try new techniques and stitches? I went to Hobby Lobby over the weekend and replenished my thread stash. I bought some Aunt Lydia's thread in colors I've never used before, including the Copper Mist. Can't wait to use them. I like those "Muuuh-duhh" shows too. :) Forensic Files, Snapped, 48 Hours etc. I watch/listen to them while crocheting. When they show all of the blood and gore of a murder scene I just keep crocheting and don't look at the T.V. lol I don't like that part. Fresh pineapple is delish! If you ever make a stir fry try throwing in some pineapple, it's yummy.
    Take Care, penny x

  11. I love your doily and the colors of your doily! You've done a great job. Your Great Dane Figurine is wonderful...I would be collecting cats Your fruits look so delicious and tempting. Yummy!!!

  12. Your succulents are sooooooo beautiful!
    And the doily is really beautiful!
    Thanks for your visit!
    I wish you a good summer!

  13. Your doily looks awesome! I love those colors together. :) ((hugs))

  14. Your autumn doily is very pretty and the ruffle stitch you mention is really neat. I love fresh pineapple. I haven't had it with bananas. I like a good murder mystery, but nothing gory! Have a terrific day Pammy Sue. Heather

  15. Love the doily but I really love your brass dog! Cute! Fruit looks yummy.

  16. Pam, that is absolutely beautiful!!! I can't believe how you've gotten into doily making. I love love love them. Your post also makes me crave fresh fruit. MMMMM!

  17. Nite nite Pammy Sue and I hope your dreams are sweet ones thinking of the loverly fruit and that beautiful doily. I have been eating donut peaches for the first time this year and they are yummy :)

  18. excellent work on doily and great pictures of fruit!

  19. Beautiful doily, Pammy Sue. And, I love the beautiful background on your blog. =) That doily reminds me of some of the beautiful work my aunts did. Yep, the fruit is out of this world right now! Carpe diem! blessings ~ tanna

  20. That's GORGEOUS!!!
    I've been away from here for awhile. Did you keep knitting?
    I got another chihuahua in May :-)
    He is 8 and needed to be rescued.
    We love him. He is very happy with his new Mommy.

  21. Wow came out so nice! Fruit looks amazing!

  22. Each time I look at your doily I love it more. You have a real way with colour selection - I envy you for that. Wish I had time right now to give that doily a try but alas, I'm still busy with other things at the moment. xox

  23. Beautiful doily! The colours are pefect and the ruffles are lovely, they give it such a nice 3d effect. The berries look delicious...yum!! Have a wonderful day. Elisabeth xx

  24. I'm an ID fan too!! I LOVE true crime-stories, I don't know why. I like the fake ones too, like Criminal Minds and CSI. I like that Joe Kenda show too, I like his 'tude.

    Love the doily!

  25. Your doily is so pretty. I love the great dane too. You would like this dog figurine my mom has, it's a boxer sewn from leather! It's very stiff and tightly stretched, so it feels like a real dog's body. It stands up on its own. It has a tiny metal chain collar on its neck!

  26. 'Sleep Tight' comes from an English mediaeval saying. Beds were wooden frames with ropes stringing between to hold the mattress pads (which were filled with horsehair or straw or feathers depending on status) and so the ropes loosened over time and sagged. The ropes needed tightening often, especially when the rich travelled and took their beds apart to take with them!
    My granny used to say "sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite" which was the full saying in them olden days lol.

    Love your blog and yes I watch the true crime too but switch channels when husband or kids come in the room (my hubs would think I was taking notes too har har).

    Over here we say murrrdurrr (say it quickly) like the old Scottish tv show detective 'Taggart' - even the radio djs say "there's been a murrrdurrr" (well Ken Bruce on Radio 2 does *giggle*).
    Ps the princess and the pea story is from a time when beds had multiple mattresses too, starting with straw and finishing with feathers. I sound like a bed geek don't I? lol

  27. LOL...the way you say me laughing. The doily is the colors.. i am trying so hard to catch up with the blog thing this morning..I think I am done after this one. I do enjoy your blog.. I can count on you to make me smile...HUGS


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