Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Refined Tea-Drinker

I ordered this pretty teacup and saucer from Etsy the other day.
I didn't have any "fancy" teacups and felt I needed one.
Aren't the roses pretty?

It came with this pretty stamped and handwritten card.

I loved it!

Unfortunately, the second I opened the box, I could see it had broken during shipping. I was so disappointed! I took a couple of pictures and wrote to the shop owner immediately. She graciously offered to refund my money or let me choose another to ship for free. I picked another one and will show it to you when it arrives. I'll give the shop a linky-loo when I receive it.

In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy the fancy-pants cup and saucer anyway.
I'm sure I can glue the handle together, but I wouldn't trust it to drink from.

 Oliver doesn't mind the broken handle either.
(He insists on being called by his formal name whilst tea-drinking.)

Did I ever tell y'all how much he loves hot tea with milk? He pesters me the whole time I'm drinking for a lick or two. He'll pull on the teabag label if it's still dangling from the cup to get my attention. Coffee? No. Coke? No. Hot Tea? Yes please!

As predicted, I got nowhere on joining my table runner squares yesterday. I just finished my work for today so I'm going to get busy on it right this minute.


  1. Anonymous2:05 PM

    of course love the doily:)

  2. I cannot believe he loves tea so much. A very refined dog. Hugs, Meredith

  3. So sorry it came broken.. that is sad. I do hope the replacement comes fast. I once bought a pair of antique brass ship's lanterns on eBay and the idiot that sent it did not put any packing in the box at ALL and sent it full of kerosene which leaked all over and broke the original antique glass hurricane shade and broke the glass in the lantern. It was awful. Then on another order, a woman sent a whole set of gorgeous jadeite floral "Alice" plates to me.. not even packed with any cushion and the whole set was broken to smithereens. Sheesh. Teresa

  4. Geesh, what is up with all the things that get broken in the mail? I recall a jar of spaghetti sauce, and I know I tried to pad everything well so there would be no breaks, I wrote GLASS and FRAGILE in big black letters on all sides of the box too. So sad about the little darling tea cup. How disappointing. I'm sure your Oliver would love the tea even if you poured it in the saucer, lol, that is a first, I've never known that a dog likes tea. Mine like blueberries and strawberries, popcorn, the general run-of-the-mill people treats.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  5. Love how Oliver likes his tea! :-). Gosh I wish I would have known you wanted a teacup and saucer. I just too 5 mismatched ones to the Goodwill today. :-(. I would have happily sent them to you. I've been told I need to we'd through and get rid of some stuff. Sad. I hope the next one arrives unbroken.

  6. That cup and saucer look exactly the same as my mother-in-law's china. I was cleaning out her china cabinet in preparation for an estate sale, and from what I remember, it's the same pattern!

  7. If my family are known for anything it is bubble wrap and parcel tape when sending anything yet online sellers do not seem to have heard of these items. How about snipping off the rest of the handle and making the cup into a pincushion? Google images should have some examples and I am sure Brynwood Needleworks has made some too. Then you could still get to see it and use it. Superglue the saucer to the base and add another storage area. Just a thought.

  8. A very posh cup Pammy Sue I think you should keep this one for your very posh doggy Oliver and you can have the new one when it arrives. Have a great weekend :) xx

  9. Love it! I collect tea cups and tea sets. I inhereted a Beautiful demitas (sp?) set with the teapot from my mom that is so lovely. Tea cups are cool man.

  10. Wow what a pretty set even broken it's beautiful! I love Ear Greay tea the most. A little crochet and tea awesome combo.
    I love that your baby loves tea too. So sweet!

  11. Oliver is such a gentleman! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  12. Oh My Gosh!!!
    That's the absolute cutest thing I have ever seen!!!
    Makes my heart ache for my little one I lost in November. Give Oliver an extra hug and kiss from me :-)

  13. Your tea cup is lovely broken handle and all..I too have been picking up tea cups..I will have to take pics and put them up on my blog. Have a great weekend.


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