Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

I bought a Tupperware jello mold on because I didn't have one. I could have used my Bundt pan, but I wanted the real thing this time. I couldn't wait to get it and try it out. It was on the porch yesterday.

And I made a Jello Salad!
You didn't see that coming, did you?

 How many ways can you photograph a molded Jello salad?

I don't know, but it's pretty, isn't it?

It tastes good too.
You can find the recipe HERE (scroll, scroll, scroll)
Thank you, Janice and Janice's Mama.

What else can I photograph all day long?

Contentedly watching...

Two seconds later, Ollie jumped up and grabbed Fletch's leg...

Play hard or go home.

 Sammi looks so serious all the time.
I wonder what she's thinking a lot, because she IS thinking.

Ollie will get you if you come in his yard...

I like bacon.

And always birds...

Nesting and protecting...

The sun feels good on my back.

I wish I could fly; I wish I could touch the sky...

  1. I had no intention of buying yarn yesterday, but what did I do?  I ordered some yarn.
  2. And then today I bought a pattern to make with it.
  3. I swear I'm going to crochet those blue squares together first...maybe today...for real.
  4. No sooner had I started this list when the Cap asked me to make lunch.  I'm making some hamburger hash.  The recipe is HERE.  He loves it.  I do too.
  5. So I guess I gotta go.
  6. Random Words coming up next all my words aren't random.
  7. See ya.


  1. Oh course you ordered yarn, I mean you have to have some pay for taking care of the Captain. Hope he is feeling better.

  2. Your doggy family is so precious!!! Love all your pictures~ I'm checking out your hamburger hash. Sounds wonderful! smile and hugs~

  3. Great pics, the hash sounds good and I think hubby would really like it. How long do you cook it once you add the potatoes? I checked out her recipe, but it didn't say. Your jello salad look great too. My mom used to make a Christmas jello salad that had three layers (red, white and green. Have a great day and thanks for sharing the links! Heather

  4. That looks delicious, will definitely be giving that recipe a try (I just checked it out, thanks for giving the link).

    I totally agree with Meredith, you deserve yarn!!


  5. I enjoyed your post today.. yep, I remember those jello salads in that very mold. The burger hash looks yummy too.. and easy. Your dogs are so cute.. Where was Eli? I love him! We're having an easy day after a busy yesterday.. reheating Chinese for lunch.. and leftover birthday cake for dessert!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Looks delicious!!! get on those squares girl! :)

  7. Loved the pictures today as usual. My Mom used to make a jello very similar to yours and the pictures brought back happy memories. I'll be checking out your hamburger hash too. Hope the Captain is doing much better.
    P.S. You can NEVER have to much yarn. Congrats on the purchases. :-)

  8. I have a jello mold from Tupperware that I use every Christmas to make, what looks like, the very same jello salad! I am off to check out your recipe to see. The dogs are funny! Love the pics. And hooray for more yarn!!!!
    XO Kris

  9. A nice cool jello salad sounds good right now, it's stinking hot here.
    I always enjoy the pics of your doggie clan. Everyday must be a hoot at your house.
    Come see my new Boston baby!

  10. Very pretty jello salad. It would hit the spot on a hot day when you want something cool. It looks good displayed on that doily. I have been eating cucumbers daily. My brother planted 4 plants and has picked over 85 so far. Evidently it has been a good season for them. He dropped some more off on his way to work this morning. I have shared with my girls cause there were way too many for me. They are all 7-8 inches long, so that is a lot of cucumber. I bought some yarn too on Monday. I tell myself no and then turn right around and do it anyways. I am a yarn junkie, with a pattern book chaser. I bought some pattern books too. I know I should be ashamed but I am low maintenance and spend it on stuff like that where other women use the money to doll themselves up. Oh well, to each his own.
    Have a great weekend,
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  11. Pammy Sue you have tickled my heart and I'm sure Mama... That was one of her pride and Joys.. I'm so glad that you liked it . It looks just wonderful Great job.. love your babies.. great photos.. with love Janice.. thank you for sharing.. Hugs from me to you!

  12. Loved seeing all your doggie pictures. Would I be correct in thinking Ollie likes the fridge too much? Of course Sammi is a good thinker - she's a pug !! I was interested in that jell-o recipe and have saved it on my iPad to give it a try one day. Never heard of that type of recipe. I always think of jelly (jell-o) as something you have with ice cream or fruit. xox

  13. LOL! OF COURSE you ordered more yarn! LOL! I bought yarn yesterday, too!! =) Just makes my heart happy! LOL! That green jello salad looks so GOOD! All of your photos are beautiful... and your little guys... too cute! Finish up those squares before that yarn gets there! hee hee. blessings ~ tanna

  14. Love all your animal pics, as usual :-) The captions you added are especially fun. The hamburger hash looks interesting; I have a bag of potatoes in the freezer that I didn't know what to do with, so I may try this. Of course you bought yarn :-) Enjoy your day!

  15. Cute doggies, great pics! That jello salad is a funny thing. Does it smell sweet, or rather hearty due to the mayonnaise?


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