Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Goings On

Ripening tomatoes in the kitchen window...

Preparing some baked potatoes for the oven...

Last night's dinner of One Pot Chicken & Rice
Sound good?
Here's how I did it...

Brown some cut-up chicken in olive oil & a little butter with salt & pepper. I used 16 oz of chicken tenders. Remove them from the pan.

Add a little more oil if needed and brown a cut-up onion.

Add a cup of regular white rice and a bay leaf, a pinch of rubbed sage, a little more salt & pepper, and a 15-oz. can of chicken broth. Bring to a boil, turn heat down to a simmer, cover, and let cook for approx. 25 minutes. (I had to add at least another cup of water to keep enough liquid to cook the rice because my lid was not tight-fitting and let the steam escape. Add more water as needed during cook time.

Add frozen peas after rice is done, stir, put the lid back on, and let sit for five minutes or so or until peas are heated. I always buy the single packets of Steamfresh peas to use in dishes like this. It's the perfect amount...just open up a pack and dump them in.

A perfectly good, hot supper for your ailing man, but healthy ones like it too. We added a little soy sauce to our bowls.

And there's always a little somethin-somethin on the hook...

The Cap is having a rough go of it today. He felt pretty good yesterday, but today he's low, low, low. I know how that goes after surgery...good days and bad days for a couple of weeks at least. I'm hoping the baked potatoes will sound good to him later if he's hungry at all. His pain meds have made him nauseated and he's been in bed all day feeling miserable.

So it's been a quiet day for me. Even the dogs have been extra calm and sleeping, thank goodness.

Thanks for the encouraging comments for the Cap (and me too). Y'all are sweet.


  1. Poor Cap...and poor you. It's not easy to be the patient OR the nurse. I hope he's able to eat the potato. It sure looks yummy.

    I'm going to copy that recipe. It looks like a great dinner, especially when the days are cooler rhan they are now. For now I'm grilling every night to keep the heat outside. :-). I like your little yarn ball embellishment. Very cute!

  2. Awww sending hugs your way...sounds like everyone could use one..even the fur babies. :)

  3. I hope the Captain gets over the miserable nausea soon and that the dogs stay calm for you!

    (I love that little blue jug you have your hooks in, by the way!)

  4. Awwww, so sorry to hear he's been feeling so low. Please tell him he is gonna feel better so he can hang on to that. Before my kidney surgery in April, I had no idea of the after-effects of surgery. But, it really does mess with your mind/Spirit....the meds, the trauma of pain, etc. But, as my niece told me: "You will be 100% again! it just takes time". Give him a pat on the shoulder for me :)
    It's a good thing you have crochet to keep you sane while he's feeling down.
    Thanks for the easy-peasy recipe for din-din. I will try it.

  5. Sorry to hear your husband is having a rough recovery. Hopefully he'll be feeling better soon. Your doily is beautiful. Don't forget to take care of yourself too. Hugs, Heather

  6. Yum ... dinner looks good. Hope the Cap is feeling well enough to enjoy it.New doily is looking good. I love doilies with the Irish rose in the middle and look forward to seeing what you come up with next. Have a good day. xox

  7. Poor Cap1 So hard to battle the bad tummy when taking pain meds. The potatoes will probably sound good to him! The chicken dish looks good too!
    Love the white doily. And the pink hearts too!!!
    Hope Cap feels much better tomorrow!!!
    xo Kris

  8. Hi Pammy Sue.. so sorry to hear that Cap is having a rough time of it. I had to help Dayle after colon cancer surgery, prostrate surgery, a surgery that took care of 5 hernias along the incision line of the surgery and THEN the knee replacement recently. Give him a hug for me. That chicken dinner looks like a perfect yummy comfort meal for you both. Love the doily you're working on. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. I hope that your husband is on the mend soon. Your dinner looks and sounds lovely. xx

  10. I missed a couple of posts last week. I'm so sorry you're sweetie's not well :-( Hugs to you both and sending prayers for a speedy recovery for him and peace for you (not easy to be a caretaker!). I hope he can enjoy the yummy food you made. Here's a funny: I thought the potatoes were little loaves of bread at first! Love the doily. Take care.

  11. Yum, love the look of that chicken and rice dish. Gorgeous gorgeous crochet...so delicate!
    Marianne x

  12. Hope the Captain is feeling better soon.

  13. Yummy yummy, thanks for sharing! Pretty start of a doily :-). Hopefully the captain will feel better soon! Have a cozy evening dear :-)
    Nata xxx

  14. The poor guy, how horrible. I know you are taking excellent care of hi,

  15. Hope the Cap'n feels better soon!! hey, can you come over around 6pm tomorrow and make this rice dish? I'll pull the chicken out of the freezer this time, I promise~!

  16. Anonymous5:53 AM

    always ripen ur tomatoes stem side down dork

  17. Hi my dear Pammy Sue, so sorry to Hera the captain is not feeling well... But I'm sure he will sure get better with such nutritious and delicious dinner. I'm going to try your recipe for Sunday dinner tomorrow. Have a great rest of the weekend.


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