Saturday, July 19, 2014

Glorious Rain

We had some much needed rain on Thursday.
It rained a lot of the day, and it was wonderful.
On top of that, the high temp was low-70s the past two days.
Unheard of around here in July. We broke two records...
Lowest-high and lowest-low temp.
♥ L O V E D   I T ♥


I ended up totally ripping this doily out. I got to round 19 before I discovered I had made a mistake way back on round 10 that left the wrong number of stitches making it impossible for it to turn out right. I couldn't even fudge it. Nine rows to rip out! Gah. So I just ripped the whole thing out.

And then I had an ice cream pop...

These are sooooo good!
I'm not a big raspberry fan, but these are so yummy.

Mmm...chocolately berry-licious.

Did you notice this doggy in the background?
I got her at an antique shop in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

And this doggie is -- well, you know.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Glad you got your needed rain. I spent 5+ hours mowing yesterday and the weatherman said no rain for Saturday, maybe a slight shower, well was he wrong. My hopes to go out and weed eat and spray Roundup kinda were put on hold. My 5 gallon bucket that is under the downspout was full. I've been using the rain water to water my tomato plants which are up to my chin. I really need to get the new rain barrel out there *sigh*. We broke records here in Ohio too, down in the 60's at night and the 70's during the day, actually the kind of temps I like. Take it from one who just sweats standing still, I was a happy camper. Oh, no, that doily was so pretty and hate that you tore all the work apart. But, I know how annoying when you know there is a mistake and it is gonna bug you till you make it right. Hope you have better luck with a new one. Have a great weekend. Hope your captain is doing better.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  2. Oh so sorry about having to frog your lovely doily. It's a beauty, so I hope you make it again. :) I am gonna have to get some of those pops...they look yummy!

    Yay on the rain! :)

    Wishing you a most lovely day.

  3. Hi Pammy, I think I am back among the living. So sorry about you having to rip out the work. I hate it when that happens and there is nothing to do but rip...I hope you get back to it as it looks like it will be a very pretty doily. Many blessings

  4. Sorry you had an error in your doily as it was looking wonderful. My friend Shirley gave me a rock to crochet on and I want to do a heart. She had a heart shaped rock and put one of my red hearts on it, it's cute! Have a good day tomorrow. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Sorry you had to frog your doily, will you try making it again? It looked so pretty.

    We have had torrential rain here and incredible humidity.


  6. Send some rain our way! We've had the low temps (crazy in July!) but no rain.
    So sorry about your doily :-( That really stinks. I probably would have had two ice cream pops after that.
    Have a great day :-)

  7. It rained here all day on Wednesday, I loved it except I was working and had to dodge raindrops all day long. I love the darker sky when it rains, it is just a nice treat for your eyes when they are always bombarded by intense sun.

  8. What a shame you had to rip out your doily - doesn't that make you so mad ?? Its such a pretty pattern so I'm sure you will enjoy re-doing it and will like it so much more knowing its perfect. How about those WW ice creams - we don't have those here - just their ice cream in little tubs and they're SO expensive. I don't buy them. Cute little poodle? xox

  9. Gosh we could really use some rain here in Washington. Fires everywhere-all around Eastern Washington. Your rain sounds lovely. That doily is so pretty I hope you make it again. I've had to frog so much lately that I think my brain isn't working very well!

  10. Such a pity! That doily was looking so pretty. I think the doily gremlins are lurking about. I've started 500 doilies over the past couple of weeks and canned all of them. grrrrr! My solution a short break and crocheting something very elementary. One color, and an easy peasy pattern. So far so good. I wonder if those ice cream bars come in orange with chocolate....nom nom!
    Have a great week, penny x

  11. We got a little of that too, once it moved this way. It really cooled things down.


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