Monday, July 07, 2014

Come to My Window

My Dining Room Window
Photo Play

Peeking outside but still focusing on the curtain.

Peeking outside focusing on the crepe myrtle flowers and blurring the curtain.
The white stripe down the middle is the window pane trim if you haven't figured that out.

Curtains fully open focusing on the lavender crepe myrtles.
I love these lavender ones!

Curtains fully open focusing on the lavender ones in the foreground and blurring the pink ones.

Thanks for indulging me while I learn a few things.


Fifteen squares done. I only need one more square of each color and I'll be sewing these babies together and adding a pretty edging. I was going to use the white color for the edging, but I went to Hobby Lobby the other day and found a color that I think will work better...not too light, not too dark. I can hardly wait, but it'll be a few more least three before I'm ready to sew them together, and that's if I don't get any work in to do.

This has been a really fun blanket so far and done at a leisurely pace, but not too leisurely as to lose my interest. If you've missed it, the free pattern for the squares can be found HERE. My squares are coming out to about 14 inches across using a 5.00 mm hook and Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn. I'm intentionally crocheting very loosely or else the squares bunch up weirdly. Use a bigger hook if you are a tight crocheter.

See ya.


  1. I must say that I love your dining room curtains.
    Would you mind telling a sistah where you found them? I'm currently replacing the curtains in our family room and the dining room is next.
    Aren't crepe myrtles so pretty and a great spot of color?
    Love your blanket squares - thanks for sharing the pattern and yarn used. I'm inspired.....
    I'm crocheting a chevron baby blankie in blues and greys right now and enjoying it. Your pattern looks wonderful for a future project.
    Toodles :)

  2. your squares are so pretty prettier than the picture of the original square I can't wait to see the blanket done its just gorgeous is it going on your bed?

  3. Love your camera play. I just use iphone pictures, that's why they are so boring on my blog! :-) By the way your curtains are lovely. I can't wait to see the completed blanket because I think your squares are very beautiful. I just printed the pattern out so I'll have to try this sometime. So many projects, so little time!

  4. Pretty squares Pammy Sue, looking forward to seeing your squares joined and what border you decide to do. I like the curtain photos; looks like you are enjoying "playing" with your new camera. Hope your week is off to a great start. Heather

  5. It was fun to see you trying new techniques with your fancy camera. I am so looking forward to seeing your blanket done. What an accomplishment!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. I love the blocks you have made. I can't wait to see them put together in an afghan. I also love you window display. Finally, I always love the way you display your blog. It is beautiful.

    I look forward to seeing more from from you.

  7. From the above comments, I see you're using your camera settings. I'm impressed. I thought you were playing around with Photoshop. Wish I could achieve good shots like that. You're really teasing us with those squares pics - look forward to seeing the finished blanket. Love the colours you're using. Byeee xox

  8. Delightful squares, the colour combination is beautiful.

  9. Pam, you always do such BEEEEutiful work. These squares are no exception. Can't wait to see them sewn together. This will be a lovely blanket.

  10. Hi Pammy Sue,
    Your crepe myrtles are beautiful! I had planted them at my last house and I want to plant them again here at the new house. I love the red, white and pink crepes.
    Thank you for the pattern, I am going to make these squares. I can't wait to see your blanket!
    Right now I am working a knitted baby sweater for a gift.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  11. Good for you on the picture taking. My camera is still on auto after 2 years.
    Your blanket squares look great!

  12. Your photography is coming on great Pammy Sue, lovely pictures your flowers are so pretty, I love the blurring effect that's really clever. Love the squares too can't wait to see your blanket when it's done. :)

  13. I personally think you were showing off your clean windows, loved those photos. I am loving those squares.

  14. Isn't it fun to play with a camera? I take so many photos, almost all of them pretty bad, but it's enjoyable to practice. Your squares are so pretty! I love those soft colors.

  15. Wow oh wow, ditto to everyone's comments!

  16. Anonymous9:03 AM

    I love Crepe Myrtles..I have 3 in my backyard! I also love your I love your color choice! I just love your blog today!
    Kathy -Ravelry

  17. Hi
    Absolutely love your blog thanks for posted this great square I just tried it and you are right it's just fine and holds your interest. Could you tell me what the name of the colors are that you used just love them. Hope the Captian is better soon take care Nancy

  18. Love the shades you're using for the blocks and THANK YOU for the pattern link - it's now added to my 'to do list'

    Take care - K x

  19. Beautiful curtains, beautiful flowers, aaand... beautiful squares ♥

  20. I love the flowers and your blanket is looking goooood!


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