Sunday, July 27, 2014

Blue Squares Blanket Done!

I need to think of a better name, but here it is.

Pattern:  20 Wheel Lattice Squares, pattern HERE
Yarn:  See Below
Hook:  Size I, 5.00 mm
Edging:  Dada’s Place Border Pattern HERE
Size:  I didn’t measure it, but it fits the top of our Queen-size bed, hanging over about an inch on the sides. I know it will stretch because the other one I made like this did. It will be hanging over the sides several inches once it's been used a bit.

Crocheted squares together with sc on wrong side, then sc all around in same color and dc all around in same color. Proceeded with edging pattern linked above. Colors and yarn listed below. And, damn, that was a lot of work crocheting them together and then crocheting the edging! It took me two days, several hours each day just for that part. It reminded me why I don't like making blankets with motifs.

Satisfaction Level: I really enjoyed making this blanket, but it's definitely not one of my favorites and I'm not sure why. I think I'm just not a "blue" person.

Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn
Soft Blue
Sea Blue
Light Denim (In the edging but is not one of the squares)

Hobby Lobby's Crafter's Choice (Sucks!)
Kyoto Pearl

Vanna's Choice

Dusty Blue

The End


  1. It is wonderful. I love all the blue colors. It would be nice to dream in it.

    Have a nice week, Pammy Sue.


  2. Wow, this is a beauty!


  3. I love this blanket! You did an awsome job. I use to make blankets like this and I husband and my three boys complained of their toes going through the open So I started making solids like ripples. Then the lifting problem kicked in. One of my friends suggested I lay it out on the table to work on it. Makes sense to me.....SORRY I WENT OFF ON A TANGET THERE. You seemed to be so creative....there is always something new on your blog. I just love to be able to come to it and see what you have come up with next. By the way I love your fury little children, especially the white chihuahua. I had a bringle one.

  4. Your afghan is beautiful love the colors too. How did you attach all squares they are perfect. I also love your choice of borders which make your afghan pop.

  5. Very very nice!!!!

  6. Anonymous12:36 PM

    Well done! Don't second guess your choice. Lovely color combinations!

  7. Wow, that's a beauty and surely a family heirloom! You should submit it to the county fair! I'm crocheting away on a string of pennants.. all colors of cotton.. to hang as a bunting at camp. So far I have orange, yellow, pea green, red and aqua. Next, purple. They curl at the bottom, but that's okay!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. Oh Pammy Sue, I love, love this blanket. I have printed out the squares pattern but can't get the edging pattern to print for some reason. I'll just have to refer back to this post I guess.

    I'm sorry you don't love it as much as I do!!! I think I know what my next project will be. :-)


  9. You do the prettiest work no matter what you make.

  10. It turned out great Pammy Sue. I think it is very pretty and the colors are tranquil. It is a lot of work sewing motifs together but the end result is beautiful! Hope you are having a great Sunday. Heather

  11. I think it's BEAUTIFUL, Pammy Sue!!

  12. It's beautiful! I love the colors you used. Thanks for the info and the pattern link, too. :)

  13. I think it is gorgeous, I love the colors and the pattern. The colors really let you see the intricate pattern on the squares. I think you did an outstanding job.

  14. Pammy Sue,
    It is gorgeous!!! Stunning! I love all the different shades of blues!
    How about "Blue Moon?"
    XO Kris

  15. You can't put all that work into all those blue motifs and then decide you're not a blue person! That's just wrong! Waaaaah! I think it's beautiful! My mom was a blue gal; she would have adored this! Lovely motif pattern! Gorgeous work!

  16. What a lovely blanket. Love the edging, I have planned the same one for my happy summerblanket. Have a nice day.

  17. Very nice Pammy Sue. I like those lacy blues. It's amazing to me that you made it in such a short amount of time. (I'm a slow poke with large projects) Be proud, it's very pretty. penny x

  18. Ma ra vi lho so, parabéns.Feliz semana.Beijo.Valéria.(Brasil).

  19. Ditto to what Paula said. Your blanket turned out beautiful. xox

  20. Outstanding! Beautiful! Awesome! I usually crochet baby things, but just might have to make this for myself. I love it!!!!

  21. I KNEW it would be a stunner! Good work. Love it.

  22. Yeah, there it is!! Stunning!! ♥ Great job, Pammy Sue :-). I'm also no "blue" person, but nevertheless I'm taken by this blanket. I like especially the teal tone in the middle and the colors are harmonizing so well. And I'm really delighted with this big granny pattern :D. Greetings & have a good week!
    Nata xxx

  23. Pretty! Blue is very calming.

  24. Well, well, I am a blue person and I love it, lol. You did a bang up good job on it and it looks very soothing. Did you know that blue is the suicide color? I didn't like that when I found that out because like I said, it is my favorite color. I'm sure after several weeks of handling the thin crochet doily thread that working with a heavier yarn was a bit awkward at first. So what is your next project going to be? I am finishing up that pillow and already have several ideas of what I do and don't want to do. Problem is I have more do's than don'ts. Have a good week.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  25. Beautiful afghan, Pammy Sue. Color me jealous - :)

  26. Anonymous9:11 PM

    Just Absolutely Beautiful! I love that size granny square and your edging too! Great job Pammy Sue!
    Kathy -Ravelry

  27. Vicki Lautenschlager Petty2:32 AM

    I just absolutely LOVE it. The link to the pattern isn't working though! I would love to make this as a wedding gift. Please help!
    Please pm me on Facebook..
    Vicki Lautenschlager Petty
    Thank you!

  28. I knew it was going to be gorgeous when I saw you making the squares. You never disappoint dear. And DO NOT feel like an underachiever!!! You've made some awesome crochet.


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