Sunday, July 13, 2014

Blanket Colors & Changes

I've just been staring at the squares laid out on the floor since Friday...haven't done a thing towards crocheting them together yet. I think -- no, I know -- I want one more row of four to make it longer. Sigh. So I need to make four more squares when I get some time this week.  No finished blanket over the weekend.

To be honest, I'm just ragged out from playing nurse, and the dogs have been horrible since The Cap has been home from work. That had better change or they are all going to the vet to be boarded for a week. I don't care if it costs $1,000. They are making me NUTS, and that is unusual for me. It would help if they weren't spoiled beyond belief and that's my own fault. Oh well.

I've had some requests to reveal the colors I've used for this blanket.  Here you go...

Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn
Soft Blue
Sea Blue
Light Denim (This will be in the edging but is not one of the squares)

Hobby Lobby's Crafter's Choice (Sucks!)
Kyoto Pearl

Vanna's Choice
Dusty Blue

The dogs have been fed and let outside for bathroom breaks. The Captain has had his coffee and breakfast.
I'm gonna go back to bed for a bit. Maybe I'll be in a better mood when I get up again. I'm gonna just start over.


  1. It is hard to be a caregiver! I hope The Cap is healing well. I hope you get the rest you need! I have recently tried the Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn, and I LOVE it! So soft!!
    Take is easy today Pammy Sue!!
    xo Kris

  2. I have had days like that and it is sad when it starts adding up to weeks
    poor thing you need a good movie and curl up on couch with your crochet hook and peace and quiet :) or just think about it maybe that will help :)

  3. It is not easy being a nurse, men are generally not the best patients. Hope you had a nice sleep and that things are looking better.

  4. Oh dear.. what are the dogs doing? They have him there on the weekends.. I bet they can sense how the Cap is not the same and they are upset. I hope you got a nap and are feeling happier.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Hugs to you sweet friend. It sounds as if life is catching up with you. The dogs know something different is in the air in your household and they are making YOU pay for their anxiety/questions.

    Thank you for letting us know the colors. I think your squares are perfectly lovely.


  6. I hope you ha a nice sleep. I know being nursemaid to husband is very difficult. I love the you have chosen for this afghan.

  7. I hope things get better and that your hubby has a quick recovery. Our little puppy is getting under my skin right now too with her "teething" on the woodwork. :-P Take care Pammy Sue. Heather

  8. I swear dogs are like little children. They can sense when your
    down and it seems like they act out on purpose.
    Sounds like you need a break.
    Your blanket is going to be a thing of beauty. Hang in there,

  9. Bless you Pammy Sue it is very tiring looking after someone who is sick or recovering from an op and probably the dogs are playing up because they aren't getting your full attention. I hope you managed to get some rest and are feeling a bit stronger. xx

  10. Hi Pammy Sue sorry to hear of your nursing and dog situations but hope you ended with a good day and many more to come. I just stopped by to thank you for posting your colors for your beautiful blanket gee you have good taste in colors and patterns I always look forward to reading your post. Well You made my day so here hoping a good one for you too. Nancy Lee

  11. Looks good! I've been off the radar for several days, was wondering how the Captain was feeling.

  12. Wow please feel better, a little nap works wonders! Be blessed my friend your in my prayers


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