Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Eli and Pie

Strawberry Honey Pie
*I've looked EVERYWHERE, and I can't figure out where I got this recipe.
But it was within the last few days.


Fresh strawberries mashed up with honey and gently heated.

A slurry of cornstarch and water messed up the color for me.

I baked the pie shell, cooled it, and added the cream cheese and honey mixture.

Then I started layering the fresh strawberries.
I cut mine in half, but the recipe said to leave them whole.

Lookin' good!

I was excited because it was going to be so pretty once I added the mashed strawberries, let it cool, and added whipped cream to the top when serving.


It turned out to be the ugliest pie EVER!
I was so disappointed!
How could something that started so beautiful go so wrong?

The good news is it still tasted good.
But I'm glad I wasn't having company or taking it anywhere.


Some Pictures of Eli...



  1. Where is the recipe?

    I had a principal who once said of the food I brought into the teacher's lounge, "Paula makes the ugliest looking desserts, but they taste SO GOOD!"

    LOLOL . . . seems like this is the pie for me :)

  2. strawberries and cream cheese? How bad can it be? Some of the best food I ever had, was the ugliest I ever ate.

  3. You are constantly making me hungry.

  4. I agree stop it :) cooking strawberries make things ugly :)

  5. Hello - Your strawberry honey pie looked so promising! I do hope it tasted good.

    If you are interested, I have a strawberry pie recipe but it doesn't use honey and it does look a little prettier. This recipe calls for a sour cream and French vanilla pudding base. You also need to find something called Junket Strawberry Danish dessert which you cook up on your stove top, let cool and then add fresh strawberries to it. I can send you the recipe or paste it into a comment if you would like.

  6. Yes please, Jill! pammysue8 at gmail dot com

    Paula, I will update this entry with the recipe tomorrow. I meant to include it but forgot. (I didn't figure anyone would really care since it's so ugly!)

  7. If it tastes good:-) doesnt matter what it looks like:-):-) dearest little pet pics . Have agreat day Pammy Sue :-):-) hugs pat ..

  8. Ugly or not,I want the recipe too! :-)

    Love the doggie pictures!

  9. I think you'll find it was the corn starch. If you use arrowroot instead I think it will not go cloudy. As long as it tastes good who cares ?

  10. Sue from mi9:45 PM

    Hi Pammy Sue .......I thought I had just seen the recipe it was kinda familiar because of the honey and I did ..... It's over on cozy things blog.....sue from mi

  11. Oh yum! It might not look pretty but it sounds wonderful Pammy Sue. I bet Eli would love a bite.

  12. As long as it tasted good that's all that matters Pammy Sue. :)

  13. Oh well, at least it tasted good :-) Great pictures of Eli; I like the step by step of the yawn.

  14. Eli is so cute!!
    Hubby and I like sliced strawberries with a drizzle of honey. So good and we think it's better than using sugar!

  15. I was going to try that recipe this weekend. I bought a huge box of strawberries at Costco. When I saw the addition of water with cornstarch, I was thinking that the strawberries make enough juice. Maybe cut back on the water? Did you chill it for 3 hours? I always hate to wait to eat something after I make it. I made a banana cream pie last week and the same thing happened. It was banana cream soup in a pie crust. Tasted good though.


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