Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Come On Over

It'll be just us girls...
(Oh, and my dogs. Always my dogs.)

We can play with hooks and thread or yarn...

Maybe I'll take a picture or two so we won't forget our lovely day together...

Of course, there will be lots of coffee and tea...
And sugar and milk if you please. 

But I'm eating healthy today.
You can help me eat my fresh juicy and sweet.


Blue Buddha got his bun knocked clean off his head!
It's a miracle it was found at all. A true-blue miracle.
You can help me glue it back, if you will?

I have lots of WIPs you can help me with...
Or you can work on something of your own.

I have a doily to finish.
She's giving me fits, this one.

A friend to share it with would make it mo bettah.
Yes, I said, "mo bettah."
We can talk ghetto and make each other laugh.
So come on over. No make-up needed. Just stuff your hair up in a bun.
I promise I won't knock it off your head like Blue Buddha's.
It'll be fun!


  1. love the pictures and the button plate soooo cute!

  2. Cute post Pammy Sue. :-) I actually bought some thread when I was at Wal-mart the other day to play around with a vintage thread motif. I'm still working on my shawl. It's getting pretty big, I'll have to post some pics in a few days. Can't wait to see your latest doily, the colors are pretty. Heather

  3. What kind of yarn is the pink, green and cream? Looks like cotton? Fingering weight? Inquiring minds want to know. :-)

  4. I wish I could run right over to visit you Pammy Sue. I finished the unending runner this morning and now I'm at loose ends and don't know what to do. Your suggestion sounds perfect down to the strawberries.

  5. Heather, the yarn on my blog today is Rowan Cotton Glace (100% cotton, DK). It's usually $7.95 per 50g ball at most places online, but I know I didn't pay that much. I found it on sale online more in the $6-something range. It was definitely worth the extra $$. It's luxurious to work with! So silky and soft. I bought it to make a tabletopper made of the flower square I showed. The pattern called for that specific yarn, so I went for it. Here is a link to some on Jimmy Beans:

  6. I'm hitting the road to Texas! Oh what fun. I will, of course, have to bring my cross stitching along...but I can hook on the side along with you! Oh and the idea of getting to learn a new "language" is more than I could ever resist! When's dinner? I think we should also hit the town and bring our crafty stuff with us...nothing says uber cool like sitting in a star bucks crocheting! :)

  7. Thanks Pammy Sue. I'm trying to find the right yarn for a project I've been wanting to do. The Rowan Cotton Glace looks really pretty, especially in the motif you made. It is a bit pricey. I may look at Paton's Grace or one of Knit Picks lighter weight yarns. Thanks again for sharing the info. Enjoy your evening. Heather

  8. LOL...I think it would be a riot to hang out with you Pammy Sue! Save some strawberries and I'll bring the makin's for Strawberry Mimosas...mmmmmm :) Your wips are lookin pretty. I can talk ghetto...just axe me! penny x

  9. I wish I could! It sure sounds like a ton more fun than my current plans (reading, research, and a power point to create for my master's program!) Take wonderful pictures so I can at least feel like I am there with you!

  10. Sounds like you are going to have a fun crochet party ;-) Love your motif, and the colors of the cotton thread are lovely
    ♥ Ana BC

  11. Anytime, Pammy Sue :-) I think it would be great to sit and hook together over coffee and tea with your puppy dogs nearby. Great WIPS you're working on. Take care.

  12. I would love to be there! Sounds like fun.

  13. I am not going to miss out of this fun Pammy Sue, :)) Great pics full of colour.. hugs pat ..

  14. *slams hand down* I'm there. Pour me a cup.

  15. Reckon you can keep the party going till I get there ??? I'd love to spend the day with you and your mates. I liked the look of that square - is it a coaster? I've been looking for a nice coaster pattern so I can make a few for our stall next month. Our little Chi house guest has gone home - we've decided that Quincy will be an only 'child' for now ! xox

  16. Save some strawberries for me Pammy Sue I won't be long! I will bring my baby tortoise he has lost his head we can do some sticking on of fallen off parts. I love that motif it's so pretty. :)

  17. Save some strawberries for me Pammy Sue I won't be long! I will bring my baby tortoise he has lost his head we can do some sticking on of fallen off parts. I love that motif it's so pretty. :)

  18. Buddah needs a mini-crocheted bun cover!

  19. Oh I wish I could be there. It looks like a lovely way to spend the day.


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