Saturday, June 21, 2014

Around The House

 In the Yard...

My Sammi Girl

Bitchy Bird.
Bird is the word.

Red-Headed Stepchild Finch
(I made that up. It's a House Finch.)

"Well, I heard she's boinkin' the Blue Jay in the Maple Tree next door."

The Crepe Myrtles are a-bloomin'.

On the Crochet Front...

Still workin' on the squares and the doily.
Nine more squares to go.

I sat down and worked out a plan for this blanket last night. It involved math and only took me AN HOUR. I swear. And there are only 20 blocks! I'm a math idiot. My mind goes blank when I see numbers. I'm embarrassed to tell you about it, but it's too funny not to. 

Do you know what took me AN HOUR?  I drew...I scribbled...I erased...I wrote down numbers...I erased some more...I drew the blanket with all the squares...I labled the squares with colors...I erased some more...rinse, repeat.  

Twenty blocks, five colors = four of each color.  OH MY GOD! DUH! For some reason I was thinking there would be more of some colors the way I was placing them. And that reason is I'm a huge dumb-ass where math is concerned. Now you know.

In the Kitchen...

Toffee Crunch after-dinner treat.
(To soothe my math-injured brain.)

The Succulents in the Kitchen Window
(Nice view out the window, huh?)

Something kind of interesting about this one...

It's a Portulacaria afra Variegata, or Rainbow Elephant Bush, a form of the South African Elephant Bush, a major food source of the native elephant population. Elephant food! And you thought they only ate peanuts. Oh, wait. That was me.

I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed all the succulents I potted this year.
I moved more of them into my kitchen so I could enjoy them.
It's already too hot outside to sit out there.

I'll save the rest of my nonsense for another day.
See ya.


  1. Where are you living? it is hot here too. In tennessee. love your pictures, I need to clean my house :)

  2. Just grabbed the label off my succulent and it's one of those Portulacaria afra's too, who would have thought they were food for elephants you don't need maths Pammy Sue you are a fountain of information, I'm useless at maths too it was my worst subject at school. Love your pictures and your crochet, can't wait to see it finished. :)

  3. I'm with you on the math thing.. so I usually just wing it. I am looking forward to seeing your finished blanket. LOVE the succulents! I need one.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Your blanket is going to be absolutely beautiful. I love the squares you've mDe. Your posts always make me laugh. When I'm home from the lake this fall I think I'll try to pot a succulent garden. You've inspired me.

  5. I love your pictures, especially of the two birds together "gossiping". Your plants are looking good. I'm with you on math. Not one of my strong suits. Just gives me a headache thinking about the numbers. Take care :-)

  6. Oh you make me laugh! Loved the bird commentary! And math....Oh my gosh, I am the same way! My head hurts when I think numbers!! I would rather poke needles in my eye that do math!
    Love the succulents! So pretty.
    XO Kris

  7. Ha! So funny Pammy Sue. Colors are pretty so don't worry about the math.

  8. Lovely visiting with you at your house. I'm dying to see your finished blanket - the colours of the squares is gorgeous. I wish I could grow some succulents but the lady at the nursery told me they'd have to be outside to get the sun, and I would want them inside. I have a terrible knack of killing my house plants so I didn't get any :( Looking forward to the rest of your nonsense LOL xox

  9. Thanks for a good laugh this morning. I hate math too although my youngest grandson is a math whiz!

  10. Hi Pammy Sue, so nice to meet you and I so enjoyed this post. Are you in Texas by chance. I am and our Crape Myrtles are blooming like crazy now. The dark raspberry are gorgeous.
    The blanket sounds like it will be gorgeous. Love the colors you shared. I would have trouble with the math too. LOL. just thinking about it brings on a migraine.LOL
    Love your succulent plants lined up by the window.
    Darling bird pics and I had to LOL at your comments.

    So enjoyed my visit and now a new follower.
    Hugs from Texas

  11. Love visiting your blog, it always gives me a laugh. You are a very clever lady with crochet so who needs maths ?

  12. You nut! I can just about always depend on you for a laugh or two. Gossiping birds, who would have thought, lol. Every time I see a succulent in the store I have to think of you. I always loved math, Algebra I & II was my favorite, but geometry threw me for a loop. I remember sliding by that class by the skin of my teeth. I have to admit that trying to figure out the math on some of the patterns is not my strong point either. It can be frustrating to say the least. have a good week.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  13. Great pictures!!! hugs~

  14. I understand. Numbers are like magic things to me. I was forced to take Algebra so I could graduate, and i sucked through it and made a low D. Me and numbers - not friends. Colors, that's a whole nuther story.

  15. Oh, wonderful pics!! ♥ Thanks for sharing :-)


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