Sunday, June 01, 2014

About the Small Doilies

I've had a few questions about the pattern for the small doilies I've made.

The pattern and many other good ones are in this book.
I got mine from

Note:  The blue doily I made with the flower center is similar to this pattern, but it is not in this book. I saw one someone else had made and made one by looking at their picture. There is no written pattern for that one.  (It has a different center and 7 leafy-looking spokes instead of 6.)

Here are the last two I made which I've already posted pictures of.

I've started three different afghans with the gray and blue yarns I bought, but I didn't like any of them and ripped them all out. I haven't given up and will try again today to find a pattern that makes me happy. 

Nothing new around here.
See ya.


  1. Did you notice that the pic with the pattern is upside down? That is a pet peeve with me..if you are publishing a pattern with pics..shouldn't one know which is the right and wrong side? Your pics are awesome by the way...and you do wonderful crochet work..I wasn't busting on you..just people that are trying to sell their patterns and they don't know the right side..makes me wonder if they really know crochet or are just using a computer program.. anyway just a pet peeve..hugs to you

  2. Thank you for the pattern Pammy Sue I will be making at least one of these. Love the little cat picture haha isn't it awful when you can't find the pattern you want and nothing seems to look right, you will find one soon I'm sure. xx

  3. Thanks for the Mollie Makes suggestion.. I've wanted one of the magazines but haven't gotten one, but this book would be good. I have some colorful crochet cotton coming my way and will give one of your designs a go. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. I'll have to keep a "look out" for that book at the library and see if it's one I'll want to purchase. Looking at your doilies I would say yes without ever pre-viewing the book! :-)

    Thanks for sharing.


  5. I've seen that book and thought about buying it. Your doilies came out very nice :-) Good luck finding a new pattern for your yarn.

  6. I love that yellow and brown doily - have saved the pattern and will have to try it soon. Thanks. xoxox How's Fletch?

  7. I always love seeing your lovely doilies. :)


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