Saturday, May 17, 2014

Plants and Dogs

I crocheted this coffee can cover last night while watching TV. This is one of the new succulents I bought.

This is the other new one. It reminds me of green beans. It was in a tiny little pot, and when I repotted it, it really spread out. Now it looks almost too big for this pot.

Here are all the ones I've kept inside in my kitchen window.
I need to trim and repot that old ivy.
I've had it a long time and have made many new plants with it.

Here's a better shot of that one I told you about that has shot up at least six inches and is about to bloom. I can't wait to see what it looks like when it does.

Some kind of purple stuff the Captain planted.
Coleus or hosta?

Miss Jane finally sat still long enough for me to get a good picture. She's almost totally blind now, but she's always happy and prances around the house and yard like a princess. You'd never know she was blind most of the time if you couldn't see her eyes.


This might have been a good picture if I'd had my camera set correctly. None of the pictures of Ollie or Sammi turned out very well so I just deleted them except this one. I didn't have the white balance set right and Ollie just looked like a bright-white shining blob with not much detail. Sammi was out of focus in all of hers.

Sleepy Fletch.
On the back of the couch where he's not supposed to be.

I finally put the dye on my hair and I'm waiting for the time to pass as I type this. I didn't set a timer, but I'm keeping a close eye on the clock. I'd better go before I get distracted and turn my hair pink or something.

See ya!


  1. I bet you feel better getting all that rambling out of your system from your last post. Hope your hair turns out divine. Love the photos of the pups.

  2. Love your dogs and the cover for the succulents beautiful post, such fun!

  3. Your plants all look like they're doing great! And the dogs. Goodness your dogs look HaPpY! What a cute bunch.

  4. Hey PS - I like all your succulents. I made those blondies and when I turned it out of the pan and peeled the foil off, it crumbled into a big old mess, but they were tasty! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Love your plants , wish mine looked as good. Pammy your dogs are thet cutest of dogs, they must run the house :)
    Karen x

  6. Your succulents look great! Girl, you are en fuego (on fire) lately, with all of your projects!!!
    Love tin can cover!!!
    xo Kris

  7. The one that shot up is what my neighbor lady, in the 1950-19*60's, would call the "rooster" in her hens and chickens. It didn't happen very often, but when it did, it was spectacular, as your "rooster" is.

    Also, what yarn did you use for your pot cover . . it is so vibrant?

  8. Your plants are looking great :-) I keep thinking I should try potted plants again...They haven't banned me from the garden centers here for planticide yet!
    Love the shots of your dogs :-) They all look so happy.

  9. I love can covers and yours looks great. The new camera certainly takes good shots. All the doggie ones are excellent. Isn't Eli pretty? Bet he knows it too! xox
    BTW thanks for the info on the invisible join ... I'll email you but it might be a day or so as my PC has just gone awY to get a new hard drive and I'm having to work on my iPad. Not sure if my contacts are on here.

  10. I think you are learning to use your new camera. Pics are looking great to me. I don't do plants in my house..I tend to kill them and being as my house doesn't really get alot of light..we had to put skylights in, just to get more lights..I have those "chickens and hens" is what we call the plant that has the thingy growing out of it...mine are outside and they go crazy outside..lots of sun..when mine did that weird never flowered just got some buds and shrunk up (not laughing)

  11. Your little dogs are so cute! Love the plants too!

  12. Love your crochet coffee can it is beautiful. Your flowers are so pretty I always love these plants easy to take care and are very pretty too. Your getting better with your camera pictures look good always love checking out your blog I always enjoy it I find it fun and I learn something new too. Take care my friend.

  13. Wonderful plants and so sweet dogs! ♥ I like sukkulents very much, too, can't wait to see the bloom :-). Welcome on my blog and many thanks for your kind comment, dear Pammy Sue! Sunny greetings, Nata

  14. Love the coffee can cover.. It's been so cold here I haven't even started the garden...

  15. Your plants look great they all look so healthy and so do the doggies... They are adorable ! I love the crochet around the planter so pretty. :)

  16. Hi Pammy Sue,

    I love to crochet too...I just finished a baby blanket and knitted a pair of baby booties, while watching tv...
    Your house plants are doing great! I have houseplants too, I always enjoy them and they are good for the air.
    Have a sweet day,Elizabeth


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