Thursday, May 29, 2014

Oh Baby, Yum!

Avocado Hummus

I had to post and tell y'all about this recipe. It's so delicious!
I followed the recipe exactly, although I was tempted to add more salt and garlic.
It's perfect just the way it is.
I found a link to the recipe on Pinterest.
HERE it is.

Even the Captain is raving, and he doesn't like Guacamole or Hummus.
Well, I guess he does now!

Fletch is doing better today already. The swelling is much less (he actually has full-size toes today), and he's been up a little more. He's still not his old self, but I can tell he's probably going to get there. He thanks you for all of the well wishes and comments for him. Consider your nose licked!


  1. Good to know Fletch is recovery .. :-):-)

  2. Don't pee your pants two days straight. But this looks great and healthy too.

  3. I'm SO glad that Fletch is improving! That stuff looks good.. I'm going to have smoked turkey sandwiches for dinner with thin slices of Tillamook cheddar - with but slices of avocado on top.. on a sourdough roll! BTW - I just ordered some of KnitPicks new crochet thread.. I want to make some doilies like yours.. my doily idol. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Wow this does look amazing thanks for recipe! Poor Fletch.

  5. Yum. I love both avocados and hummus so I'm sure this would be a keeper at our house too.
    So glad to hear Fletch is doing better. I hate it when our fur babies are sick or hurt.

  6. I saw that recipe too. Looked good!
    Glad that Fletch is better!!
    xo Kris

  7. Oh, poor baby Fletch, i'm so happy he's better now!

  8. Glad to hear the poor little fellow is better. I'm off now to read up on that recipe.

  9. This looks yummy and healthy too, glad Fletch is getting better.xx

  10. You always find the best recipes! Gonna have to try this; I love hummus but have never tried avocados.
    Glad to hear Fletch is on the mend :-)

  11. So happy Fletch is better! Mister too. His foot was half the size when I got home yesterday. I let him out today, hope he chills and doesn't make it worse.

    Happy Friday PS! xoxo

  12. Good for Fletch, I am so happy the paw is healing, and YUM! That looks fantastic.

  13. Hugs to Fletch and good to hear he's getting better. I'm not a real fan of avocado so I might give this recipe a miss. Hope you enjoyed it though. xox PS .. I've had major computer problems since May 19 and have been trying to work from my iPad. Thankfully I'm now back on what seems like a brand new computer so things can get back to normal. xox


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