Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Ramble

I made these Marshmallow Blondies yesterday, and OH. MY. WORD.  You've gotta try these babies.  If I had named them, I would have put "butterscotch" in the title, because they are very butterscotchy.  They are unbelievably good.  The above picture was taken from the recipe Website because I screwed my picture up with too much light with my new camera, but they look just like that.  Find the recipe HERE.  (Not yet still have more to read here!)

This is the only picture I got of mine, which was before I baked them.  I followed the recipe exactly but used a 9" x 9" pan and baked for 19 minutes.  Chewy, butterscotchy, white chocolaty-chunky good!  The marshmallows totally dissolve during baking.

Every single one of the succulents I potted is doing well.  They are all alive and healthy-looking, and some of them have even grown.  That last picture above is from a shoot that has grown at least six inches out of the pot, and now it has this big knob on top with a bunch of buds of some kind on it.  I wonder if it'll be flowers? I got two more different kinds of succulent plants the other day and replanted them as well.  I'll show them all to you soon, I'm sure.  I think I have at least a dozen now.  I've kept four of them inside for the kitchen window because I love how they look, and the others are outside on the porch.

I have a fun little crochet project going that I'm having fun with.  And I hate to even mention this, but I even worked on the border of my Nordic Shawl last night!  Shocker.  I'm finished scowling at it now.  Ha-ha. AND I also started another doily.  Distracted much, Pammy?  Yes, yes I am.

1.  I need to dye my hair. I've been putting it off for weeks and I look like a skank.

2.  Do you know what's gross?  Having to plunge the toilet when there is poop in there.  We can go to the moon, people!  Why can't we dispose of our poop without having to mess with it AT ALL?

3.  I'm back to drinking copious amounts of iced coffee -- strong coffee.  I love it.  

4.  I still have a big reindeer Christmas decoration sitting out on my kitchen counter.  I'm not going to put him away.  There.  I admitted it.

5.  Look at this pretty knitted shawl:  Striped Knitted Shawl

6.  I want to make a mostly gray granny blanket, but I have too many things started already.  But I really really want to.  I'm a grown-up, right?  I can start it if I want!  So what if I have 25 things unfinished?  SO WHAT?  Bite me.

7.  Oh, and there's also another blanket I want to make...AND a baby dress.  This is why I don't continue with the knitting thing.  I have too much stuff I want to crochet!

8.  Hey, Betty Crocker...I'm going to bake some frozen chicken pot pies for dinner tonight.  Whatchagonnado about it?  Probably nothing since you're like 183 years old by now.

I gotta go and stop rambling now.  Y'all have a nice Friday.  Tootles.


  1. You - are - funny, Pam! I, also, have about an inch-and-a-half of rootage, but I'm not doing anything about it right now ;) Those blonde brownies look super-gooey-good. DH made your delicious Banana Split Bread last weekend and the Warm Pizza Dip...yumm!
    You live in Texas - you're supposed to drink Iced Coffee and Iced Tea ;) I do love sweet tea, but it doesn't like me.
    Your succulents look so good....nice pics.
    Praying for our firefighters and cops here in San Diego.

  2. Anonymous10:36 AM

    Pammy Sue.... I love you! You make me smile everyday!

  3. Thank you, thank you and thank you! I got the doily today and love it! It is so pretty. Frank loves it too. We are moving to Pa. in too weeks so it will be packed up then I will use it. Thanks again.


    P.S. I love you plants!

  4. Those marshmallow blondies look so good and I know that if I had some I would eat them till I felt sick, so I'm so relieved that we don't have butterscotch chips here or if we do I don't know where and I've just started going to the gym so stop trying to tempt me with all these yummy goodies Pammy Sue! Your succulents are coming on great I think that big knob is just about to flower, remember to show us when it does. Love your random words, you do make me smile. Have a great weekend. xx

  5. How much of that coffee have you been drinkin honey?? lol
    Ya little nut!!!
    Happy Weekend, penny x

  6. I use to eat them till I was sick this brings back memories ha ha

  7. Love reading your blog! You say things that I only think---I have 2 grandchildren living here so can't say a lot of things out loud! BUT---I still think them! You are just so funny and so very real! Have a great day! Oh, and about your crochet projects---that is me ----- totally!

  8. I had my DIL looking for butterscotch chips in the cabinet and found the white chocolate chips but no butterscotch ones. That looks amazing! Your gardening is going well with those succulents, and yes, that is a big ol' flower bud! Can't wait to see it in bloom. And I'm all for starting something new if you want.. you can always finish the other things.. some.. day.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. Gosh those Blondies look good! I just finished eating some Italian take out and that would be a great dessert. And that knitted shawl - fabulous!

  10. Thanks for the smiles :-) Love your post today. Gotta try those blondies soon. And you start as many crochet projects as you want; do it for all us unfocused, crazy people who can't stop starting new projects! Have a great weekend :-)

  11. You always make me smile Pammy Sue. After the stress filled week I've had it was exactly the pick me up I needed. Thank you. diet is in much peril after seeing those wonderful goodies. :-)

  12. I can see you're enjoying your camera. You're doing quite well. You'll never want to go back to a regular camera after having a dslr. That dessert looks wonderful. I'll have to bookmark it. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  13. OMG Pammy Sue, what are you trying to do to me ?? The marshmallow blondies look SO YUMMY and here I am trying to be a good weight watcher !! I've already just polished off a packet (very small) of rice snacks and am contemplating going to bed with my book and some chocolates. You'll have to stop weakening me like this. You're taking some lovely pics with your new camera - those succulents look amazing. Enjoyed your random thoughts - funny. xox

  14. WOW How much coffee you been drinking? I can just see you bouncing off the your post..definitely made me smile. Hey I am gonna make those butterscotch bars..I say go for the granny square blanket..I want to make one also. I started one thinking I could do one square a day until I have like 12 squares..a ton of yarn ..and have only been doing this for a year, more or less..Oh well it is what it is, have a great weekend.

  15. Wow, that looks soo yummy!! I don't know if I can get these butterscotch chips here in Germany, but I've saved the recipe anyhow, thanks for the link!

  16. Oh Pammy Sue, I am cracking up here this morning! You sure tell it like it is. You say what most think!!
    Loved your random points!
    Your previous post with the photos, oh my gosh!!! Yes...a huge difference!!! Wow!!!
    Your succulents look awesome!!!!
    And you go right ahead and start that gray blanket. There are no rules!!!!
    And now, I am heading off to check out that shawl!!!
    Love ya kid,

  17. OK, the boys are making this recipe today. Thanks for sharing!

    (I still have Christmas and winter stuff on my kitchen counter, too... kindred spirits.) =)

  18. ha ha! Had to laugh about all the projects you want to start. I have the same kind of list going for my mosaics. There's always something else I want to do!
    Your succulents are doing great! The bigger the pot...the bigger the succulent gets. If you plant them in the ground, they will take over!
    Love your new doilies too. How fun. Wow! Your new camera (and you) take some great photos.
    Your Grackle cracked me up too. He's like a one-legged pirate. We don't have Grackles out here. Maybe we don't have the right kind of food for them or something.


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