Monday, May 26, 2014

A Little Blah

Another garland...

With thread decorations on them.

I think this is all that big knob on the succulent is going to do.
Nearly all the tiny little buds are bloomed out now.

The bird seed thief on the prowl...

He's loving the sunflower seeds.

I threw on a pot of spaghetti sauce for dinner later.

I haven't been in a very talkative mood here the past few days. Oh well. A few pictures will do ya, won't it? You guys aren't so picky. 

I've been looking through my crochet books trying to find anything that strikes my fancy to make next. I did get all the yarn to make that gray granny blanket. (I tried to photograph it the other day, but the colors refused to cooperate. I'll try again soon.) I've had my mind on a blanket that's been sitting in pieces in a basket by the bed waiting to be finished. I really love it so I do need to finish it, and I'd love to see it done in all its glory. 

I guess I'm just not feeling all that ambitious about anything at the moment. I'm kinda BLAH.

I could do some yoga...



  1. That's a pretty garland! I like the colors and the pretty centers that are all different. You really are amazing - your fingers must just fly! We're going out for dinner since the kids are at a birthday party at Kristi's sister's house. Filet mignon it is! LOL!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Lovely garland! I have a simliar one in my bedroom. Wish I had a cute squirrel to hang out in the backyard but my dogs even chase the birds away. I'm working on a granny stripe blanket right now but it is getting boring since it is so easy. Looking forward to seeing your gray one.

  3. Ha ha P am my S use, you do brighten my mornings! I wouldn't be trying that yoga either - looks way too hard. Your garland looks pretty. I've been thinking of making one for my craft room but it will have to wait a little while till I get a few other things done. I saw a pretty one on someone's blog the other day and she's going to write up the pattern so I'll have to keep an eye out for it. xox

  4. Hi Pammy Sue, I think your garland is beautiful. I especially like the thread decorations-very imaginative.
    Your little squirrel visitor looks like he knows what he's doing. An experienced thief I'm thinking!
    PS-Yoga has never looked relaxing to me either. :-)

  5. Hi Pammy Sue :-):-) What a cheeky litte squirrel you have in your back yard..looks so cute munching away there:-):-) very nice idea with the bunnting :-):-) couldn,t stand on my head for love or money lol... have a great day:-):-) hugs pat..

  6. I'm really enjoying all the new pictures you're sharing.
    Succulent blooms aren't my favorite flowers but they usually only do that in the Spring so it is kind of cool when they bloom.
    Went back and looked at your other posts again. I love that Nordic Shawl with the orange on it. I thought it was an afghan at first.

  7. I have a serious case of the blah's, too much family time, teenager time and no time alone. I hope to re-coup today.

  8. Gosh love the garland! When did you make that? Pictures are great! Those squirrels are buggers!

  9. I hope you feel more like yourself again soon. I think it must happen to all of us. Your garland is very pretty!

  10. Hi Pammy, must be something in the air..I too have the blahs...seems like I have been working on the same things for what seems like forever. I am trying to finish up a runner and that stupid, stupid tablecloth..anyway have a wonderfully blah day..

  11. Lovely garland Pammy Sue, I'm not really in the mood to make anything either at the moment nothing is really grabbing me except maybe mandala's. I love the photo's of the bird seed thief, the clarity and detail is amazing. :)

  12. Wow. I actually got on the big computer today. Forgot how nice the big pictures do look. I'm also guessing you got a new camera. Some great shots here. Looks like you are still having a fun time crocheting. I hope someday I will get back at it. Lots and Lots of senior stuff going on so my days are pretty filled right now. Hope all is well.

  13. A wonderful bunting! ♥ The lovely colors and pretty ornaments are so well together :-). Fantastic succulent blooms, yummy meal and a sweet seed thied! Thanks for sharing :-)


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