Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Succulent Love

I added to my collection of plants...

Got the potting soil, moss, river rocks, and pots to put them in...

They all sat on my kitchen windowsill waiting to be re-potted.
Aren't they pretty?

Yesterday I gathered everything up and went out on the back porch to pot.

And I potted...
(My cilantro got into the picture here.)

And potted...

And hung...
(This picture makes my head spin with all the lines.)

And admired...

During all the potting, I lost some leaves.
They're drying out in my kitchen for a few days until I can pot those too.
We'll see if they'll propagate like they're supposed to.
Big word alert.

I'll see what happens with all of these potted plants over the summer. I really hope they live and thrive. I kept three in my kitchen window and all the others will live outside on the porch. Stay tuned.

I rested my arms yesterday and didn't crochet one stitch, but it wasn't easy. I kept eyeballing my shawl and saying, well, maybe just one row! And then I'd stop myself. 

I'm going to stop saying WHEN I'll be done with this thing because it never seems to happen. How long can 7 looooong rows take? It depends on how my arms hold up each day. As I sit here typing, I can feel that they are not completely up to par. Not sure if I'll do any today or not. I'm anxious to start something new, but I don't dare. This WILL be done, inch by inch, by freakin' inch!

Man, I'm whiney! I'm gonna go look at my succulents. I wrote that mainly because I just like saying "succulents." It feels like I'm saying something bad. Hee-hee.

 (I saw you smile!)


  1. Oh I love all your succulents!! I got something you might like.. these "boot trays" which are for putting in a mud room to put dirty or wet boots in to protect the floor -- they are galvanized tin - and I put all my plants in them to protect the bench where I have them and also one for in my window box. You could put them on the window sill to put your plants in. OK, I'm home.. off to do some stuff.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Such beautiful succulents! Nice word. :-) I love all the different types of planters you used. I should try planting some myself. Are they harder to kill than regular houseplants? That's what I need. :-)
    I hope your arms feel better soon. It's horrible to have a project so close to being finished and not be able to work on it.

  3. You really have beautiful plants! And the broken leaves are also growing well. You just have to be patient.

    And now crochet a row. This will distract you from your worries about the plants.

    Have a nice evening

  4. My husband likes to say "succulent" too, I guess he finds it funny like you do. Instead of saying something is delicious, he'll say it's "succulent." Your plants look great! I love those little jade plants, they're pretty and hardy too.

  5. Smile! I'm laughing out loud you do cheer me up Pammy Sue, I love your sense of humour. The succulents look lovely and now you have me wanting some too, I have a couple but now I want more, I hope your babies take root and thrive. Rest your arms, that shawl can wait a bit longer, you don't want to make things worse and end up not being able to crochet for weeks. xx

  6. Your posts always make me smile :-) I love all your plants. I can barely keep a cactus alive so I love living vicariously through others. All the different pots are pretty. Take care and I hope your arms feel better soon.

  7. Your succulents are so pretty in their new pots. I tried growing succulents last year but failed miserably. The leaves kept falling off of it like it until it died. I thought they were going to be easy to keep but I was wrong. Plants don't seem to like me very well. Hope your arm starts feeling better.

  8. Your succulents look absolutely fabulous and so healthy looking. I love how you have them all together on the windowsill. It must be so frustrating not being able to crochet when you want to. Hope your arm gets better soon. Yes, I did have to smile at your final paragraph. :)

  9. I bought a houseplant last week, my first one for years. Im loving all these succulents may just try out one of these........
    Karen x
    Succulents sounds sooooĆ² bad in a weird funny way
    Yep im smiling ;)

  10. I have an aloe plant and a mixed succulent plant in a pot that someone gave me. I am not so sure I am very good with them? Usually, I can make a broomstick grow.
    xo Kris

  11. Ooo, aaaah - so many pretties!

  12. I have a succulent collection too! All of mine are outside though. Most are in pots but some got so big, I transplanted them into the ground. I'm sure you know you'll have to bring those in when it freezes. Succulents do not like freezing temps. Also, those pieces that fell off your plants - you can just lay them on top of damp soil and they'll send little threadlike roots out and grow a whole new plant. Of course, it takes a while but it really does happen!

    Loved looking at your dish cloths and the little cute! Now that my computer is fixed, I can see all the pictures!

  13. Gotta love the plants, lol. For now all I have growing is some hens and chicks. Take it easy on the arms. Even if you have to work on it inch by inch, it will eventually get done.
    Susanne :)


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