Friday, April 04, 2014

Storms & Trashy Neighbors

We had scary storms last night.
Look at the size of the hail!
It was the first storm of the spring, and man, it was a doozy.
The tornadoes went just north of us, thank goodness.
Others were not so lucky.

You know how there's always that one trashy house on every street?
The trashy one on our street is right on the corner where we enter our alley.
Look what appeared a couple of days ago...


And look at their peeling paint and that shitty, shitty, shitty Wisteria hanging off the shed. I hate that thing! See how it hangs out into the alley? You have to veer over to the left all year to avoid it scratching the top part of your car. So annoying! Wisteria is pretty, but you must control it people! Especially when it affects your neighbors. they don't care because they don't have to drive past it. Their driveway is just before that shed.

Anyway...I got distracted...
Yes, that's their CHRISTMAS TREE!!
Can you believe they had that giant fire hazard in their house all this time?
It's likely to spontaneously combust at any moment it's so dry.
Gawd! Trashy-asses.

Sammi and Ollie were a little nervous during the storms.
But they weren't hiding in the bathroom like Janie.
Poor thing. Can you imagine being blind during a thunder and hail storm?

Sammi is looking old.
What a sweet girl.

I grabbed this book at Hobby Lobby yesterday because it had a clearance sticker on it for $5. It's a good one!  If you see it, I recommend it.  Here are a couple of my favorites, but there are many more I'd like to make...

This one made with thread is first on my list.
Love that embroidery part.
There are some free ones similar to this on Ravelry, just FYI.

This one is pretty too.

Did I tell you I made Kris' Corn Beef Sandwiches?

On rye bread with her special mustard mixed with sour cream sauce, cabbage, bacon...

So freakin' good!
Thanks, Kris!

I can always count on you for a great recipe. Still eating the leftovers. I had one on a slider bun with plain mustard last night and just the corn beef. YUM!

Nothing to show you on the knitting front. I've ripped out everything I've started because of mistakes, or I drop some stitches off my hook accidentally and can't figure out which ones or how to get them back on. DUH. I'm really good at casting on and the knit stitch now, if I do say so myself.

I decided to let the knitting lie today and got out some yarn and a hook to start a pillow. I've got to say, it felt good to be back in familiar territory!


  1. You should hire a kamikaze gardener to sneak over and prune his wisteria! The xmas tree? Gadzooks! I want to try Kris' corned beef and cabbage recipe. Sounds delish. But I'm still in Ohio. I'm homesick!! That is some hailstone you have! Did it dent your car? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Sure is a good size hailstone.. Our car was damaged a couple of years ago in a rare storm off the east coast of Tas.. thankfully we are insured..
    I must say I love Wisteria,sorry you have uncaring neighbours..
    That sandwich looks to good.. another must try ... love the way the cabbage is cooked.. :))

    Very happy you are knitting just think , another skill you have to play around with..:)) Well done...

    Hope you have a good weekend :)) hugs pat :))

  3. I have tried to knit..took classes and all..I just can't get my fingers to feel comfortable with the needles. Guess I have been hooking too long. I have that book and I love it!! So hang in there with the knitting..I just wish I could do more than a dishcloth...and then the mistakes just don't matter..

  4. That is a huge hailstone. It reminds me of the storms we had when we lived in Nebraska. I'm glad the tornadoes passed you by.
    Kris sandwiches sounded good and yours looks really good too. She does have some great recipes.
    Keep on trying with your knitting. Practice really helps. I can't wait to see a finished project. :-)

  5. Can't you email your "city" about the trashy neighbors and their over-hanging wisteria? I've done it a couple of times. A few years ago we had a vacant house next door that was being vandalized by the neighborhood hoodlums and I got something done about it by emailing the city. Then last year I finally got pissed off enough to contact the city about some other neighbors that were piling trash up in front of their house. No kidding, the trash was there for a year and getting higher and higher with no sign of it ever getting hauled away. I contacted the city, and like 2 weeks later those people had a big trash bin brought out and they got rid of that eyesore!

  6. Glenda Maikell9:44 PM

    Haha!! I was reading this and thinking you needed to stage a midnight intervention with that wisteria! Ninja-wear recommended :)

    Speaking of trashy neighbors -- someone moved into a house up the street from us several years ago and promptly put a toilet at the curb, then stuck their mailbox in the middle of it. That, combined with a front yard "garden" that is a shabby mess and you have a fine example of trailer trash moves to town! My son threatened to make a deposit in their toilet/mailbox!!

  7. Oh mercy! That is a big piece of hail! I saw on the news all of the damage from hailstones the size of softballs, breaking windows, coming through roofs, and all sorts of damage! Yikes! Glad you were not hurt, and didn't have those tornados! The corned beef and cabbage looked gooood!!!! In fact, I can't wait to make another.
    I will look for that book at our new Hobby Lobby. I like to make dishcloths! I finished my Spring wreath tonight. Finally!
    Poor dogs hate storms, and fireworks!!
    xo Kris

  8. That hailstone is huge I have never seen one so big it looks like a snowball! Love the new book, I can see on the front there are loads I would try. I can't believe they haven't got rid of that Christmas tree yet, how lazy can you get. That corned beef has made me feel hungry I'm off to make a sandwich :) xx

  9. Good lord I've never seen a hailstone like that, thought it was a bar of soap at first whoaaaa!!!
    Karen x

  10. AWWWW, your poor dog, my dogs are scared when it storms too, but to be blind and hear all that racket has got to be terrifying. Good buy finding that book. That ought to keep you busy for awhile. I'm sure it has plenty of fun things to make.
    Susanne :)


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