Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Repurposing Gloves and Rain

I found this cute idea and instructions on Mrs. Brown Makes blog yesterday and HAD to make these. 

I got a few pairs of knee socks at Target.
(Actually, the Captain got them for me while he was out.)
The idea is to use old ones you already have and repurpose them, but I didn't have any suitable.
Cut the feet off as shown above.

Mine were raggety and unraveling after I cut them so I folded the cut end to the inside about 3/4 inch.

Now the ends are nice and smooth to crochet into.
The hem will be sewn down with your blanket stitch.

Use a contrasting color and sew a blanket stitch all the way around.
See this YouTube tutorial for the blanket stitch if you don't know how:
It's easy!

I used DK-weight yarn (Stylecraft DK)
But you could use sport-weight or baby-weight.

Crochet a row of sc (2 sc in each blanket stitch) in the same color.
Fasten off red.
Use whatever color(s) you want.
I used a size F hook.

Attach gray yarn in any sc, ch 3, dc in each sc around; join.
(I used Knit Picks Brava Sport in gray)
Fasten off gray yarn.

Attach red yarn again in any dc stitch, ch 1, sc in same stitch.
*Crochet 1 sc in each of first two DCs, then (sc, picot, sc) all in next DC*.
Repeat from * to * around; join and fasten off.
Weave in ends.

I needed a cute hand model, but I didn't have one.

Wasn't that fun? It was for me!
Thank you, Mrs. Brown.

While I'm being all green and repurposing stuff...

Check out our new rain barrel.

The gutter on the eaves of the house drains down into the 65-gallon barrel so we can reuse it for the plants, lawn, etc.
Pretty cool, eh?


  1. Those are adorably cute!! I'm a freak over argyle. =D

  2. A perfect idea for socks.
    Yours are great.

  3. Love the plaid and red such fun, and the gutter idea is great looks nicer than my old bucket ha ha ha!

  4. They look fantastic, and such a good idea to turn in the ends before doing the blanket stitch - I will try that next time! Thanks so much for sharing this. Claire x

  5. Love the sock tute! Love the rain barrel. Greg wants to do same, but we rarely get rain. I don't know ho I missed so many posts??? I think I caught up now Cracked up at the snit over the gardeners! We do our own, and I prefer to have it done by someone else. It takes us al weekend to do it!
    XO Kris

  6. Those are cute fingerless gloves! And the rain barrel is awesome and "green"! We should get one for the farm. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. These turned out really cute! Makes you want to add crochet trim to just about everything.
    Pretty snazzy rain barrel too!

  8. Cute idea :-) I like the red and gray together. Nice rain barrel; we've been talking about getting one, too.

  9. Very cute! I love the argyle pattern. Your rain barrel is a very good idea.

  10. The repurposed sock idea is great and yours look excellent. Good colours together. Is there a hole for your thumb? Rainwater tanks are always a good thing to have. xox

  11. What a cute idea! I love the rain barrel!

  12. Really CUTE!.. And where the ones I've made with 4-ply yarns are too warm to wear right now, these are more seasonable for right now.. So thanks for sharing yours, and then Mrs. Brown's link! ~teener

  13. I loved!
    It's perfect!

  14. So cute Pam!!! I constantly seeing projects that make me say "now why didn't I think of that??". I'm so doing this.

  15. Brilliant idea :)) love the pattern of the socks :))
    Very cool idea indeed :))

  16. Very cool rain barrel. The barrel would probably sun-rot here before getting any rain in it.

    Love the gloves! And also love the pot holder on the top post.

  17. Hey, you could do the same adorable crochet trim to the foot portions you cut off. Or did you already think of that? ;)
    Love the idea - looks really darling. Also, love your fancy rain barrel! Ours are very plain - not nearly as pretty as yours. And how classy yours looks with the pothos on it.
    Fletch is so cute and patient :-3
    Love all the pot holders you been a makin'.

  18. That sock idea is cool, love it. I like your choice, oops, your hubby's choice of socks, and the colors you used to finish them off. Now are we having the same brain waves or what.....for several months I have been researching rain barrels. We use to have a real wooden one and as long as it was raining and stayed wet the barrel was just fine, but when the summer got dry so did the barrel and it lost it's usefulness and fell apart. Plow and hearth catalog has a neat 50 gallon one of 100% recycled plastic that I have been eye-balling for well over a year, I just hate to spend what they want for it, but it resembles the old fashioned barrel like we originally had before. This one also has a base (additional cost of course) and then a linking kit for more $. Then last weekend my oldest and I went shopping and Menards had them, several varieties but again you had invest in all the extras to make it workable. I am big on recycling, re-purposing and making do, but do I want to spend around $200 to do this?
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)


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